This page is the transcript for "One Space Day at a Time".

(The park flies up into space as people panic.)

Justin Brink: Confusion. Chaos. That was the scene in the city earlier today as the Park blasted off into the sky. Who is responsible?

(the screen flashes, it then shows journalists talking to Mr. Maellard)

Mr. Maellard: (angry) I'm rich! No cameras!

(the screen flashes again, as a person than talks to Margaret about what happened)

Person: And then it sounded like a Kuff-wah. No! Wait! it sounded like a.

(the screen flashes again, as a Italian person then talks to the journos about what happened)

Italian Person: Booma! And the parks from different countries around the world.

(the screen flashes again, as an Indian person outside the Taj Mahal talks about what happened)

Indian Person: Have mysteriously been launched into space taking along with them.

(the screen flashes again, as an African person talks in the African jungle about what happened and a dome is in the background)

African Person: Animals and.

(the screen flashes again, as a French person talks i about what happened and a dome is in the background taking his car)

French Person: My car! (he tries to get it) Hey!

(the screen flashes for the final time, as Margaret then says something)

Margaret: Well, all this reporter can do now is hope that everyone is holding it together up there.

(She then looks up at the sky, outer space shows as Benson screams then everyone's shown panicking)

Benson: Why am I still wearing this thing?!

(Takes the printer off and then breaks it. Skips and Muscle Man are on there phones)

Skips: There's no cell service!

Muscle Man: I need to call my wife! HOW AM I GONNA CALL MY WIFE?!

Eileen: Be careful what you write in your dream journal, Eileen. You might just get it.

High Five Ghost: Oh, no! I’m lost forever! We’re gonna starve to death and die out here!

(Rigby runs to button and is about to press it)

Rigby: We got to press the button again!

(Mordecai picks Rigby up)

Mordecai: No, we got to calm-

(Rigby breaks free and rapidly presses the button)

Rigby: Go back, go back, go back, go back.

(Rigby starts crying)

Rigby: I’m a high school graduate. I’m too young to die in space.

(Everybody starts panicking)

Mordecai: Stop!

(Everybody stops and listens)

Mordecai: Everybody calm down. We’ve done this before, guys. Last time we got trapped in the dome, we panicked right? But then we banded together and figured it out. We can’t fall apart now. We are going to figure out how to get home, but we have to survive first. All we have to do is make it through one day at a time.

Benson: Mordecai is right. We’ll handle this like we handle everything else, with a morning meeting.

(Cuts to everyone at the stairs)

Benson: All right, the most important thing is that we call Maellard so we can get off this thing and back to Earth. In the meantime I’m gonna be setting some survival tasks. First up is Skips. I’m gonna need you to go around the park and look for a cellphone signal. We have no other way to contact earth, so this is priority number one.

Skips: Hmm

Benson: Mordecai and Rigby, you go explore the tunnels under the park.

Rigby: Aw, man. It’s creepy down there.

Benson: I don’t want to hear it. Pops and Eileen, I need you to take inventory of the food supplies. We have no idea how long we’ll be out here so we better make the most of it. Muscle Man and Hi Fives. You’re in charge of finding building supplies, first aid, and anything else we might be able to use.

(Cuts to everybody doing their jobs with Benson, Pops, Eileen, Muscle Man, and High Five Ghost outside the house)

Benson: Well, it looks like Mordecai and Rigby aren’t back yet, so Pops and Eileen how about an update?

Eileen: Well, we found an unusual amount of small foods, baby carrots, baby corn, and some fingerlings, which are basically baby potatoes.

Pops: The garden was recently ravaged by a weevil blight, so at this point, we‘re just left with a large variety of onions.

Muscle Man: So, we only have dirt vegetables and baby food?

Eileen: Well, what did you guys find?







Benson: Aah! We're gonna die! (Gasps) Drifting in space, no way in communicating with earth... Thanks for getting us stuck in space, Rigby!

Rigby: You pushed that button, too!

Benson: Your hand was on top of mine!

Rigby: I was just going with the flow!

Benson: Going with the flow? I'll show you going with the flow!

Eileen: Stop! Stop it! This isn't helpful!

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