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"One Space Day at a Time" is the first episode in Season Eight (and two hundred and eighteenth overall) of Regular Show. It aired on Cartoon Network on September 26, 2016.


The guys have to survive in space, while attempting to contact Earth.


In the news, parks all over the world have launched into space and it's the main topic of conversation. Margaret concluded the broadcast by expressing her hope that they can manage in space. Meanwhile, inside the Park Dome, Benson starts yelling and everyone is panicking. Benson then demands (to no one in particular) to know why is he still wearing the fax machine and smashes it on the ground. Skips mentions that there is no cell service, and Muscle Man says that he needs to call Starla. Eileen then remarks to herself that she needs to be careful about what she writes in her dream journal, as it might come true. Fives then shouts that they will starve and die in space, to which Rigby responds by saying that they have to press the button again. Mordecai tries to stop Rigby, telling him that everyone needs to calm down, but Rigby ignores him and presses the button several times, yelling "GO BACK!" in a panic. Then he says that he's a high school graduate and too young to die in space. Everyone else is shouting a mix of "I don't understand" and "Why is this happening?!" Mordecai then tells everyone to calm down, reminding them that they've been trapped in the Dome before. He also says that when they worked together, they figured out how to escape, and they cannot fall apart now. He then says that they need to figure out how to get back to Earth, but they have to survive first; they have to take it one day at a time. Benson agrees that Mordecai is right, and they will settle it with a morning meeting as they always do.

At the morning meeting, Benson notes that the important thing is to call Mr. Maellard to get them off the Park Dome and back to Earth. In the meantime, he will be setting up survival tests. They are as follows:

  • Skips - Find a cellphone signal.
  • Mordecai and Rigby - Explore the tunnels under the park.
  • Pops and Eileen - Take inventory on food supply.
  • Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost - Find building supplies, first aid, and misc. that they can use.

Later, everyone is in the front of the house doing their jobs, except Mordecai and Rigby, who Benson notes are not back yet. He then asks Pops and Eileen for an update; Eileen found an unusual amount of "small" foods: baby carrots, baby corn, and baby potatoes (or "fingerlings"); Pops says they are left with a variety of onions. Muscle Man notes that they only have dirt veggies and baby food, to which Eileen crosses her arms and asks what they found. Muscle Man tells her to feast her eyes on the pile they brought, which she examines and finds a Talk-and-Text, a rebar, and a buncake pan. Benson then asks Skips if he made any progress; he replies that he didn't, as he couldn't find a signal, and is annoyed because he got extended coverage on his phone, to which Hi Five Ghost replies "Typical". Eileen still holds up the pan and says they could use it to boost the signal, and Benson agrees, acknowledging her for having a plan. He tells everyone to help Eileen and for her to grab whatever she needs, and then wonders where Mordecai and Rigby are.

They are staring out at the Earth from a hatch in a room with space carts and the robots from the last experiments on a wall, as well as one of the jet like structures they used then and recently. Then they start messing with the space carts. Rigby presses random buttons and starts taking off. Mordecai, who doesn't seem to have touched any, takes off as well. For a bit, they seem confused, and Mordecai says that they are hard to control, but they seem to get the hang of it soon enough. At least, until Rigby cracks one of the jet-like structures going by it, and then they knock over some other vehicles, and finally get ejected. Mordecai wonders what if they were stuck in space forever, and Rigby answers that it might not be so bad, saying they have the park and all the stuff they normally have. Then he says he has Eileen, but comes to a very awkward pause when he is about to say who Mordecai has (Mordecai makes a weird face about it), soon to recover by saying that he has him. He also points out the space ships, and says that they can become space pilots (like in the movie), but then doesn't remember if that timeline is gone or not. Mordecai says that they will probably get back to Earth anyway, and they laugh it off. Suddenly, Benson comes and demands to know what they are up to, telling them that nobody has heard from them for 2 hours. Mordecai apologizes, telling Benson they were exploring when they found the carts, and Rigby throws in that they were already crashed, but Benson doesn't seem to care. He instead yells at them to get back up to the surface since they have a plan now.

Up above, Skips, Pops, Muscle Man, and Eileen are assembling the phone signal device. Benson tells Mordecai and Rigby they were getting stuff done while they were gone, and Eileen remarks that the device is almost done. Eileen says it should create some cell service, but then points out another issue: the Earth is getting farther away from them. Benson says that it is time to call home, so Skips flips the switch and the device starts to turn on. As it roars to life, a bar appears on Eileen's phone and she cheers. However, the bulb that helps to power the device glows too strongly, then breaks, causing a chain reaction of the other items falling apart or breaking. Benson starts to yell again, saying that they’re going to die, then it turns to a panic, yelling they are drifting in space with no way to communicate with Earth, and he suddenly blames Rigby for them getting stuck in space. Rigby points out Benson pressed the button as well, Benson says that Rigby's hand was on top of his, and Rigby insists he was going with the flow. Benson is annoyed by this statement, and shoves Rigby to show him how he "goes with the flow", which leads to Rigby punching Benson in the face in turn, and everyone else is shocked. When everyone else nears, Mordecai yanks Rigby back while Skips throws Benson away from him while Eileen, Pops, Muscle Man and Fives stare in shock or anger. Eileen screams that they are not being helpful. Mordecai then notices an object in the sky, and Benson wonders what it is. While looking at it, Eileen predicts that it‘s a satellite. Skips looks out with binoculars and identifies the object as his old car phone, which Eileen points out that they can send a signal to Earth if they can get close enough to it. Mordecai and Rigby remember the space carts, but Benson says that he’ll drive for fear that they’ll mess it up.

Down below, Benson is having a rough time trying to work the cart, so Mordecai and Rigby keep saying statements to try and convince him to let them drive the cart, since they had some brief experience with them. Benson gives up and lets them go. As they fly out (first while turning in a circle, then completely normally), Benson remarks they are doomed already. Upon nearing the phone, Benson comes in on a walkie-talkie, asking how they are doing; Mordecai answers they are close, yet no signal. Benson asks why they haven't found something by now, and Eileen says that they will and they have to. Suddenly, Mordecai and Rigby get an incoming message: "Trust no one", which Mordecai reads aloud. Rigby then yells "Look out!", and they crash into the phone, much to the shock and surprise of everyone else. They have lost control on the cart, and start spiraling away deeper into space. Benson ask how they get the duo back inside, and Skips replies that someone must go out to get them. Muscle Man and Fives agree to do it. Muscle Man seems to know better at driving the cart, as he and Fives reach Mordecai and Rigby with no issues. He then proceeds to tell them that they will bump the duo back the Park Dome, and they immediately stop that idea, seeing what happened to the satellite. Muscle Man immediately starts pressing buttons, seeing of something will get them back. Many things go flying out or pop out at once, some (almost) hitting the cart, including a net, which annoys Mordecai and Rigby, and two missiles, which causes them to panic and ask if they are trying to kill them. Then Muscle Man accidentally ejects the oxygen tanks, asking why there‘s even a button for that. Fives points out that he has not pushed a red button with a claw on it yet. A lever pops out inside, and a claw nearing Mordecai and Rigby's cart comes outside. Immediately Muscle Man and Five start arguing over who will use the claw first, which Muscle Man wins, shoving Fives aside. Muscle Man keeps moving the claw way off from the cart, which Fives points out. He also tells him not to jiggle the lever and tells him he needs more practice. Muscle Man asks who's driving right now, then says he's got this. He misses by a bit and claims it's rigged, while Mordecai and Rigby bang on the glass yelling "Hey!" and other words. Finally (after some finesse), Muscle Man gets hold of the cart, and Mordecai and Rigby cheer, as do Muscle Man and Fives until the latter points out their air supply is running low. Holding their breaths, they steer the cart back to the Park Dome.

Benson sees them coming through the binoculars and then asks where Skips is. Skips is climbing a bar ladder attached to the dome, probably trying to reach the door. Fives points this out, and Muscle Man, who is having trouble breathing, tells him he's using all the air. Muscle Man then says to brace for impact, and all four of the cart occupants scream. Skips has opened the moon door, which is sucking out a lot of dirt and tree parts. The four fly in, as Pops, Benson, and Eileen try to hold on to a tree all in a chain, so they do not get sucked out. After, Skips closes the door, and Fives yells "Pull up!" twice; they seem about to crash. They skid along the ground and finally come to a stop, and are soon ejected out. Skips, Eileen, Pops, and Benson all run over to them. Benson asks if they got a signal, and Mordecai says only for a second, making everyone else sigh. Eileen remarks the Earth is so far away now, and Skips says they have to take this one day at a time. A shadow is suddenly cast across the park, and Rigby says that it is the sun setting, saying that they made it through a day, making everyone else cheer except Eileen. She realizes that it's not a sunset, but a ship blocking the sun. As it nears, Rigby holds up the phone, the message "Trust no one" still on it. He and Mordecai share a worried look.


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  • This is the first episode of the show to go by the "In Space"title.
  • This episode resolves the cliffhanger of "Rigby's Graduation Day Special" and is an immediate sequel to said episode.
  • This marks Margaret's only speaking appearance in Season Eight and her final speaking appearance in the series.
  • Eileen becomes the only inhabitant from Earth and from earlier seasons to join the Crew, as well as the only female to join the Park Crew (as they are all male) in Space and have a major role as a main character in the final Season 8.

Episode Connections[]

  • This episodes takes place right after "Rigby's Graduation Day Special."
  • Mordecai reminds everyone of the incident they were trapped in the dome (TV: The Dome Experiment).
  • Benson finally removes and destroys the fax machine, which he'd been wearing since the dome was reinstated (TV: The Button).
  • Pops and Eileen find Gregg and Diane still frozen from their debut in Season Four (TV: Cavemen).
  • Rigby brings up that he and Mordecai will possibly be space pilots like in the future, but isn't sure if that timeline has been erased (Movie: Regular Show: The Movie).
  • As of this episode, both Rigby and Mordecai have officially punched Benson in the face. As Mordecai has punched Benson in the face previously in Season Three (TV:Eggscellent).

Pop Culture References[]

  • The scene where they get the text that says "TRUST NO ONE" could be a reference to The X-Files or Gravity Falls.
  • The title of the episode is a loose reference to the 1975 American sitcom One Day at a Time and it's remake of the same name, with the latter premiering on Netflix on January 6th, 2017 exactly 10 days before the season finale.
  • The communication device the team assembles is a reference to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.
  • Eileen shouts, "It's WORKING, IT'S WORKING!" is reminiscent of a quote from Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, in which he says it in the exact same tone.

Production Notes[]


  • When Muscle Man is randomly pressing buttons on the space cart to find something to help rescue Mordecai and Rigby, Hi-Five Ghost told Muscle Man he hasn't pressed the red button with the claw icon on it yet, but that was the very first button he pressed.
  • In the scene where Benson remarks that Mordecai and Rigby have come back, Fives is nowhere to be seen either, but comes back when the cell signal device has fallen apart.