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"One Pull Up" is the eighth episode in Season Four (and eighty-seventh overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 26, 2012.


Eileen trains Rigby to perform a single pull-up for the park fitness test before the week is up.


Benson announces that the government has made a new fitness test that everyone needs to pass. The test seems easy at first, but then comes the pull-up bar. Everyone can do a pull-up except Rigby. After Rigby has failed, Benson declared that Rigby has a week to do a pull-up or he will be fired for physical inadequacy. At the coffee shop, Eileen says she was on the high school pep squad and can train Rigby. After serious training, Rigby still can't do one pull-up, so he runs out of the coffee shop. After that, he walks by a store and sees a commercial. The commercial has a product called "The Russian" as it states that it uses electrotherapy to build muscles, and Rigby buys it. Back at home, the instructions say not to use it for more than 10 minutes per day, but Rigby turns it up to eleven and eats a bag of chips before falling asleep. In the morning, Eileen checks on Rigby only to find him in the house with enormous muscles. Rigby is awed at first but can't move his big muscles as they're too heavy and will anything they come in contact with. Eileen and Rigby come up with a solution by Rigby using his fists to walk, and Rigby makes it to the pull-up bar. Rigby falls through the hole as he climbs up to the bar, which cracks the ground. As Eileen states that he has 15 seconds left, Rigby briefly climbs up and makes the pull-up. The final scene shows Rigby in a gurney looking tired. Eileen congratulates him. Rigby says that he wants to hug Eileen, but considers letting the muscles wear off, so he doesn't hurt her. Eileen takes the risk anyway. They hug, and a cracking sound is heard implied to be Eileen's spine, hurting her, but Eileen says it was worth it.





Pop Culture References[]

  • When Rigby is failing to pull himself up, Muscle Man imitates the losing horns from the game show The Price is Right.
  • The scene where Rigby trains with Eileen heavily references the Rocky movie series. Similarly to the Rocky movies it features training montage of Rigby and Eileen performing various exercises. The track that plays seems to be inspired by “Gonna Fly Now“ by Bill Conti, the main theme of Rocky. Rigby even wears a costume that looks identical to one that Rocky wears.


  • The ground starts cracking when Rigby climbs the pull-up bar, but in the next scene, the cracks are gone.
  • In "Eggscellent" it was revealed that Rigby is allergic to eggs and went into a coma after eating them. However in this episode, there is one scene where Rigby ate eggs and nothing happened to him.
  • Rigby breaks the Russia in this episode, however in "Wall Buddy" the Russian is seen intact.