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"Not Great Double Date" is the twenty-fifth episode in Season 6 (and one-hundred and seventy eighth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 22, 2015.


Margaret must get through a double date with CJ and Mordecai, but it doesn't go well.


In the aftermath of "1000th Chopper Flight Party", Margaret wakes up from a nightmare that she was getting swallowed by CJ. Eileen knocks the door to tell Margaret that CJ is here and Margaret is shocked. CJ waits at the door and Margaret arrives with a nervous look. CJ apologizes to Margaret about the whole Chopper flight thing and CJ tells Margaret that they should do a double date. Margaret at first is uncertain of the idea, so CJ convinces her. She then agrees to go on the double date. Then CJ leaves.

Margaret is depressed and tells Eileen that Del isn't her boyfriend and that she made it up to calm CJ down and to "not die".Eileen at first says that she tells the truth about Del, but seeing that it is the only sensible option, tells her to instead have him pose as her boyfriend, to which Margaret, reluctantly agrees.

Del is scene in front of a camera, reporting about a tournament at a playground where middle school kids are playing tetherball, and greets the girls upon seeing them. Margaret tries to ask Del to pose but out of nervousness instead asks for a bottle of water, and Del eagerly gives it to her, so Eileen asks instead. Del is awkward at first, worrying Margaret but accepts enthusiastically having always wanted to be an actor. 

Then at the nondescript coffee shop, Rigby has written a script for a backstory on their fake relationship, since Margaret is shown to be bad at lying. Rigby at first is angry that he is lying to Mordecai, but accepts since it could keep him happy. Margaret complements his writing but states that it is too complicated (since the backstory is later shown to involve abnormal events like those that Mordecai and Rigby always go through), although Del heavily likes it. 

As Margaret and Del nervously rehearse, Mordecai and CJ are waiting in a booth inside of The Side Line. Mordecai asks CJ if she wants to cancel and even says he will cancel, but CJ notices them coming and enthusiastically greets them. Mordecai shakes Del's hand and states that he has seen Del on TV, and Del asks him to refer to him as Margaret's boyfriend,to which he responds concerned. 

CJ asks them how they met and they both try to explain the fake story, which still leaves Mordecai nervous, Del unamused, and CJ not phased by it. CJ then asks them about their first date, and Del says a story which is very different from what Margaret memorized, and it causes everyone but her to laugh. CJ then asks them if they can play couple vs couple in pool, to which they agree

As they prepare CJ asks how things are going on at the station, and if she heard of Muscleman and Starla's wedding. Margaret replies that she is still learning and that she is part of the party. Then Del who is heavily enjoying his acting accidentally contradicts a moment from the story in front of Mordecai and CJ, and so Margaret tells him to ask for drinks and then she asks Rigby for help, who immediately fakes a tape recording, refusing to help her

Mordecai catches her on the phone and lets her calm down with a small joke. He then says that he likes Del and he seems like a nice guy, and that she seems happy. Margaret is about to tell him the truth but then an announcer puts the Kisscam on her and Del. Everyone is chanting for her to kiss him and CJ joins in. Del says it will look great on his reel and grabs her waist.

Margaret, having enough drama, gives away the truth and the announcer changes the Kisscam to a Dumpcam. CJ asks, and Margaret apologizes, saying that she is tired of the awkwardness and how she feels like a tourist when around Mordecai, which causes him to look down. 

CJ holding her anger asks her if she still has feelings for Mordecai, and Margaret says she does. Then CJ leaves angrily, with Mordecai running after her before being able to talk to Margaret. 

Ashamed, depressed and sad. Margaret sits down on a booth, while Del breaks up with her and then playfully cuts the scene.


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  • Apparently Rigby is a decent writer.
  • Margaret reveals that she wears a retainer whilst sleeping.
  • As it turns out, even though she couldn't be Mordecai's girlfriend, Margaret reveals she still has feelings for Mordecai.
  • Del calls Margaret "Marge" a few times during the episode.
    • He is also very passionate about acting.

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Production Notes[]

  • This is the first episode to air during the first ever "Regular Show Bomb."

Alternate Versions[]


  • The Dump Cam was changed from having a toilet screen to having a dumpster screen with Del having a sad expression on his face.