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"New Beds" is the sixteenth episode in Season 8 (and two hundred and thirty-third overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on October 13, 2016.


The guys get new beds when Sureshot's ricochet blaster accidentally hits one of their beds during their escape from Anti-Pops, except for Pops, whose bedroom is now a computer room. However, Anti-Pops send one of his bounty hunters to capture Pops.


After escaping from Anti-Pops' armada thanks to the sacrifice of Colonel Rawls and Chance Sureshot, Benson tells his team to believe that both Rawls and Sureshot will be fine somewhere safe, and reminds them to continue their mission to bring Pops to safety for his preparation against Anti-Pops.

Shortly, Eileen discovers some damage on the park dome, which turns out to be Skips' bed, accidentally hit by Sureshot's "missed shot" during their escape. The group needs to rest before continuing their mission and search for new beds for several reasons. Pops' bed is now a computer, and Eileen never had a bed in the park since she never worked there. Benson is upset that, on top of Anti-Pops' armada blowing up the space tree and chasing them halfway into the next sector, most of them don't have a place to sleep. Before continuing their mission, they decide to get new beds. Benson orders Eileen to plot a course to the nearest bed store. However, Eileen isn't 100% sure how to do that. Benson tells her to figure out how to plot a course to the nearest bed store, which happens to be a UMÄK space store.

While the guys finally arrived at UMÄK, Benson orders Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost to guard the park dome from the arrival of one of Anti-Pops' assassins. Unaware to the guys, Anti-Pops' female bounty hunter is already on the trail for Pops to capture him without being spotted. Once the guys finally found their choices for newer beds, the are to check out their new beds is further than where they entered, according to an employee working in the same bed area. Luckily, UMÄK has a diner on commercializing their latest food, the meatball sub, in which the tagline read. "IIIIIT'S MEAT?" when they first entered, in which ingredients of the meatball is made of a living one, something Eileen could not eat anymore. While trailing Pops, the bounty hunter's cover is blown by an annoying lost guy who lost his girlfriend, whom the bounty hunter freezes, leaving the guys escaping from the bounty hunter

However, they are rescued by the owner of UMÄK and one the space operatives, a sentient armoire named Glömb, who then revealed to the guys of Pops' true lineage as the universe's Chosen One to defeat Anti-Pops, but Pops needs to train himself to unleash his true potential besides telekinesis. The guys thanked Glömb for helping them escape to the quickest passage way he provide for them from the bounty hunter.

Before escaping, Benson reminds his team not to forget bringing their new beds with them. As the bounty hunter managed to catch up with the guys, the bounty hunter attempt to freeze them and takes Pops away to Anti-Pops, but was interrupted by the UMÄK employees because the bounty hunter froze one of the employees from the diner while trailing Pops before his cover was blown by the lost guy she froze. Thought there is no escape from the bounty hunter, due to having her freeze ray, Pops, though unable to use his Chosen One's telekinetic powers, decides to help his friends fight the bounty hunter. As Skips and Rigby manage to trap the bounty hunter inside a chair with a wooden butt, knocking her unconscious, with Eileen uses the bounty hunter's freeze ray to prevent her from escaping, the guys manage to escape from the bounty hunter. However, Benson fears there might be more bounty hunters Anti-Pops hired, and tells his team to be cautious of the upcoming danger that may come upon them soon.

While guarding the park dome at UMÄK, Muscle Man and High-Five Ghost were hungry, and they found a single burrito and fight for that food. Luckily, High-Five Ghost found a second burrito hidden within another. When Pops ask if one of his teammates knows how to activate the packed beds, none of them knows and never been being given a manual to activate it due to a situation the bounty hunter made them through.


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  • This is the first time Pops tries to purposely use his powers, but fails.
  • Glömb reveals that Pops is the chosen one of an ancient prophecy who will save the universe from Anti-Pops.
    • It's also revealed that there is a resistance group in space dedicated to helping the chosen one, with their insignia being Pops' head.

Episode Connection[]

  • Chance Sureshot's "missed shot" from "Space Escape" actually shot Skips' bed.
  • This episode immediately takes place after the previous episode, "Space Escape".
  • This marks the second appearance of a UMÄK store, since its first appearance in the "Killer Bed" segment from "Terror Tales of the Park III."

Cultural References[]

  • The bird who greeted the guys at the UMÄK store resembles Big Bird from Sesame Street.
  • The transport system used in the UMÄK store resembles the Hyperloop.
  • This episode references The Lord of the Rings when Glomb says "Fly, you fool!" to Pops.
  • The Bounty Hunter resembles a Tusken Raider from the Star Wars franchise.

Production Notes[]

  • This marks the fourth episode to air during the sixth "Regular Show Bomb."


  • There's a spelling error on the UMÄK catalog. Instead of "UMÄK", it's spelled "ÜMAK".
  • When the park crew are planning to hold off the bounty hunter, in one shot, Rigby has two left hands.
  • When the park crew returns back to the house, when the shot cuts from Skips to Benson, the shot barely moves at all.