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Negative Rigby is an interdimensional demon who only appears in "Jinx". He is also the main antagonist for the episode after Rigby attempts to get rid of his jinx (shutting off the lights, Fogging up the mirror with hot water from the sinks, writing his name and then saying it three times). Negative Rigby is the opposite version of Rigby, as he is taller and more muscular.

Negative Rigby has an ability similar to that of werewolves, as he scratches his victims to turn them into other negative demons, although his power had no effect other than amnesia upon dying/returning to the mirror dimension.


A negative and demon-like monster that is from another dimension from behind the bathroom mirror. In Jinx, it looks like a monstrous, muscular Rigby, though this may not be its true form, as it will become whatever species the person trying to break the jinx is. It has purple eyes, black skin/fur, and white outlines, giving the appeal that the monster is in a negative art style.


  • How Rigby unjinxes himself is similar to the Bloody Mary myth. The myth goes: if you lock yourself (or more people) in the bathroom, turn the lights off, look into a mirror and say "Bloody Mary" (in this case "Rigby") three times, then you would see Bloody Mary. This is similar to what Rigby did since he did all of the things you do for the Bloody Mary myth, though Rigby adds two more things (the water faucets and writing his name).
  • When people are scratched by Negative Rigby, it seems to give them a beard and claws.


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