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"Muscle Woman" is the fourteenth episode in Season 2 (and twenty-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on April 4, 2011. It received 1.422 million views.


Mordecai dates Muscle Man's ex-girlfriend, Starla, in an attempt to get the two back together.


Mordecai and Rigby are seen trimming some hedges and begin complaining about the work and how slow it is going. They look over at Muscle Man who barely cuts off a small piece of the hedge. He begins to cry, which make Mordecai and Rigby ask if he is in fact crying. Muscle Man retorts, saying that he is not crying and that "Crying is for ladies, like you! I don't cry!"

The scene then cuts to Muscle Man crying naked in his shower. Mordecai and Rigby knock on his door, complaining that he's been in the shower for hours. They once again ask Muscle Man if he's crying, which he gives another excuse for. They ask what is wrong with him. Their question is answered by Hi Five Ghost, who tells them that his girlfriend, Starla, just dumped him. Rigby is surprised by the fact he had a girlfriend. Mordecai says that he can talk about if he wants, much to the anger of Muscle Man, who does not talk about his feelings with anyone. They decide to leave him alone, and go to Benson for help.

Benson realizes that Muscle Man has been dumped and can't do his job because he's "sad or something." To make up for the missing work, Mordecai and Rigby are given Muscle Man's jobs. They complain and try to get out of work by saying they are sad also. Benson tells them to take it up with Human Resources. They ask who the person is. The person is Benson and he tells them to get back to work. A montage plays of Mordecai and Rigby doing all the work, while Benson narrates, which includes pulling out all the rotting stumps from the picnic area while looking out for hornets' nests, getting rid of a person who thinks they are a knight, and finally cleaning up the park's rock garden. It is there where they realize that Muscle Man does a lot of work, and decide to get him back into his job...after they re-clean the garden after casting footsteps in the sand.

They find Muscle Man eating Muscle Maker 3000 in the kitchen and tell him he needs to snap out of it and get back to work. Muscle Man says he can not because he is stuffing his face. Mordecai and Rigby tell him that he needs to move on and stop being upset. He at first says he is not upset, but then begins to cry. They decide to help him by finding him a new lady.

At the grocery store, Mordecai and Rigby tell Muscle Man that there are a lot of women that he can date. Muscle Man is unsure, but goes along with it and tries to ask a lady out. He stops midway and beings to cry, tearing his shirt and revealing a tattoo of "Starla". He yells that his heart belongs to another. The scene cuts to him being in the shower again, crying. Mordecai and Rigby knock again, but Rigby believes that they can't help him. Once again, Hi Five Ghost appears and tells them that they can fix it by getting Starla and Muscle Man back together.

Mordecai, Rigby, and Hi Five Ghost head to the Two Peaks mall and head to a store called Icy Hot Jewelry & Apparel. They head in and find Starla, who is an almost exact copy of Muscle Man, but a female and different hair. Mordecai gives her a speech on why she should get back together with Muscle Man, but it makes her like Mordecai. The group heads outside and decide that Mordecai should go out with her so that he can break up with her and force her back with Muscle Man. Mordecai goes to ask her out, with much fear and hesitation.

After a terrible montage of dates, which include going to the beach and seeing a baseball game, Mordecai and Starla are at the Cafe that Margaret works at. Mordecai, after being forced to kiss Starla, breaks up with her and leaves the restaurant. He heads outside where Rigby is waiting. Rigby asks if she is okay, which Mordecai believes is true. An explosion occurs behind them, with Starla as the cause. They begin to run away and board their golf cart, but Starla catches them. They are chased all the way to the park, destroying a lot of areas, including Muscle Man's trailer, which he is still crying in. Muscle Man goes out after figuring out it was Starla.

The two make it to the house, and barricade the door, knowing that this will probably be the end. Starla breaks through, and looks very scary. Muscle Man enters, saying that he can not stand to see her like this. Muscle Man is about to go, but Mordecai tells him that she is right there, and to tell her everything. Muscle Man begins to tell her how much he finds her attractive and that she is just like him, tries to act tough, but is very emotional on the inside. Starla quickly runs to him after the rage in her eyes fade away. Mordecai and Rigby are horrified and disgusted when Starla jumps into Muscle Man's arms and they start tongue kissing inappropriately. Muscle Man and Starla (his Muscle Woman) walk down the steps, and Muscle Man rubs Starla's huge boobs as they French kiss again, and then they head off into the sunset. Mordecai and Rigby are left in the destroyed park, while Rigby says, "This was the most disturbing day of my life." Mordecai regrets for not preferring to stay on Muscle Man's jobs.




Pop Culture References

  • During the cart chase, Rigby yelling "Go faster, must go faster!" as Starla bashes herself into the cart, is a reference to Jurassic Park. Also during said scene, Rigby notices Starla charging at them in the mirror, which has text that reads, "Objects in the mirror may be closer than they appear."

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