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"Muscle Mentor" is the twenty-ninth episode in Season 3 (and sixty-ninth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 11, 2012.


Rigby must last an entire day in a torturous and humiliating mentorship program coached by Muscle Man, or he will be fired.


The episode begins with Mordecai and Rigby drinking coffee. Mordecai finishes his and says they should get back to work. Rigby responds by saying they should get some more coffee "and a donut". Annoyed, Mordecai tells him that if he keeps slacking off Benson will fire him Rigby makes the remark of how Benson never pays attention to what they do, anyway. Unfortunately, Benson was listening in on the whole conversation (which Mordecai was trying to tell an oblivious Rigby, that Benson was right behind him) and angrily fires Rigby. Rigby then, tries to defend himself by saying that he does not know how to do his work, due to lack of training. Pops then intervenes into the conversation and sides with Rigby on the issue, that Rigby does need to be trained and have another chance. Benson reluctantly decides that Rigby needs a mentor and Rigby agrees. So, Benson calls Muscle Man on his walkie-talkie and asks him if he still has the "mentoring harness". Muscle Man does so and attaches Rigby to his harness, in what appears to be a baby bouncer. Rigby is then required to complete an eight-hour shift of work, the catch: he must stay attached to Muscle Man all day or he loses his job, by having Muscle Man (Or Rigby, if he feels that he can't take it) pull a red cord. The Mentorship program begins at 9:00, and Muscle Man does his work, usually involving Rigby getting dirty or being on the receiving end of something unpleasant, telling "Rigbaby" (as he is now known) the three rules:

1. Stay Calm.

2. Stay Cool.

3. Forget the first two rules, and NEVER quit.

Dirty and exhausted, Rigby is now almost done with the day, but he faces one final task: he must carry Muscle Man about fifteen feet to a fountain so he can drink. After so much straining and Muscle Man yelling at Rigby, about quitting, to which Rigby gets so overwhelmed, he falls over and then vents his anger, over what he went through, as well as calling Muscle Man "no mentor" and that he is "just a BIG, FAT, SMELLY JERK". Muscle Man hearing this, decides to finally detach the harness, ending the mentorship or so it seems. As Rigby falls he just manages to grab and hold on to Muscle Man for dear life, so the mentorship continues, with Muscle Man trying to get Rigby off of him.

As this continues, Benson and Mordecai pull up in the cart and Mordecai begs Benson to call it off. Benson reveals that he doesn't care about Rigby's or Muscle Man's well being. All he cares about is seeing Rigby fail the challenge, so he can fire him. They run out in the middle of the street, almost getting rammed, straight through the snack bar, destroying everything inside and then run out of the bar, straight into two propane tanks, causing them to explode and launches the two high into the air and then into the pond (Which seems to be very deep) and sink to the bottom, with Muscle Man nearly drowning.

Outside the pond, Mordecai, Pops and Benson anxiously wait, as it just hits 5:00 (The end of the shift) Rigby resurfaces with Muscle Man on his back, carrying him over the shallow end, to safety, thus completing the program, after Muscle Man regains consciousness and coughs out some pond water, he congratulates Rigby, telling Benson that he's good to go. Mordecai gives Rigby a hot drink, as he's drying himself and getting up to temperature again, then Benson says how proud he is of Rigby not giving up and that he managed to incorporate the rules to keep his job, letting Rigby stay, to the delight of him, Mordecai and Pops who says that he knew that Rigby could do it. After Benson and Pops leave, Muscle Man then compliments Rigby, for taking the mentorship well, despite saying that his mentorship program has received its criticism over the years. Muscle Man and Rigby handshake, and then walks of into the sunset, to "go where the wind takes him", settle down someplace and get a burger with a large side of onion rings. Rigby suggests to Mordecai about going to get some food. Mordecai agrees, but tells Rigby to take a shower first, because he smells like Muscle Man.


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  • There is a Flash game based largely upon this episode called Ride 'Em Rigby. Following this, Rigby screaming, and Muscle Man's screeching were reused in the game.
  • After this episode, Rigby becomes slightly stronger, and is able to punch Mordecai hard, thanks to carrying Muscle Man on his back.
  • Muscle Man reveals that not everybody agrees with Muscle Man's mentorship style. Alongside that, it has also been criticised through the years.


  • Mordecai and Rigby's coffee cups disappear when Rigby asks Mordecai to hear him out.
  • When Benson tells Rigby he's fired, the tap beside the garage door disappears.
  • When Muscle Man unplugs Rigby, Muscle Man has a big side and Rigby has a small side. In the next shot, their sides are normal.
  • Few of the 25 bags are labelled "Fertilizer" on them. (although it is possible that the others were also labeled "fertilizer", but the labels were just facing away from the camera)
  • Muscle Man picks up a bag after reciting Lesson One, leaving him and Rigby with 24. When Benson arrives, the original quantity of bags remain.
  • There is water on the sides of the bin Muscle Man opens but disappear after chucking a rubbish bag inside the garbage chute.
    • Alongside that, the trash can Muscle Man opens disappears when he heads to the next bin.
  • The stains on Muscle Man constantly change in various scenes.
  • The lines on the path Muscle Man and Rigby are on disappear when Muscle Man points to the water fountain.
  • There are no Propane Tanks when Muscle Man runs on all fours to the Snack Bar. When he runs out of the snack bar, they appear.
  • The water on Muscle Man's mouth disappears after Mordecai cheers.
  • In the scene where Rigby is shown playing video games, when the vaccum goes off screen, it doesn't go off screen completely.