Muscle Man's Trailer is a trailer owned by Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost that is parked near Pops' house.


The only known things inside are a video game manual for the game, The Hammer, a tool hammer (hanging by the door), a bathroom, a TV (which broke in Rage Against the TV), a faded pink sofa, a dresser, a poster of The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, and a lot of clothes and garbage everywhere. In Big Winner, it was destroyed with dynamite. Outside the trailer, there is also an abandoned pickup truck with the engine removed, possibly the engine that sits in Muscle Man's front yard, on the side of his trailer.

In Trailer Trashed, it's revealed that Muscle Man won the trailer in a hot-dog eating contest, with Frank Jones as the runner-up. Frank Jones intended on taking it to the dump after taking a split look at it. The trailer had a remake in 24 hours, but it was purposely trashed by Frank and his minions. After driving them away, Muscle Man vows to stand up for his trailer.

After Muscle Man and Starla's wedding, Starla moved in with Muscle Man while Hi Five Ghost moved out and started living with his older brother, Low Five Ghost.



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