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Monique Sorrenstein
Muscle Man's Mom
Biographical Information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Relatives: Mitch Sorrenstein (younger son)
John Sorrenstein (elder son)
Muscle Dad (husband; widowed)
Unnamed grandsons
Unnamed granddaughters
Starla (daughter-in law)
Show Information
Voiced by: Edie McClurg
First appearance: "Terror Tales of the Park IV"
Latest appearance: "Dumped at the Altar"

Monique Sorrenstein, or Muscle Mom is a character of Regular Show. Muscle Man frequently makes jokes about her much to the annoyance of most other characters except Hi Five Ghost. Hypocritically, Muscle Man hates whenever other people make jokes about his mom.

In the episode My Mom, Muscle Man shows what at first seems to be a photo of his mom. It was later revealed that this photo was fake, and turned out to be Muscle Man's painted butt cheeks squished together to look like a woman's face.

Muscle Dad also makes jokes about her in Trucker Hall of Fame, but as a "My wife" joke.

Muscle Man's Mom first appeared in person in Terror Tales of the Park IV where Muscle Man brings the other park workers to her home. Initially, it was just a prank set up by Muscle Man and his brother. Shortly after his brother's appearance, it is revealed that their Mother is really there. She pops out in a giant monstrous suit to scare Muscle Man & the others away. She wears the suit when she wants to spook her kids on Halloween.


"Terror Tales of the Park IV"

"Dumped at the Altar"

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