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Mrs. Maellard is the name of Pops' foster mother and the wife of Mr. Maellard, Pops' father. She is shown in a flashback in "Skips vs. Technology".


Mrs. Maellard is Pops's mother. Her husband, Mr. Maellard, is the original (and current) owner of the Park. Mr. and Mrs. Maellard are shown in a flashback dated 1879 making Mr. Maellard well over a hundred years old. Mrs. Maellard, however, does not appear in the show apart from flashbacks. It's revealed that Mr. and Mrs. Maellard are married on a horse-drawn carriage (which Skips had fixed).


Mrs. Maellard, like her husband and adoptive son, is also a Lollilander, such as having a lollipop-shaped person with a large, round head. She is presumably wearing her wedding dress; a cream-colored dress that has a mixture of styles and historical influences. She also wears a straw-hat with a white ribbon dangling behind her .


  • Mrs. Maellard never appeared in the present time. Theories include that she is deceased, doesn't live near the park or that she is divorced from Mr. Maellard.


"Skips vs. Technology"

"The Ice Tape"

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