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Mr. Ross is the main antagonist in Regular Show: The Movie. He was an insane evil volleyball coach/science teacher who wants revenge on Rigby for ruining his volleyball state championship game. Unaware to him, Rigby's reason on ruining his volleyball state championship game was meant to pay the bully Francis Jablonski, for bullying Rigby many times.


Regular Show: The Movie

Mr. Ross was both a volleyball coach and science teacher at West Anderson High School. Unbeknowst to the staff, he had been smuggling plutonium into the science lab. During his job, the school's volleyball team were competing against Riverdale High School in the state championship. Unfortunately, due to Rigby's saxophone intervention (to pay Jablonski back for bullying him a lot), West Anderson lost. Ever since, he held a grudge on Rigby for ruining the game. At the same time, Rigby was failing his science class, and Principal Dean forced him to let Rigby do a last-minute science project to pass. His bad future self was later erased from existence when Rigby, with some encouragement from HIS future self, apologizes to him for ruining the game, thus causing him to not want to do his revenge plan despite the fact that he’s still arrested for the plutonium.


Mr. Ross wears a neck collar that rewinds to revive himself, an armor vest and pants, knee pads, boots, metal gloves, a jacket, and has crazy hair. He looks muscular and has a chest tattoo saying "Time is on my Side.".

In the past, he looks slightly muscular. He wore a black and red colored shirt, a red summer hat, black shades, red shorts, and red sneakers. And in Science, he wears reading glasses.


Ever since he lost the volleyball game because of Rigby's distraction, he became obsessed with having revenge on him by inventing a time machine to travel back in time to prevent his volleyball team's lost. However, when Rigby and Mordecai finished his time machine, due to Rigby's failure in school, he was sent to jail for the plutonium smuggling and the destruction of the science lab.

Years later, he made Mordecai turn on the Rigby to help him defeat the park rangers. However, as soon as the timenado was created, he was a traitorous individual who betrayed Mordecai by threatening to kill his present self, showing that he never cared about his failure to go to college.

After his defeat, Mordecai and Rigby told their past selves to apologize to the past Mr. Ross, which made him a really happy man.

Rigby's Graduation Day Special

Mr. Ross made a cameo appearance imprisoned in the same cell as Doug Shablowski when they noticed the Park blasting off.


  • He shares a few similarities with Anti-Pops:
    • Both of them want to destroy the universe.
    • Both have have huge armies to back them up.
    • Both of them has a grudge against one of the show's main characters:
      • Mr. Ross has a grudge against Rigby.
      • Anti-Pops has a grudge against Pops.
      • However, Mr. Ross is probably more evil than Anti-Pops, given the fact that Anti-Pops is evil by nature, while Mr. Ross's motives were driven purely over losing a volleyball game.
      • Also, Anti-Pops regretted his actions in the end, while Mr. Ross did not.
  • According to Ross, his plan to use stolen plutonium to make a time machine was inspired by the 1985 Film Back to the Future.
    • He is also a fan of the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • He is voiced by Jason Mantzoukas, who previously voiced Sad Sax Guy in Sad Sax and Scabby Grossman in Win That Prize.
  • Mr. Ross serves as a foil of how Mordecai and Rigby will turn out had they made these decisions.
    1. Bitterness- Mordecai
    2. Dishonesty- Rigby
    3. Lacking regret- Mordecai
    4. Importance of Accountability- Rigby
    5. Not spending time with family and friends- Mordecai
  • However, at the end of the movie, Rigby learns the importance of accountability and honesty from the point of view of Mr. Ross, even though it shows that Rigby's story arc was coming up about how his maturity will turn out.

"Regular Show: The Movie"

"Rigby's Graduation Day Special"