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Mr. Maellard was a recurring character in Regular Show whose first name is currently unknown. He was the owner of The Park until the series finale, Benson's boss, the adoptive father of Pops, and husband of Mrs. Maellard until his demise. He had an office on the third story of the House where he is seldom seen. He made his first appearance in the Season Two Episode "Dizzy" and was voiced by the late David Ogden Stiers.


Early life

Mr. Maellard was born sometime in the early 1700s. He later met his love, Mrs. Maellard and married her. (TV: Skips vs. Technology)

Adopting Pops

During his younger years, he worked as a meteor fragments salesman, and during one expedition, he found an asteroid containing a baby from Lolliland. Mr. Maellard adopted the baby and named him Pops, due to it looking so old. He soon bought a local Park so that he could keep his newly adopted son safe in a normal environment. (TV: The Ice Tape)

20th century

Mr. Maellard was considered impossible to surprise, due to post-war trauma. According to Pops, he always slept with his eyes wide open. (TV: Take the Cake)

Mr. Maellard was at times quite dismissive of Pops, but still loved him nevertheless. A notable example of this is his constant interfering with Pops' obsession with viewing his home planet from a telescope. (TV: Pops' Favorite Planet)

Mordecai and Rigby's Years at the Park

Mr. Maellard was often viewed as a miserable old man by his employees, with Benson claiming that Maellard's yelling was much worse than his. (TV: Busted Cart)

During an attempt by Benson to surprise him, Maellard suffered a heart attack and went into a coma. Despite this, he claimed that going into a coma was something he had always wanted to do. (TV: Take the Cake)

At one point, Maellard planned to shut down the Park as it was not profitable for him to run anymore. However, after a brief run-in with Huge Head, the Park Workers were able to make the Park profitable again. (TV: Men in Uniform)

Dome Experiment

Mr. Maellard worked with some scientists, namely Dr. Dome and Dr. Langer to place a dome over the Park for one month to study the Park workers and prepare the Park for its venture into space. To keep his employees unaware, he claimed that this experiment was done because he simply felt like doing it. (TV: The Dome Experiment)

A few months later, the dome returned to the Park leading to the workers' confusion again. Maellard was controlling the operation once again. (TV: The Button) When it was time for the Park to be lifted into space as part of the Spark Initiative, Maellard cried realizing that he may not see his son again, despite Dr. Langer's reassurance. (TV: Rigby's Graduation Day Special)

Despite Maellard's heavy involvement in the experiment, he refused to comment on the matter when questioned on live TV. (TV: One Space Day at a Time)

Mourning his son’s passing

Mr. Maellard was present when the Park Dome returned to Earth after 3 years in space, without his son. Mr. Maellard shed a tear and later attended his son's funeral. (TV: A Regular Epic Final Battle)


Within 25 years after his son's death, Mr. Maellard passed away himself. At the Park's 25 year reunion, a statue was erected in his honor.


Mr. Maellard is also a Lollipop Man, just like his adopted son, Pops. He appears as a squat man with a wrinkled and warped round head, as well as greenish skin (his head slightly resembles the moon). When he was a young man he was tall, but as he got older his height decreased and he became short. He normally wears a black suit with a dark teal scarf and black shoes. He uses a gold-tipped cane to walk with. He also has a brown pipe that is always in his mouth. He tends to be in a bad mood the majority of the time.


Maellard seems to be pretty strict. Most of the time he always yells and gets mad at Benson, much like how Benson always yells and gets mad at Mordecai and Rigby. He is shown to be a very greedy businessman who cares little to none about his employees. This is evident with his treatment toward Benson, such as when he didn't even call Benson by his name and referred to him as Beanhead, Ball bucket, and Beanteen. (TV: Dizzy / TV: Benson Be Gone) He almost always blames Benson for the problems that occur in the park even though it is due to the actions of Mordecai and Rigby, under the logic that since he's in charge it's his responsibility. (TV: The Lunch Club) He is also quite eccentric, such as when he claimed an important package was to be delivered to his mansion, referring to a sandwich easily accessible at a vendor. (TV: Maellard's Package) However, Maellard does show a degree of care and affection towards Pops and does whatever he can to help him in certain situations for his son's growth.



Maellard is very impatient towards Benson (similar to Benson's impatience towards Mordecai and Rigby) and Maellard blames Mordecai and Rigby's shenanigans on Benson (as he expects Benson to take responsibility for Mordecai and Rigby as park manager). He purposely mistakes Benson's name a lot in some of the episodes in which he appears (using "Ballbucket", "Beanbag", etc.). Maellard finally got Benson's name right (and started to respect him more as well) in the episode "Benson Be Gone" due to Benson's coming to his rescue when he was captured by Susan (a woman whom Mr. Maellard had hired as the park manager after demoting Benson and is later revealed to be a demon) and also gave Benson his old job back.


In "The Ice Tape", Pops and the gang find out that Mr. Maellard is not his real father but Mr. Maellard found him as a baby and adopted him during an expedition, and kept him safe until the time was right for Pops to fulfill his destiny but Mr. Maellard tells Pops that no matter what he always thought of him as his real son. In the series finale, when the park gang returns from space after a three-year absence, Mordecai notices Mr. Maellard staring up at the sky, shedding a tear for his son. Mr. Maellard later died and joined his son in the afterlife.


  • His name is a reference to the Maillard Reaction, a process important to the creation of hard candies such as himself.
  • Mr. Maellard's first name was never revealed.
  • When Mr. Maellard was at a younger age, he was light pink like Pops. At his current age, however, he is light green instead of light pink. Although it was revealed in The Ice Tape that Pops is Mr. Maellard's adoptive son, Mr. Maellard himself could be from Lolliland but isn't actuated to Pops. It could also be possible that Mr. Maellard's parents immigrated from Lolliland and that he was born on Earth, therefore possibly explaining why he was light pink at a younger age.
  • His cause of death was never explicitly stated.
  • His email address is


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