Mr. Bossman
Mr. Bossman
Biographical Information
Occupation: Boss
Species: Ventriloquist Dummy
Gender: Male
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Green
Relatives: Puppet Woman (wife)
Puppet Boy (son)
Puppet Girl (daughter)
Show Information
Voiced by: Sam Marin
Appears in: "Terror Tales of the Park V"

Mr. Bossman is a ventriloquist dummy in Regular Show. He appeared in the story "Mr. Boss Man" from "Terror Tales of the Park V".


When Benson needed to motivate Mordecai and Rigby to work, he saw a commercial on TV about Mr. Bossman that would help motivate their boss's workers. While it does motivate Mordecai and Rigby, Mr. Bossman intends to take Benson's job away to support his family. Benson runs to the Park house to get help from Mordecai and Rigby but Mr. Bossman manages to catch up to him and he attacks Benson. Mordecai and Rigby tell Benson to use the Salad Guillotine, which Mordecai and Rigby saw in a commercial and actually bought it, and Benson uses it to decapitate Mr. Bossman.


He has red hair, he wears a suit with a red bow tie. He has pink cheeks and green eyes.


  • His appearances resembles Slappy the Dummy from the Goosebumps series.


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