The Movie Shack Hut

The Movie Shack Hut is a recurring store seen in episodes such as "Ello Gov'nor", "Brain Eraser", and "Grave Sights".  The store has three workers, who wear light blue shirts and have a goatee. In the episode "The Best VHS in the World", it is revealed that the Movie Shack Hut is the only video store in town that still rents VHS tapes as other stores have upgraded to DVD.


It's a small building with a faded red-orange sign with yellow lights around the words Movie Shack Hut in white, capital letters. Some of the lights are missing.

Known Movies

Movies Image
Ello Gov'nor

Ello Govnor cover

Planet Chasers: Starlight Excellent
Zombocalypse (3D)

Zombocalypse 3D cover art

Mounties of Death: Hoser Spree
The Best VHS in the World

S3E34.172 Best VHS in the World Box

X-Treme Barista
Ciao Chow

S3E34.004 Antonio Antomoletti's Ciao Chow

Future War 4

S3E34.005 Future War 4


S3E34.006 Re-Exploder - It Explodes. Then It Explodes Again

Let Me Axe You Something

S3E34.007 Let Me Axe You Something - Formatted to Fit your TV


If one joins the store, one gets a membership card that allows one to rent tapes. The only members are Mordecai, Rigby, and Buttonwillow McButtonwillow. After all the tapes from other stores were replaced with DVDs, they lost nearly every member. Also, when one rents movies, one uses the membership card like a library card and gets it scanned.


  • Mordecai and Rigby's membership card belongs to both of them. Its likely that they don't have enough money to buy one for each of them.