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"More Smarter" is the twenty-fourth episode in Season Two (and thirty-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on June 13, 2011.


Rigby tries to prove to Mordecai that he can get by without a high school diploma.


Rigby concocts a drink using many random foods and drinks (Rig Juice), thinking it will make him famous. He drank the Rig Juice and Suddenly, his head felt like magic and Rigby became stupid. Mordecai refuses to drink it, saying that he's not dumb enough to do so, and Rigby says that they both do dumb stuff all the time an the two are like "two peas in a pod." Mordecai says he's definitely smarter than Rigby and it's been that way ever since he dropped out of high school. Benson walks in and asks them if they can solve a math problem that involves building an enclosure for the park's turtles. Rigby struggles at trying to answer it, due to his lack of education, so Benson then goes out to find Skips, while Mordecai teases Rigby for not having a diploma. The Burger Truck came and everyone came with a high school Diploma. Rigby was worried that he won't get his burger. So Rigby wrote "Diplowma" and rushed to the burger truck only for Mordecai to notify him that he spelled Diploma wrong. Rigby, frustrated for not having a diploma, decides to go back to high school. After falling asleep and having a dream that he solved a math problem which would have guaranteed his graduation, he wakes up in a classroom and the classmates started to laugh at him then Rigby's teacher abruptly tells him to leave.

After Rigby gets back to work, Mordecai told Rigby that he fell asleep in class. When Rigby got angry and went upstairs, he attempts to get a high school diploma online; there, he finds a pop-up ad and close them for a Brain Max drink that makes people smarter. He obtains the formula, disregarding the recommended amount by drinking more than is healthy, saying "Use Only As Directed" getting an intelligence boost, and brags about his new-fangled cranium to Mordecai. Mordecai, jealous, drinks some of the smart juice and they begin drawing mathematical formulas all over the house (using 'tssk tssk' rather than 'hmph hmph') in an effort to prove who is the smartest of the duo. They both began writing around the room until Benson finds out he's going to kill them.

After drinking more smart juice they begin floating in their own "smart" universe, then they got back to normal. However, when Rigby goes back to the computer to get his diploma, the duo find that all written English have become unintelligible scribbles to them and all the other characters have become incomprehensible and primitive to them after Benson yells at them to clean up their formulas; because they have consumed so much smart juice, the rest of the world has become stupid and intellectually inferior to them. Benson, Skips, and Pops see that Mordecai and Rigby start speaking Latin instead of the lesser English language. Rigby realizes they they need to get stupid again, and suggests Rig Juice. They go to the fridge and get a glass each, with Rigby noticing what's inside of the juice. He is worried that he wouldn't get his diploma if he drinks it, but complies after Mordecai promises not to make fun of him anymore. They drink Rigby's juice, reversing the effect of the intelligence boost formula successfully, reverting to normal with slight memory loss. Benson walks in and tells them if they don't stop goofing off and clean up the "graffiti" on the walls now, he will tear them limb from limb. Mordecai then gets annoyed with Rigby for him drinking Rig Juice. After Mordecai walks away to clean the graffiti, Rigby then drinks some more of the 'Rig Juice' and says, "That's good Rig Juice."


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  • This episode reveals that Rigby never got his High School diploma.
    • This episode also reveals that Rigby dropped out of High School.
  • The translation for Mordecai and Rigby's conversation in Latin (barring some grammatical errors) is:
    • Mordecai: "Quārum hī vitiō moriānis?" - "Whose theory (writing, really) is wrong?"
    • Rigby: "Moriānis?! Moriānis vestris incipi(v)it rem tōtam!" - "Theory?! Your theory started this whole thing!"
    • Mordecai: "Et herem facĕre debēre īre stultum." - "And it would have made me the master and the other (Rigby) stupid."
  • This episode is the very first time Benson threatens corporal punishment to Mordecai and Rigby for not cleaning up their mess.
    • Although, it is possible Benson realized his mistake, since he changed the punishment to withholding a certain period of salary to fund cleaning up their mess in case they fail to do so themselves.

Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • Rigby references the 1979 rock opera Pink Floyd: The Wall by saying, "I don't need no high school education!" where as in Pink Floyd, represented by students oppressed in a totalitarian school sing, "We don't need no education!" in the Another Brick in the Wall scene.
  • The episode's plot is a throwback to Flowers for Algernon where Rigby is doing his crossword puzzle, "Algernon" is even the answer for a down-word answer.
  • The scene where Rigby answers the extra credits question in class mirrors the opening scene of the 1998 movie Rushmore, even using the same question.
    • This has also been stated by J.G. Quintel as one of his favorite movies.

Production Notes[]

  • In the original storyboard:
    • Rig Juice was called "Rig Brew".
    • Brain Max was called "Brain Adryl".
    • When Mordecai says "You don't have a High School diploma, so I'm smarter than you, you imbecile.", he says "idiot" instead of "imbecile". Likewise, Rigby's response "I am not an imbecile!" also originally had "idiot".
  • This episode received 2.190 million views worldwide.


  • Mordecai is revealed to have a High School diploma in this episode. However, in "Regular Show: The Movie" it's revealed that Mordecai got expelled from High School along with Rigby, so he could not have gotten a diploma.
  • When Rigby remarks that his face feels like magic after drinking Rig Juice, one of his ears is colored the same as his lower body rather than brown.