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"Mordecai and Rigby Down Under" is the thirteenth episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and sixty-sixth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on January 22, 2015.


The duo have to catch a plane to the US after they get shipped to the Australian outback.


A sleep deprived Mordecai and Rigby are bemoaning on how they have to repack a patio set after Benson opens it. Mordecai then regrets that they shouldn't have stayed up until 4 AM. This transitions to last night where Mordecai and Rigby are dressed in football attire and playing football in the house while watching a movie (shown by the Movie Shack Hut bag). Rigby suggest that they sleep on the job, but Mordecai initially refuses because of the chance of getting fired. But because of the lack of sleep last night, he gives in to the urge. Mordecai and Rigby jump into the patio set's crate and close the top, where they quickly fall asleep.

The screen fades to black, and over the background, the crate can be heard getting tossed into a truck, and into a plane that travels to some location, and gets tossed to the ground. After getting enough sleep, Mordecai opens the lid to the crate, but when he opens it, Rigby complains about the amount of sunlight pounding down on him. They pop their heads out, and they see that they're at a stranger's house. When Rigby questions about where they are, a kangaroo and its joeys pass by, and the camera begins to zoom out, until it is revealed that they're in Australia. This revelation makes Mordecai and Rigby scream in shock.

The duo immediately phones Benson, who not only disbelieves the fact, but answers in giving the regular "I'll fire you" warning. Desperate to come back on Monday, the duo decides to reach the nearest airport. They go to nearby pitstop named "Outback Joeys", whose owner says the nearest airport is 300 kilometers away. Rigby decides to use the spare time until the next bus to get a soda, while hearing a mad customer named Angus nearby saying "I wanna punch the prime minister!". 14 minutes later, Rigby finishes his large canister soda and heads off to the Porta Potty, until the bus arrives at the last minute. Mordecai calls for Rigby that the bus has arrived, and Rigby finishes up to go run and catch up, but they were both too late.

With no other choice, the duo decide to walk on foot to the airport, with Mordecai piggy-backing Rigby till nightfall. After walking throughout the entire day, the duo passes out from dehydration.

The following day, a supposed Aborigine, rescues Mordecai and Rigby by giving them water and leads them back to the road. There, Mordecai and Rigby meet two Australians kangaroo wranglers. The duo asks the wranglers for a ride to the airport. Since neither Mordecai nor Rigby have any money or anything to trade to the workers, they decided to sing a rap as compensation. The wranglers, even though they didn't understand a word of the song, accepted and allowed the duo to sit in the truck's tray with the kangaroos. While being driven to the airport, the duo were severely beaten up by the kangaroos in the truck, while the wranglers ignored their cries of pain.

When Mordecai and Rigby reach the airport, they accidentally released the wrangles' kangaroos from the back of the truck. With no time to help the wranglers, Mordecai and Rigby rush into the airport to book a flight back to the United States. Unfortunately, they do not have the money to cover the $2,400 tickets.

Moments later the Australian Prime Minister arrives in the airport following his stomach surgery. In an interview with the press, he reveals that he has a large scar on his stomach and that any damage done in that area could potentially kill him. Suddenly, the wranglers' kangaroos who escaped from the truck earlier, attacks the Prime Minister's bodyguards leaving him wide open for Angus, who is also at airport, to punch him. Rigby realizes that Angus was serious about punching the Prime Minister and tries to figure out a way on how to stop him.

Rigby steals a rugby ball from a group of rugby players and they begin to chase after him. He passes the ball to Mordecai before he gets tackled by the players. Mordecai pitches the ball directly at Angus who was about to the deliver the fatal punch to the Prime Minister. The ball hits Angus, causing him to barely miss his punch and he falls down the stairs, knocking himself out in the process. It is revealed that Angus, was a former candidate who lost to the Prime Minister in the election.

Mordecai and Rigby are hailed as heroes, with the Prime Minister declaring the sport, "Rugby" be officially renamed to "Rigby", despite the fact that it was Mordecai who threw the life-saving pitch. The Prime Minister also rewards the duo with a flight back home. During the flight Mordecai and Rigby fall asleep.

Moments later, Mordecai and Rigby awaken to find themselves back in the patio set's crate. They are surprised to learn that they had the same dream of the events that transpired in Australia. Believing that they got away with sleeping on the job, the duo pops out the crate in happiness only to freeze when they realize that they are not at the park. Seconds later the same kangaroo and its joeys hop past the crate. The camera zoom out until it is revealed that they are in Australia once again. The revelation makes Mordecai and Rigby scream out in shock once more as the scene ends.


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  • This episode ended in a cliffhanger, so it's unknown if Mordecai and Rigby returned to the U.S. In the following episode, despite appearing to have returned successfully.
  • This is Casey Crowe's first episode that he wrote and storyboarded along with Calvin Wong.[1]
  • There was a cut scene where after Mordecai and Rigby get on the truck with the kangaroos, Rigby gets hungry and they try to eat the food Wally Tharah gave them in a bag. Rigby drinks the beverage inside the bag but spits it out because it was just water. When they try to eat Sludge-E-Mite (Vegemite), they were disgusted by the smell resulting in Rigby saying it smells like "hot garbage" which angers the kangaroos in the truck resulting in them getting beaten.[2]

Episode Connections

Cultural References

  • The native that leads Mordecai and Rigby to the road may be a reference to the "Naked Indian man" from Wayne's World who also treks trough a desert leading Wayne to his destination
  • Where Rigby mentions the film Crabbot and Ostello Get Trapped in a Crate, the title characters reference the late comedy duo Abbot and Costello.
  • The scene where Mordecai and Rigby are walking 300 kilometers to the airport may be a reference to the 2002 film Rabbit-Proof Fence, which details two Australian-Aboriginal girls walking hundreds of kilometers back to their home. The part where Mordecai gave Rigby a piggyback is also seen in the movie.
  • In the hallucination scene where Rigby and Mordecai are dancing and juggling next to digging kangaroos is a direct reference to a scene in the Men At Work music video of the song "Down Under".


  • The prime minister refers to platypus as Australia's national marsupial, double error because platypus isn't a marsupial but a monotreme instead, and despite being an Australia iconic animal, inclusive appearing in the coin, it isn't the national animal of Australia only of New South Wales, the kangaroo is Australia's national animal.
  • When the Wranglers are playing their didgeridoos, their lips are on the outside of the mouthpiece, rather than in the inside, an error that wouldn't allow them to play the instrument.