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Mordecai is one of the main characters in Regular Show. He was voiced by the show's creator, JG Quintel.

Working at the park alongside his best friend, Rigby, Mordecai was often considered the more sensible of the two, with a clear ambition to be seen as responsible to further his chances of having a good career, either as an artist or a pilot. [1][2][3][4]


Early Life[]

Born in the later half of the 20th century, Mordecai first became friends with Rigby after finding him funny at Kindergarten.[2] Although often favored hanging out with Rigby's younger brother, Don, instead.[5]

During his youth, Mordecai went through a series of embarrassing moments, such as falling from a high height on stage during a play, and getting a saxophone mouthpiece stuck in his throat. Each of these situations were caught on video by his mom, and compiled into a tape called "Mordy Moments". [6]

At some point during his teen years, Mordecai was admitted to hospital along with Rigby after consuming too much RGB2io's, which were later revealed to be "borderline poison". [7]

Mordecai attended West Anderson High School, and later got accepted into College University, but was led to believe otherwise after Rigby forged a rejection letter addressed to him, out of fear of losing his best friend. Determined to get into college, the duo attempted to complete their science teacher's time machine to go back in time and convince themselves to work harder. This however, did not work and they blew up the school's science lab, causing them to get expelled.[2]

Art School[]

Mordecai attended Art School some time after getting expelled,[3] and lived with Rigby in an on-campus dormitory.[7] Mordecai later acknowledged that he had some good times while enrolled at the school before he left.[8]

Mordecai eventually quit the school after losing confidence in his art skills from a bad reaction to a commission.[9]

Life at the Park[]

Desperate to find a job, Mordecai and Rigby found an ad in a newspaper for a groundskeeping job at their local Park, with no experience necessary. Mordecai and Rigby visited the location and were greeted by Pops, who hired them on the spot. At the Park, they were given on-site accommodation in Pops' House, making them feel settled quite quickly.[10]

Mordecai kept working this job for another six years[11] and soon started visiting a local Coffee Shop, where Mordecai began to develop a crush on a waitress named Margaret. Mordecai was desperate to ask for quite some time, but didn't manage to make a move until he convinced her to go camping with him, Rigby, and fellow waitress Eileen. During this time, they both sat on Margaret's car stargazing, while venting about their future.[3]

Sometime after this, Mordecai accidentally sent Margaret a voicemail of him singing a song about his feelings for her. Margaret ended up finding the message funny however and saved it as her ringtone.[12]

Sometime later, Mordecai falsely assumed that Margaret had got engaged, which led him to a deep depression. He began online dating and found a girl called CJ, in whom he had a lot in common with. Trouble occurred however when Mordecai discovered Margaret was not engaged and invited both her and CJ to the same movie.[13]

Mordecai and Margaret finally kissed after a group date night, but Mordecai had bad breath, causing him to use Rigby's time machine to go back in time and stop himself from kissing her.[14] With pressure building up from Rigby and his co-worker Muscle Man, Mordecai accepted a dare to kiss Margaret within a few days or else wear a diaper for a whole week. Mordecai was once again unsuccessful, though did not take shame in wearing a diaper, as he was glad Margaret had a good time on their first 1-1 date.[15]

Mordecai was finally kissed by Margaret moments before she boarded a plane to visit an out-of-state university.[16] However, Rigby warned him that this put the two in the Friend Zone, as Mordecai did not kiss Margaret back. To make up for this, Mordecai kissed Margaret during a meteor shower, officially breaking them out of the friend zone.[8]

Not long after starting the "dating" phase with Margaret, he was invited to a family barbecue put on by her family, and was determined to shake her father's hand. This led to both Mordecai and Margaret's dad jumping out of a helicopter, and Mordecai breaking almost every bone in his body.[17] Around six weeks later, Mordecai had miraculously recovered.

After many more successful dates with Margaret, Mordecai decided to ask her to officially be his girlfriend over a meal at Steak Me Amadeus. Much to his surprise, Mordecai was rejected by Margaret after she had revealed that she had been accepted into her dream school.[18] For a long time after this, Mordecai entered a deep depression, but was eventually brought back to his former self after spending quality time with his friends.[19]

The following New Year's Eve, Mordecai met a girl called Tracy Hashtag, and asked her out to the Parkside Lux's New Year's Masquerade, though things did not progress any further as he soon discovered that he was being used by Tracy to get back at her boyfriend. While still masked, Mordecai ended up kissing another girl at the party, who when unmasked, was revealed to be CJ, who ran off leaving Mordecai startled.[20]

A few weeks later, Mordecai and CJ met again at a dodgeball tournament and agreed to put the past behind them and become friends.[21] The two became close after this, which led Rigby to convince Mordecai to ask her out, despite him still missing Margaret. Despite this, Mordecai asked her out and the duo agreed to go on a date,[22] on which they shared their first proper kiss.[23]

After a couple months of "hanging out" dates, they decided to go on a romantic date, where Mordecai organized getting CJ a bracelet with different charms for each thing they did when they first met. While preparing for his romantic date, Mordecai discovered that he was still subscribed to Couple Corral, the dating site in which he met CJ on. He tried desperately to delete his account, but was constantly harassed by the site's owner, Matchmaker McIntyre, to keep his account and break up with CJ, for profit. The harassment continued into their date, where McIntyre fired a rocket at the couple, to which Mordecai jumped in the way of CJ to protect her. This almost killed Mordecai, with CJ believing him to truly be dead, however he was saved by the charm bracelet, which was now welded into a heart. CJ would then wear this bracelet for the remainder of their relationship.[24]

The following Christmas, Mordecai was petrified when he discovered that Margaret had returned from university, and would be attending Eileen's Christmas Party, which both he and CJ were also attending. Mordecai spent most of the time leading up to the party filled with panic attacks surrounding their reunion, afraid that CJ would believe Mordecai still had feelings for Margaret. Once he had talked things out with Margaret, the two shared a brief kiss, while CJ was watching, leading to a brief suspension in their relationship.[25] Mordecai tried endlessly to get CJ's forgiveness, and was eventually forgiven after once again breaking almost all of his bones from a high fall.[26] With things seeming better between the two, it would not be long before more drama would arrive, when he was invited to a party celebrating Margaret's dad's 1000th flight on Chopper 6. Here, CJ mistakenly thought Mordecai was seeing Margaret behind her back, and threw a tantrum, almost killing Margaret's family and causing trauma for those involved. CJ soon realized she was mistaken when Margaret lied about dating Del Hanlon.[27] To make amends for the distress caused, CJ invited Margaret and Del on a double date with her and Mordecai, although this ended up with Margaret confessing that her feelings for Mordecai still remained.[28] Soon after, Mordecai and CJ ended their relationship during Muscle Man's wedding, after Mordecai humiliated her and gave a speech about him not knowing who his soulmate was.[29]

Depressed about his break-up, Mordecai visited Dumptown USA and stayed there for two weeks, before getting collected by Rigby. After this, Mordecai decided to take a break from dating.[30] Losing touch with CJ, Mordecai remained good friends with Margaret, though struggled to get through hanging out with her 1-1, fearful of the past repeating itself. They both decided to just stay friends however and see where the future would take them.[31]

Sometime later, Mordecai began pondering what life would be like after the Park, dreaming of owning his own airline, designing the graphics and iconography for it. He vocalized his thoughts to Rigby, and implied that he was considering leaving the Park.[4]

Living in Space[]

Mordecai's plans were soon postponed when he, along with the other Park workers were unwillingly sent into space.[32] The Park crew soon moved into the Space Tree Station, where they underwent training as part of the Spark Initiative.[33] Mordecai ended up having another crisis when he reminisced about his time on Earth, and feared he would never return.[34] Despite this, he powered on and helped the crew with their mission, assisting Pops in his inevitable battle against his evil twin brother, Anti-Pops.[11]

Later Life[]

After spending three Earth years in space, the Park crew returned to Earth. Mordecai was reunited with his family and attended a memorial for Pops, who had lost his life in the battle against his brother. Soon after this, both Mordecai and Rigby left their Park job and went their separate ways, though still keeping in touch. Mordecai returned to Art School and completed his degree, though began to go through a midlife crisis as he remembered his former lovers and his best friend.[11]

Some years later, Mordecai attended an art convention, where he met Stef, his future wife. Together, they had three children. Mordecai would soon reunite with Rigby and his other Park co-workers at the Park's 25 Year Reunion, where he and Rigby reminisced over old times.[11] The duo would then go on one last adventure together.[35]

Alternate Future[]

In an alternate timeline, the revelation that Rigby had forged Mordecai's rejection letter, Mordecai joined forces with Mr. Ross to gain revenge on Rigby, and ended up shooting him, causing him to die. Mordecai would later turn on Mr. Ross after meeting his younger self, whom he sacrificed himself for.[2]


Mordecai is a six-foot-tall, skinny and anthropomorphic blue jay. The upper portion of his head, wings, tail feathers and back are mostly blue, while the lower portion of his head and chest are a very light blue, with a faint, blue line down the length of his chest. A thick, curved black marking is on each side of his head. Two white lines are found on both of his arms with two thinner, black lines on each of his fingers and one stripe on each of his thumbs. He has three tail feathers, each with two black stripes. Mordecai's legs are grey with black stripes across the width and two toes. Like most blue jays, he has curved, crested blue feathers on his head.

Mordecai almost never wears clothes, except on special occasions. For a list of the outfits and appearances Mordecai has had throughout the series, click here.

As a baby, Mordecai did not have stripes on his tail feathers or fingers, and he only had one white stripe on each of his arms,[36] but soon grew some small stripes on his fingers.[6]

At the age of twelve, he was shown to have brown hair and braces.[37]

During high school, Mordecai would often be seen wearing a white "Brain Explosion" t-shirt with a red collar and sleeve cuffs, with gray jeans and red sneakers.[38]

During his later life, Mordecai grew a brown beard and wore thick black glasses, frequently wearing a red hoodie over a light gray shirt and a purple beanie, and a golden wedding ring.[11]


Mordecai is mild-mannered, laid-back, and big-hearted. Like Rigby, he lacks clothing, plays video games, and drinks copious amounts of coffee and soda. Between him and Rigby, Mordecai displays far more patience, responsibility, and intelligence. Although almost every problem caused by the duo is Rigby's fault, the problems Mordecai actually does cause on occasion are unrelated to work, such as attracting a group of ill-mannered, lazy, and irresponsible unicorns that wreak havoc due to a cologne.[39] Mordecai puts up with Rigby's laziness and immaturity, and more often than not having to be the one to pick up his slack in the name of their friendship, once even filling out a job application for Rigby because he claimed it was "boring."[10] Mordecai tends to be extremely forgiving from time to time considering the trouble Rigby gets him in. Although Mordecai naturally despises work, he strives to keep a good reputation, once almost losing his life to avoid being labeled as a slacker[1] and vouching for extra work to pay for concert tickets.[40] Mordecai struggles talk about or openly express himself or his feelings, affecting his ability to engage with his love interests.

Skills / Hobbies[]

  • Artist - Mordecai is shown to be a skilled artist within abstract art, though struggles with portraits.[9] He eventually becomes successful within his field later in life, with his own exhibition.[11]
  • Guitar Player - Although he struggled to play a single chord during his early days at the park,[41] Mordecai gains experience with the instrument over time, and played the guitar with ease when the opportunity would come along. [42][43]
  • Saxophone Player - Mordecai took saxophone classes during high school, which he claimed was due to all the other extra-curricular classes being taken. Despite this, he posed with it for his picture in the school yearbook.[44]
  • Rapper - Mordecai and Rigby are seen multiple times rapping with ease. They claim to be psychically-linked, with the ability to predict what verses the other person will rap.[45]
  • Dancer - Though at times his dance moves are considered cringeworthy,[46] Mordecai has been show to be a skilled dancer, with a signature move of the "Robot". [47]
  • Gamer - Mordecai is skilled at video games, and most often is able to win against Rigby in any case.
  • Liar - Despite lying being Rigby's "specialty", Mordecai is shown to conduct more convincing lies, often helping the duo to get out of trouble.[48]
  • Staring Contest Champion - Mordecai is able to go hours without blinking in a staring contest, though on the one occasion that this happened, he had to go to the hospital to help him blink again. [49]
  • Enhanced Strength - Mordecai is shown to be much stronger than Rigby, especially in the case of playing "punchies".[50] While not on Skips' or Muscle Man's level, there are several instances where Mordecai possesses well-above-average strength, such as the time that he tackled a bear through a wall.[51]
  • Speeches - Mordecai is well-spoken when giving speeches, and often creates a convincing argument. [41][52]
  • Death Kwon Do - Mordecai is skilled in the powerful martial arts of Death Kwon Do and can perform a large number of associated techniques. [50][53][54]
  • Ladies Man - Despite his awkward attitude towards women who he is interested in, many other women have shown a shining interest in him, despite him not feeling the same way.[15][46][55][56]
  • Skilled Driver- As shown many times in the show, Mordecai is shown to be a very good driver, especially in the golf cart.
  • Donut Master - At a donut-spinning competition, Mordecai was able to spin donuts in the cart at a 0° turning radius, and was even able to successfully spin through a vortex.[57]
  • Dodgeball Player - Mordecai is able to play dodgeball flawlessly, with a signature move of the "tornado".[21]


  • JG Quintel uses his natural speaking voice to voice Mordecai.
  • At the beginning of the series, Mordecai was 23 years old. [58]
  • Mordecai was the first character to speak in the Pilot, making him the first person in the franchise to talk.
  • The name "Mordecai" comes from Hebrew origin and means "follower or servant of Marduk".
  • Despite both of them being birds, Mordecai and Margaret sport a full set of teeth on their beaks and have two "toes" instead of the standard four.
  • Mordecai is an only child, though sees Rigby as a brother. [59]
  • Mordecai's favorite band is Brain Explosion.[60]
  • Mordecai's common nicknames are Mordo and Mordy, though the latter is used more often by family members.[61]
    • Some other nicknames Mordecai gains over time are: Mordecry,[62] Wrongecai,[63] Brodecai,[64] Blondecai[65] and Motorcai.[66]
  • Mordecai has a fear of microwaves after they almost caused the death of his best friend.[67][68]
  • Mordecai is the only person to ever finish and survive the Eggscellent challenge.[69]
  • Mordecai has a personal recipe for a type of milkshake known as a "Mordeshake", though Rigby claims that it's just a regular milkshake.[70]
  • In "The Christmas Special", it was revealed that when he and Rigby were little, they both wanted an invisibility cloak.
  • It is implied that Mordecai had bowel problems during his high school years, with his mom regularly feeding him prunes to "keep him regular".[71]
  • Mordecai's salary is approximately $100 per month, meaning that he and Rigby are severely underpaid by approximately $1,100.[72]
  • He, along with Rigby are the only main characters to appear in every episode of the series, though they do not appear in all extended media.
  • The inspiration behind Mordecai's name came from the 2001 Wes Anderson film, "The Royal Tenenbaums". [73]

Voice Actors[]

  • JG Quintel (English)
  • Harun Can (Turkish)
  • Koji Ochiai (Japanese)
  • Paul Yu (Mandarin Chinese)
  • Kang Ho-cheol (Korean)
  • Trevor Reekers (Dutch)
  • Arturo Cataño (Latin American Spanish)
  • Karlo Hackenberger (German)
  • Sérgio Stern (Brazilian)
  • Simone Veltroni (Voice 2011)
  • Marco Balzarotti (Voice 2019) (Italian)
  • Gabriele Lopez (Italian singing)
  • Emmanuel Dekoninck (French)
  • Zoltán Rajkai (Hungarian)
  • Piotr Bajtlik (Polish)
  • Gilan Shahaf (Hebrew)
  • Marius Drăguș (Romanian; first season - Married and Broke)
  • Cristian Neacșu (Romanian; I See Turtles onwards)
  • Hristo Dimitrov (Bulgarian)
  • Prokhor Chekhovskoy (Russian)
  • Ivo Bastos (Portuguese)
  • Kristoffer Fabricius (Danish)
  • Thomas Stokke (Norwegian)


The gallery for Mordecai can be viewed here.


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