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Mordecai is one of the seven main characters of Regular Show. He made his first official appearance in the pilot. His last appearance is the series finale, "A Regular Epic Final Battle". He is voiced by the show's creator, J.G. Quintel.


Early Life

As seen in Regular Show: The Movie, Mordecai first became friends with Rigby after finding him funny in Kindergarten. Despite this, in "Don" he seemed to favour Rigby's younger brother, Don, spending lots of time with him and leaving Rigby in his shadow.

As shown in "Maxin' and Relaxin'", he went through a lot of embarrassing moments, such as falling from a high height on stage during a play, and getting a saxophone mouthpiece stuck in his throat. Thanks to his mom however, he managed to survive these situations.

Towards the end of high school, Mordecai discovered that he had been rejected by College University, but Rigby hadn't. Little did Mordecai know, Rigby had forged Mordecai's rejection letter as he himself did not get in. This caused the two to attempt to finish a time machine project, which resulted in them blowing up the science department. This caused Mordecai to get expelled, but he was still able to get into junior college, where he studied Art.[1][2]

Art School, the Park, and the Love Life

After humiliating himself by drawing a bad portrait of a passing woman, Mordecai dropped out of art school [3] and went with Rigby to find a job.[4] They ended up finding that no experience was required for a job at the city Park, and got a job there as a groundskeeper.

Mordecai kept working this job for another six years.[5] At some point, Mordecai and Rigby started to go a local Coffee Shop, where Mordecai began to fall in love with a waitress named Margaret. Mordecai tried to get with Margaret with quite some time, but didn't manage to make a move until he convinced her to go camping with him. During this, they both sat on Margaret's car while stargazing, while venting about their future. [6]

Some time after this, Mordecai accidentally sent Margaret a voicemail of him singing a song about how hot he found her. Margaret ended up finding the message funny however and saved it as her ringtone. [7]

Some time later, Mordecai falsely assumed that Margaret had got engaged, which led him to a deep depression. He began online dating and found a girl called CJ, who he had a lot in common with. Trouble occurred however when Mordecai discovered Margaret was not engaged and invited both her and CJ to the same movie. [8]

Mordecai and Margaret finally kissed after a group date night, but Mordecai had bad breath, causing him to use Rigby's time machine to go back in time and stop himself from kissing her.[9] After a few more failed attempts, Margaret ended up kissing Mordecai before she left the state to check out a new college.[10] However, since Mordecai never kissed Margaret back, they both entered the Friend Zone, but managed to break out when Mordecai finally kissed her during a meteor shower. [11]

One night, Mordecai decided it was finally time to ask Margaret to be his girlfriend over a meal at Steak Me Amadeus. Unfortunately, Margaret had to move out of state as she had been accepted into university, meaning she couldn't be his girlfriend.[12] This put Mordecai into a long depression, but with the help of his friends, he pulled through in the end.[13]

The following New Year's Eve, Mordecai met a girl called Tracy Hashtag, who he planned to kiss at the annual New Year's masquerade. However, she ended up just using Mordecai to make her boyfriend, Tommy, jealous. Mordecai ended up kissing CJ at the party instead, without realizing it was her. [14] A few weeks later, the two met again at a dodgeball tournament and agreed to be friends. [15] Some time later, Mordecai accidentally confessed his love for her over text, and they agreed to go on a date together, where they kissed.[16][17] Mordecai planned to go on a real date with CJ but it kept getting sabotaged by Matchmaker McIntyre, who nearly killed Mordecai in an attempt to break the two up. Mordecai gave CJ a bracelet that consisted of charms showing different things they did on their first date, whereas CJ's gift for Mordecai was eaten by Rigby. The two became official after this. [18]

Mordecai's relationship was going strong with CJ until Margaret came back the following Christmas, sending Mordecai into shock and accidentally cheating on CJ with Margaret. [19] Mordecai attempted to apologize to CJ, which nearly cost him his life, but worked in the end. [20] The peace didn't last for long though, as CJ noticed Mordecai laughing with Margaret in her dad's chopper. This caused CJ to freak out, but later apologize and go on a double date with Margaret and her boyfriend, who was not really her boyfriend. [21][22] Margaret confessed that she still liked Mordecai, causing awkward tension between the two. Mordecai and CJ broke up later in the week at Muscle Man's wedding.[23]

Living in Space and Post-Park Life

Mordecai soon decided he was going to take a break from dating, [24] and ended up getting sent to space with the rest of the Park Members to prepare for an epic battle between Pops and Anti-Pops. After the park workers returned home, Mordecai quit his job at the Park and went back to Art School, where he began painting abstract art of Margaret, CJ and Rigby. Many years later, he met a bat-woman named Stef at an art convention, who would eventually become his wife. Together, they had three children. [25]


Mordecai is tall, skinny and anthropomorphic blue jay. He was 23 when the series began. He was 29 when the series ends.

The upper portion of his head, wings, tail feathers and back are mostly blue, while the lower portion of his head and chest are white (and a few times pale-blue) with a faint, blue line down the length of his chest. A thick, curved black marking is on each side of his head, around where his ears would be.Two white lines are found on both of his wings with two thinner, black lines on each of his fingers and one stripe of each of his thumbs, and three tail feathers, each with two black stripes. Mordecai's legs are grey with black stripes across the width and two toes. Like most blue jays, he has curved, crested blue feathers, or "hair", on his head.

Mordecai almost never wears clothes, except on special occasions, and he wouldn't wear them for an entire episode, or he'll only wear a shirt and no pants, similar to Rigby. For a list of the outfits and appearances Mordecai has had throughout the series, see Mordecai's Alternate Outfits

When he was five or six years old, he had buck teeth and didn't have the black stripes on his tail feathers or fingers. As a baby, he still did not have the stripes on his tail feathers or fingers, and he only had one white stripe on each of his arms, as seen in "Terror Tales of the Park II", although his baby self was seen with stripes on his fingers in "Maxin' and Relaxin".

When he was in his pre-teen and teenage years, he had brown hair and braces. In "A Skips in Time", "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito", and "Regular Show: The Movie", high school Mordecai was seen wearing a white t-shirt with a red collar and sleeve cuffs with the words "Brain Explosion", the name of his favorite band, written on the front, with grey jeans and red sneakers. In his possible late teens, Mordecai's brown hair was long and at one point covered his eyes.

During the time montage in the finale, Mordecai, now a few years older, is first seen with a bit of stubble on his chin and wearing t-shirts, first a white t-shirt, and then a green t-shirt. Later in the montage, an older Mordecai is shown to be somewhat a little heavier, with hair on his chest and more stubble on his face, and he is wearing thick light green glasses and a light green collared shirt. 25 years in the future, at the 25-year park reunion, Mordecai (now 48-54) is shown with a brown beard and thick black glasses, and he is wearing a red hoodie over a light grey shirt and a purple beanie. He also has a gold wedding ring.


Mordecai is mild-mannered, laid-back, and big-hearted. Like Rigby, he lacks clothing, plays video games, sings karaoke, and drinks copious amounts of coffee and soda. Of the duo of two main characters, Mordecai displays far more patience, responsibility, and intelligence than Rigby does. Although almost every problem caused by the duo is Rigby's fault, Mordecai does cause problems at times, though they are unrelated to work. An example is in "The Unicorns Have Got to Go" when Mordecai tries to attract Margaret with DudeTime but ends up attracting a group of ill-mannered, lazy, and irresponsible unicorns that wreak havoc. Mordecai puts up with Rigby's laziness and immaturity, once even filling out a job application for Rigby because he claimed it was "boring." Mordecai tends to be more sociable, friendly and serious than Rigby and has much more manageable relationships with others. Although Mordecai naturally despises work, he strives to keep a good reputation, once almost losing his life to avoid being labeled as a slacker, and vouching for extra work to pay for concert tickets. Unlike Rigby, Mordecai doesn't talk about or openly express himself or his feelings. Therefore, Mordecai's most obvious shortcoming is his inability to engage his love interests by speaking his heart. Whenever he was around his crush, Margaret, he would often stutter or lose focus. In spite of this, he often made up excuses to go to The Coffee Shop just to see her. He is a serious person and wants people to do the right thing. It is also proven that he is fond of the word "dude" and the saying "OOOOOOOH!," as he and Rigby often exclaim, although they do stop saying this when they get older as seen in the finale.


Mordecai has shown a variety of abilities and habits—both good and bad—throughout the series.

  • Artist - In "Camping Can Be Cool", it was revealed that Mordecai went to art school, but in "Fool Me Twice" it was revealed that Mordecai dropped out. In "Bad Portrait" it was revealed he had bad portrait skills. In a flashback, he tried to draw a lady, and the resulting picture was so bad, that she ran away crying, ruining his confidence in art. Another time was when he was failing sculpture, and his friend Sad Sax Guy advised him to make a sculpture of his instructor's "human form". However, that too was a disaster. Despite this, as shown when he made a great portrait of Benson, he is actually a good artist. After the series finale, he becomes a famous artist with his own art gallery.
  • Leadership - Mordecai has some notable leadership skills, as displayed in many episodes, such as "Exit 9B."
  • Video Game Master - Mordecai is an expert at video games. Anytime Mordecai and Rigby play against each other, Mordecai would win every time (except in "It's Time" because of Rigby's constant bragging about going out with Margaret, "Jinx", and "Bet to Be Blonde" when Rigby cheats and unplugs Mordecai's controller). Mordecai is always player one, except at the end of "Death Punchies".
  • Educated - Mordecai is both figuratively and literally smarter than Rigby in nearly every possible way. He has mentioned to have acquired not only a high school diploma, which Rigby doesn't have (as mentioned in the episode "More Smarter"), but also a college education (although, in "Fool Me Twice", Rigby said that Mordecai never graduated). However, he was outwitted by Rigby when the latter got him to drink "RigJuice".
  • Skilled Liar - In "Grilled Cheese Deluxe", Mordecai showed great aptitude for lying. He competed against Rigby to prove who was the better liar and ultimately emerged victorious. Near the end of the episode, he lied to Benson about what happened to his sandwich in which Benson believed over Rigby's truth.
  • Truthful - Mordecai is not only a skilled liar, but he is also very truthful. For example, in "The Power", Mordecai instantly admitted what happened to Skips when Benson asked him.
  • Skilled at Staring - Mordecai has shown that he can go hours into a staring contest. He did so against Peeps in the episode of the same name and won, even though he couldn't blink after the contest and had to go to the hospital.
  • Guitar Player - In "This Is My Jam" and "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys", he was shown to have increased his skill at playing the guitar, unlike in the Season 1 Episode, "Mordecai and the Rigbys", where neither Rigby or himself knew how to work the instrument.
  • Enhanced Strength - This greatly varies from episode to episode, though he is always seen to be much stronger than Rigby. This is notable when the two engage in a game of Punchies. However, while not on Skips' or Muscle Man's level, there are several instances where Mordecai possesses well-above-average strength, as he has on these occasions bashed his way through locked doors ("Just Set Up the Chairs"). In fact, he is so strong that he can break a broom with one punch and easily rip a shirt as shown in "Mordecai and the Rigbys". However, his most recent and impressive feat of physical strength is shown when he bashed Death Bear across a room and through a wall in the episode of the same name.
  • Coffee Drinker - Mordecai is often seen with coffee, more so than Rigby. In "Free Cake", the episode starts with Mordecai supposedly drinking from a half-full pot of coffee. In "Mordecai and the Rigbys", Mordecai starts out with a cup of coffee in his hands when Rigby enters the Coffee Shop.
  • Speeches - Mordecai tends to persuade people when he gives talks and speeches. Examples are sen in "Don" when Mordecai persuades Rigby to confront and mend Rigby's relationship with his brother; "Rage Against The TV", when Mordecai tells Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost to help with beating the Hammer; in "Muscle Woman", when he talks to Starla, unintentionally infatuating her; and in "Mordecai and the Rigbys", when Mordecai tries to tell the crowd about being tricked into lip-synching. Another example would be when Mordecai apologizes to CJ to calm her down in "Yes Dude Yes". Also, he gave a protest speech to Margaret being trapped in the Voice Messaging Control Center in "Butt Dial", begging her not to play the message that contained the song Mordecai made up about how it would be like if they were together forever. However, it didn't work. He is also shown to give a great speech in "Exit 9B", which Garrett Bobby Ferguson Jr. claimed touching. In "Do or Diaper ", he explained to Margaret about the bet, and admitted that he likes her.
  • Kind-Hearted - Mordecai possesses social skills that an immature Rigby doesn't. Mordecai has better relations with his friends and has never really shown many harsh feelings toward them. He always tries to settle disagreements. He also admitted a certain secret to save his life. The only major time he wasn't kind-hearted was in "It's Time" when he pushed Rigby off of a microwave, killing him, though it was out of anger, and he was immediately regretful of his actions.
  • Music Lover and Singer - Mordecai has shown on several occasions that he can sing very well. In "Mordecai and the Rigbys", "Karaoke Video", and "Butt Dial" he sings nice and clear, although he tends to be off-key. Also, he seemed to know about a band called Brain Explosion that Rigby didn't know about in "This Is My Jam". He also once listened to a song on repeat for five days in "Yes Dude Yes". He can also come up with song lyrics on the spot, as demonstrated when he and Rigby rap with each other, such as in "Party Pete" and especially "Silver Dude". Additionally, he can play the saxophone, since he was in a jazz band in high school.
  • Skilled Fighter - Mordecai is very good at fighting others, as seen in many episodes. Examples are Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost in "The Night Owl", Chad and Jeremy in "Replaced", Carrey O'Key and Carl in "Karaoke Video" and The "Family" "Restaurant" people in "Out of Commission ". He is also skilled in the powerful martial arts of Death Kwon Do and can perform many amazing techniques when wearing the proper attire.
  • Party Animal - In "Party Pete", "See You There", and some other episodes, it shows that Mordecai really likes to party.
  • Sanitation - Even though Mordecai is a party animal, he is good at cleaning up major parties. This is shown in "Replaced", "Butt Dial", "Party Pete", etc.
  • Snoring - It is seen in "Ello Gov'nor" that he snores when he sleeps.
  • Ladies Man - Despite the fact he has a crush on Margaret, he has earned attention of Starla from "Muscle Woman", CJ, and his 12 dates from "Yes Dude Yes" (though Rigby was the one who set him up for it), possibly Ladonna from "Access Denied". A woman from "Do or Diaper" gives him her phone number when Mordecai was practicing his kissing.
  • Skilled Rapper - Along with Rigby, he is shown on occasions such as "Rap It Up" and "Party Pete". rapping very well. They also tried to teach Pops how to rap in order to take on the CrewCrew to prepare him in their rap battle.
  • Skilled Dancer - As seen in "TGI Tuesday", Mordecai is a skilled dancer, known famous for his "robot".
  • Donut Master - Seen in "Carter and Briggs", wherein Mordecai along with Rigby practice the art of "donut driving", and eventually master it thanks to Muscle Man's tutelage. They also manage to win the contest in the episode.
  • Skilled Driving - As shown many times in the show, Mordecai is shown to be a very good driver, especially in the golf cart. On many occasions, he is always shown to be the driver of the whole gang when in a chase scene. Also, he is able to make sharp turns, think fast, and be a match for many that are chasing him. The only person who could rival his skill is Thomas.
  • Skilled Dodgeball Player - It is revealed in "Dodge This" he is quite an impressive dodgeball player, easily eliminating most of the Thunder Girlz until it was left to him and CJ. More information on this can be found on the episode page.
  • Imaginative - Both Mordecai and Rigby seem to have an active imagination. They tend to have a lot of creative ideas, but as shown in "Video 101", they, unfortunately, lack a sense of when those ideas become too many, or when they are just simply over the top.
  • Motorcycle Driving - In "Play Date", despite having some trouble in the beginning, he quickly learned how to ride a motorcycle from CJ when they were being chased by a bunch of angry demonic parents.
  • Heimlich Maneuvre Expert - Mordecai is shown to be skilled in using this technique to save people such as Muscle Man from choking a few times before without fail.


  • Heavy Sleeper - Throughout the entire show, Mordecai is shown to be the usual heavy sleeper, falling asleep very often. Rigby has gently shaken him to get him to wake up many times. (Examples: "Ello Gov'nor", "This Is My Jam" and "Really Real Wrestling"). He also managed to sleep through being sent to Australia in " Mordecai and Rigby Down Under ".
  • Slacker - Mordecai and Rigby both have a tendency to slack off from work. Benson then yells at them to stop slacking off. This is seen in almost every episode.
  • Lousy Swimmer - It is implied in "Meat Your Maker" when the hot dogs put Skips, Pops, Benson and Mordecai to marinate, and he was practically drowning. However, this was shown to be false as he have competed against Frank in a diving contest in "Family BBQ".
  • Mordecai-ing - Despite being a ladies man, he is very often seen being too nervous or scared to make the first move to express his true feelings. His reluctance to make the first move is notorious, that his name is often the term of chicken-ing out by his fellow friends, hence the term "Pulling a Mordecai." For example, in " Meteor Moves " he was reluctant to make the move that he almost ends up being friendzoned, and in "I Like You Hi ", he accidentally texted the aforementioned phrase to CJ and tried to come up with a convoluted plan to tell her the text was an autocorrect of "I like Yugi, which he admits he did because he was nervous to admit his feelings.
  • Roller skating - In "Yes Dude Yes", Mordecai is shown to not be very good at roller skating, as his legs are shaking and he almost falls over when he and CJ go roller skating. However, in a later episode ("Bald Spot"), he goes roller-skating with Rigby, Margaret, and Eileen, and he roller skates just fine.
  • Poor Navigation - In "Survival Skills", Mordecai seems to have a poor sense of direction, getting himself and Rigby lost in the middle of the woods and only to end up in the same place where they started. He even mentioned that he forgot where the golf cart was located.
  • Generous to a Fault - While he's not a complete pushover, Mordecai finds it hard to say no at times. In "1000th Chopper Flight Party ", he did not object to getting in the helicopter with Margaret because he did not want to hurt the Smith family's feelings, despite the fact that there would be a chance that CJ would notice (and unfortunately, She did).
  • Traitor - As was shown in the episode "Trash Boat," he did not think twice about telling everyone that Rigby had changed his name to Trash Boat, despite being aware it would make Rigby the target of mockery, an attitude that a true best friend would never have done. He also refused to give Rigby the money to change his name back just so he could continue to make fun of him (although Mordecai does help Rigby change his name back after their lives are put in danger).




Rigby has been Mordecai's best friend since they were toddlers. The two are virtually inseparable, always finding ways to forgive any breaks in their friendship. Mordecai is the tall, responsible, mannered one, while Rigby is the short, immature, energetic one in the duo. They both work at the park together with Benson as their boss. Every episode that has ever aired has always shown the two as a duo. Mordecai usually punches Rigby and says "Shut up, dude!" when he gets mad at him. Rigby also usually causes the problems In "Don", Mordecai told Rigby that he thinks of him as his brother, because he embarrasses him and he thinks he's awkward to look at, and he sometimes wants to trade him in for someone else, but he doesn't because brothers always have to make do with each other.


Benson is Mordecai's boss at the Park. Even though he yells at Mordecai and Rigby a lot, it seems that Benson never gets angry at Mordecai on his own. Benson can be strict and honest with him, such as the time when Mordecai thought Margaret was engaged, he tells Mordecai firmly that he never told Margaret how he really felt about her and therefore he should not even be depressed. Benson recognizes Mordecai's greater sense of responsibility and self-control, something that Rigby doesn't have.

Benson also treats Mordecai with the same level of respect as the other workers. A good example of this is in "Eggscellent". Mordecai punches Benson in the face after he scolds him over Rigby's coma. Instead of getting outright angry, he asks Mordecai what his problem was. He then later apologizes to Mordecai about what he said. Mordecai also apologizes to Benson for punching him in the face and then tells him that he is a good friend. Benson also showed Mordecai respect in "Picking Up Margaret", where he let Mordecai borrow his car to pick up Margaret and take her to the airport.


Mordecai knows of Eileen's crush on Rigby and even said they'd make a "cute couple" as shown in "Do Me a Solid". He also likes making fun of it, which often results in making Rigby angry. Mordecai shows friendship to Eileen for asking Margaret to go camping with Rigby in "Camping Can Be Cool". Mordecai also shows his bond with Eileen in "Death Bear" when he saves her from the Death Bear.


Mordecai respects Skips due to Skips' ability to fix any problem Mordecai and Rigby cause. They seem to be great friends. In "Skips vs. Technology", Mordecai and Rigby print him a note that shows him how much they care about him and what he does for the park. More often than not, Mordecai relies on Skips to fix everything. Mordecai and Skips once played video games together in "Video Game Wizards", leaving Rigby out. Despite this, Mordecai has at times expressed anger towards Skips. An example of this is shown in "Over the Top" where he held a grudge against Skips when he accidentally killed Rigby over a prank. However, he seems to have let this go, most likely because Skips made a bet with Death to revive him.


Mordecai is really good friends with Pops. Whenever they are seen together, they tend to get along and have no problems. Along with Rigby, they always seem to want to help Pops. For example, in "Dizzy", they try to help him with his stage fright, and in "Rap It Up", they join him in his battle against CrewCrew to prove that he is not a loser.

Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost

Mordecai likes Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost at times, but he doesn't approve of their personality, especially Muscle Man's "my mom" jokes. He once even corrected Muscle Man about it, though he had to face Muscle Man's brother John Sorrenstein as a result of his confrontation. In Season 3, they become nicer and friendlier to each other and help each other with their problems. In the episode "Guy's Night", Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are hanging out with each other like typical guys, ordering pizza, soda, etc. Also, Mordecai and the other park employees (except Benson) help Muscle Man in "The Longest Weekend" when they keep an eye on him to keep him from seeing Starla, so she will not break up with him to test their love after seeing a movie called The Longest Weekend. By Season 5, Mordecai and Rigby seem to be very good friends with Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost, and they regularly help each other with their problems.


Mordecai seems to get along well with Thomas, especially in "Starter Pack". He and Rigby greet him in a friendly manner and show concern for him when Muscle Man continuously pranks him, causing them both to go to Skips and Benson about it. He and Rigby both show sadness for Thomas when Muscle Man seemingly kills him by throwing a shed at his car, but it later turns to annoyance when Muscle Man reveals it was all a prank initiated by him and Thomas. Luckily, though, it didn't last long. In "The Longest Weekend", he asks Thomas to help watch Muscle Man when he was going crazy for Starla.

Love Interests


Margaret Smith is Mordecai's fifth-known love interest. She a 22-year-old red-breasted female robin[26] who formerly worked as a waitress at the Coffee Shop across the street from The Park, and he would often make excuses to see her while she was at work.

Margaret and Mordecai were good friends at the time and, although Mordecai had developed clear romantic feelings for her, Margaret's feelings were only hinted at in the early seasons.

In "Picking Up Margaret", Margaret says that Mordecai is always there for her, something she can't say about some people she knows. At the end of the episode, after Mordecai does not take the chance to kiss her goodbye, she kisses him before she boards her flight. This left Mordecai dumbfounded, then filled with joy.

In "Meteor Moves", Mordecai gets sent to the "friend zone" after failing to kiss Margaret several times because he is afraid it will screw the friendship up. The lack of action from Mordecai's side leaves Margaret to believe that he is not too interested in her. After being pressured by many people, Mordecai manages to kiss Margaret during the meteor shower. The two hold hands as they return to Margaret's car. It's eventually revealed that Margaret has romantic feelings for Mordecai as well.

At the end of "Steak Me Amadeus", Mordecai asks Margaret to be his girlfriend, and she says she feels like they could be in a relationship that could actually go somewhere. However, she holds up an acceptance letter to her dream college, Milton University. She then reluctantly declines his offer, and runs out the restaurant crying, leaving Mordecai heartbroken. After these events, Mordecai informs Rigby that he drove her to the airport, ending the episode.

At the beginning of "Laundry Woes", Mordecai is deeply depressed (similar depression in "Yes Dude Yes") and the guys do everything they can to cheer him up. After a few days of his favorite activities, Mordecai is back to his old self. However, as soon as he discovers a sweater that Margaret left behind, he becomes fixated on returning it to her, despite Rigby's continuous advice to get over Margaret leaving town.

When he finally arrives at Milton University, he sees Margaret with her friends, and he suddenly realizes that she's moved on, and is happier in her dream school. He then throws the sweater in the garbage, (almost) moving on as well. With Margaret gone, Mordecai becomes closer to another girl named CJ, whom he had previously met on a blind date, but things had gone south after Mordecai accidentally invited both CJ and Margaret to see the same movie (he was also not ready for a romantic relationship). After Mordecai and CJ patch things up with Margaret gone, they eventually start dating.

In "I Like You Hi", Mordecai looks at a slideshow of them together, from "Steak Me Amadeus", before leaving to do activities with CJ. Mordecai explains that he doesn't have feelings for her anymore, but also admits that he still thinks of her sometimes. He also explains that he doesn't miss her, but in a way he does. He also admits that he is not sure whether he should go out with CJ, or wait for Margaret to come back. Despite this, he and CJ have a great time and truly seem to like each other's company.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", Mordecai becomes nervous when he hears that Margaret will be there. After several awkward encounters (thanks to Mordecai), they finally manage to have a normal conversation with both acknowledging that they had some good times. This leads to a montage of memories, ending with a kiss on a roller coaster. Unfortunately, when the scenes flash to the present, they accidentally kiss on the lips and are shocked when they notice CJ watching them. CJ runs out of the house and leaves while Mordecai runs upstairs to find his phone to contact her. Upon finding his phone, he notices that all of Margaret's stuff is there and Eileen tells him she is staying as an intern. Mordecai is frantic when he hears the news and didn't know what to say about Margaret staying with Eileen from now on.

As of "Sad Sax", Mordecai and Margaret are still just friends, and Mordecai makes it up to CJ by telling her the honest truth.

In "1000th Chopper Flight Party", Mordecai is still awkward with her presence and afraid to screw up, even to the point of letting Rigby constantly mess up the Party as a diversion just to keep her away from him. When he finally is declared as the lucky guest to ride Chopper 6 for its 1000th flight, he finds it hard to say no and joins. Margaret tries to talk to him, but Mordecai awkwardly resists until she scolds him for his attitude in desire for their friendship. Mordecai then lifts the tension with a joke and they finally start to have a fun chat. This, however, angers CJ, who misinterprets it as them rekindling their love, and she causes havoc with her storm cloud ability. Mordecai tries to save Margaret, but she calms CJ when she reveals that she is in a relationship with news anchor, Del Hanlon, which stuns Mordecai and surprises her parents.

In "Not Great Double Date", He seemed upset that Margaret appeared to have a boyfriend for herself, but still said that she seemed happy with Del and that he liked him. When she confessed that Del was not her boyfriend and that she was tired of feeling like a tourist around her friends because of the tension with CJ, he felt sad about it and was pretty interested to know that she still had feelings for him.

In "Just Friends", Rigby and Eileen go to Don's martial arts ceremony. This left Mordecai and Margaret spending a night out together. Throughout the evening, there are various activities they consider doing that coincidentally have romantic moments, which Mordecai does not want to experience. Upon going to a restaurant, a chef named Daisuke shows them their future using magical sauce. It is revealed that if Mordecai and Margaret get together, they will get married, have children, buy their own houseboat, and die peacefully after 50 happy years. Mordecai and Margaret agree that their future looks like it will be really great, but that they are still young and should take it easy on relationships. At the end of the episode, the two agree to remain just friends, with future Margaret looking down on them and inquiring how long they can be just friends, and future Mordecai stating that "only time will tell."

In "Rigby's Graduation Day" Special, she was very worried as she watched Mordecai and the other park workers were shot into space, even saying his name in concern.

Finally, at the end of the series, it is revealed that Mordecai and Margaret do not end up together. However, according to Matt Price, she and Mordecai are still friends, and they still keep up with each other. [27]


CJ is Mordecai's seventh-known love interest. After an initial situation where Mordecai was not ready to date her, they eventually became good friends and started officially dating. She became a regular part of his misadventures and is accepted strange situations they often found themselves in. She is also very protective of Mordecai and has become extremely angry and stormy when he is endangered.

He first interacted with CJ in "Yes Dude Yes" when Rigby signed Mordecai up for Couple Corral after thinking that Margaret was engaged. They instantly became great friends, with CJ developing a crush on him. After a long day, Mordecai asks CJ if she would like to go to the movies, with her cutting him off in agreement. A day later, she sees Mordecai entering the Coffee Shop, and decides to visit him to say hello. After Mordecai asks Margaret if she would like to go to the movies with him (forgetting that he asked CJ to the same movie), CJ becomes heartbroken. Upset by his actions (saying that they are typical), she turned into a massive array of storm-clouds and began to destroy The Coffee Shop. After Mordecai apologized to her and managed to calm her down, he asked her if they could still be friends. Still troubled by what he did, she declines saying "No, I just don't think I can be your friend right now. Goodbye Mordecai", leaving the Coffee Shop.

In "New Year's Kiss", Mordecai bumps into her at a masquerade party, unaware who she is because of the mask she's wearing. After having a brief conversation, they kiss each other, with CJ being completely unaware of who she's kissing as well. When the DJ tells everybody to take off their masks, they're shocked to see each other, and CJ instantly runs off, leaving Mordecai to look on in complete surprise.

In "Dodge This", they meet once again, and after facing their history together, they are able to become friends. Despite this, however, CJ still manages to beat him at dodgeball in the end.

In "Portable Toilet", CJ causes Mordecai and Rigby to get locked in a portable toilet. Rigby, angered by what has happened, says: "Whatever! At least I don't try to flirt by taking toilet dares!", meaning it could be possible that Mordecai thinks about CJ the way he thought about Margaret. At the end of the episode, Mordecai admits that she's pretty cool.

In "I Like You...Hi", Mordecai accidentally texts CJ "I like you Hi" instead of "I like Yuji" and tries to fix it, throughout the episode. During the episode, it was revealed that he really does like CJ, but he was afraid of what would happen if Margaret came back. At the end of the episode, Mordecai texts her asking if she wants to go on a date with him, to which she replies with a wink and a confirmation, leaving Mordecai relieved and eager with anticipation.

In "Play Date", CJ and Mordecai go on their first date, both trying to act cool in front of the other. However, they get stuck babysitting Thomas, who's trying to ruin their date. Despite this, they manage to make it work out. In the end, CJ says she had fun and they kiss.

In "Skips in the Saddle", it is revealed that he and CJ are going to a Laser Show, hinting that their relationship is growing.

In "Real Date", Mordecai and CJ go on their first real date together. Although the date was partially ruined by the fact that they wanted to give each other gifts in the most perfect way possible, they still managed to have a good time. When Matchmaker McIntyre tried to break them up by shooting a bazooka missile at CJ, Mordecai pushed her out of the way and got hit instead which knocked him unconscious. CJ turned into a storm cloud in order to save her and Mordecai's date and started crying when she thought he was dead, showing how much she cares about him. By the end of the episode, they ended up kissing as the sun began to rise and officially become a couple.

In "Merry Christmas Mordecai", Eileen invites Rigby and Mordecai to her Christmas Sweater Party. She also mentions that Margaret would be coming for it; making Mordecai fearful of doing something he would regret. At the party, Mordecai tries his best to prevent CJ from seeing Margaret. However, when Margaret sees both of them at the Soda Table, she is not surprised in seeing Mordecai hanging out with CJ, nor was CJ surprised to see Margaret. When Margaret leaves, CJ is concerned whether Mordecai still has feelings for Margaret. Mordecai replies that he likes CJ more than Margaret. CJ, being comfortable with this, kisses Mordecai and the duo parties with the rest of the Park employees' dates. After they party for a while, CJ goes to the restroom and the others kiss their respective dates as part of the mistletoe tradition. Seeing this, Mordecai goes to find CJ but encounters Margaret instead; who then asks if he had a problem with her. Mordecai still being nervous around her, accidentally causes a series of events to occur that act like a domino effect, which eventually causes Eileen's Mistletoe Disco Ball to fall into a bowl of punch. This damages the disco ball and it creates hundreds of holograms of Margaret who asks him the same question. He then tells her that things had been rough ever since she dumped him, but when he started dating CJ, he feels a lot happier now. Margaret then tells him that she didn't think that he was going to wait for her anyway and that she was glad things turned out good for him and that he deserved to be happy. After that, she takes out the batteries in the disco ball and they share a hug. But in the middle of remembering the good times they had with each other, they wind up kissing each other. When they realize this, it was too late because CJ had already known what happened with Mordecai and Margaret. Heartbroken over what she had just witnessed, her eyes began to water as she ran outside to her car and drove away at the end of this episode.

In "Sad Sax", Mordecai apologizes to CJ with some lights he put on a soon-to-be-demolished house and got beaten up for that. CJ then visits Mordecai in the hospital and Mordecai honestly tells her that he used to like Margaret, but is now over her after the events of "Steak Me Amadeus" and are now just friends. CJ accepts his apology, a mistletoe is placed on the metal hospital rod and they kiss on the lips, rekindling their relationship.

In "1000th Chopper Flight Party", CJ declines her invitation to the 1000th Chopper Flight Party of Chopper 6 because she is volunteering to clean up a river. She urges Mordecai to go there and have fun, while he promises to save her cake, and thanks her for being the best girlfriend. She then shows up at the Party explaining that as one of the participants got exposed to one of the chemicals dumped in the river, and the clean-up drive had to come to a halt, leaving her free to come. Then, when CJ sees Mordecai enjoying his chat with Margaret, she wrongfully jumps to conclusions that Mordecai is cheating on her, and she uses her storm cloud ability once more, wrecking the party. Mordecai fails to calm her with various environmental triggers giving a more wrong impression. After the fact that Margaret has a boyfriend calms her, he tries to give her the promised cake piece, but she declines out of remorse and feels horrible for not believing him and nearly killing Margaret's parents about nothing, so she leaves, crying.

In "Not Great Double Date", he and CJ have recovered from the crashed party, but he was still reluctant to have a double date with Margaret and Del Hanlon because of tension. After the date, CJ leaves angrily after finding out that Margaret was lying about Del being her boyfriend and Mordecai runs after her.

Mordecai and CJ finally break up in "Dumped at the Altar", and the former says they are "taking a break for a while."


Stef is Mordecai's wife[28], and ninth known love interest. She is a purple anthropomorphic bat, and she makes her first appearance in the finale, during a montage that takes place over the next 25 years. Stef and Mordecai are both artists, and they met each other at an art gallery where their work was on display. While signing autographs, Mordecai and Stef bumped into each other, and we see them stare at each other. Mordecai later dates and marries Stef, and they have 3 children together (two boys and one girl). Stef is seen socializing with Eileen in the finale, indicating that she is friendly, and possibly befriends the whole Park crew.


Mordecai's Parents

Mordecai's mother and father were introduced in "The Thanksgiving Special". Both of his parents look like him, except for his father has brown hair and glasses, and his mother having blond hair and a dress. He does indeed love his mother and father but he hates it when his mother embarrasses him. In, Sad Sax, he goes to his mother for advice on how to win CJ back.

Uncle Steve

Uncle Steve is Mordecai's uncle, as seen in "Terror Tales of the Park II" in the story "Payback". Even though Mordecai's uncle is a slacker without much money (much like Rigby), Mordecai still seems to care about his uncle when he dies.


In the future, Mordecai has 3 children with Stef, 2 sons and one daughter. They all look similar to him, and they all have bat ears and brown hair like Stef. They appear to be in their teen years, based on the time montage. Their names and their relationship with their parents is unknown.

Mordecai-Themed Content


  • J.G. Quintel uses his natural speaking voice to voice Mordecai.
  • In The Power, Mordecai reveals that he is 23 years old, along with Rigby.
  • He was the first character to speak in the Pilot, making him the first person in Regular Show history to talk.
  • Mordecai is known as the tallest park crew with 6'3" height.
    • However, Skips and Pops looks taller than him sometimes.
  • In a scrapped episode it is revealed that Mordecai had a twin brother named Dark Mordecai. Despite it never being revealed why they never grew up together or what led to their animosity towards each other, the plot was about Dark Mordecai getting his revenge on him.
  • Mordecai is the only park crew that using a touched-screen smartphone.
  • Despite both of them being birds, Mordecai and Margaret sport a full set of teeth on their beaks and have two "toes" instead of the standard four.
  • For the longest amount of time, Mordecai was one of the only characters who hadn't mentioned any relatives.
  • It is mentioned in "Don" that he doesn't have a brother, and Maxin' and Relaxin' shows that he's an only child (This doesn’t take Dark Mordecai into account because technically he isn’t a canon character).
  • According to "Don", Mordecai has known Rigby since he was five or six years old. However, in the movie, it shows that they been best friends since they were toddlers.
  • In the episode "Peeps", Mordecai is good in the staring contest. The real birds are also good in staring contest since they didn't blink.
  • It is noted that his chest is sometimes light blue, but its main color is white, like all Blue Jays.
  • It is revealed that in "Meat Your Maker" that he can't stay in places that are below 10 degrees, or he will lose consciousness.
  • In "Camping Can Be Cool", it is revealed that he went to Art College, but in "Fool Me Twice" it's revealed that he didn't graduate, which is supported in "Meteor Moves" when he told Margaret that he left Art School.
    • "Bad Portrait" reveals that one of the reasons he left is that he was stressed by drawing reflective portraits of others.
  • Mordecai's favorite band is Brain Explosion.
  • Mordecai signs his name as Mordo.
  • On many occasions, Mordecai and Rigby have shown an interest in rapping (Ex. "Party Pete","Rap It Up", Silver Dude")
  • He has a different appearance in the pilot.
  • In the pilot and "First Day", you can see Mordecai's head swishing around when he moves it.
  • In "Rap It Up", when Rigby was rapping, it is revealed that Mordecai cried when he saw a movie called A Very Happy Bride.
  • He has been nicknamed Mordo, Mordecry, Wrongecai, Brodecai, Blondecai, Motorcai, and Mordy.
  • Mordecai refers to Rigby as "Dude" in every single episode except "Rigby Goes to the Prom".
  • In the game Project Exonaut, he, Rigby, and Skips have their own exosuits.
  • As seen in "Diary", Mordecai has developed a fear for microwaves after what happened in "It's Time".
  • In "Diary", it reveals Mordecai's secrets are:
    • He likes to go commando a lot.
    • He likes to sing along to really bad pop music.
    • Sometimes, when he and Rigby are supposed to clean the gutters, they go to get coffee instead.
    • When he and Rigby bought beds, he took Rigby's and stacked it under his and told him that they didn't bring it, due to it being really comfortable.
  • "Out of Commission", "Caveman", "Skips' Story", "The End of Muscle Man" and "A Regular Epic Final Battle" are the only times we see him cry. He only cries when loved ones die, or when he's watching a romantic movie (at least in "Rap It Up" mentioned by Rigby).
  • Mordecai is the only known person to finish and survive the Eggscellent challenge, as the only other person to finish it (Johnathan Kimble) died after picking the wrong Eggscellent hat.
  • It was revealed in "Bad Kiss" that Mordecai has his own Milkshakes called Mordeshakes (though Rigby came up with the name).
  • In "The Christmas Special", it was revealed that when he and Rigby were little, they both wanted an invisibility cloak.
  • In "Sandwich of Death" Mordecai (along with Rigby and Benson) has been seen using Death Kwon Do like an expert, despite the fact that Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson are never seen practicing the martial arts.
  • Mordecai kissed Margaret five times in the series so far; the episodes were "Bad Kiss" (only in the beginning), "Picking Up Margaret", "Meteor Moves", "Steak Me Amadeus", and "Merry Christmas Mordecai".
  • In "The Power" it was revealed some of the things Rigby and him always wanted were: to fly, a bouncy house that can fly, a black car with flames, a fanny pack which has a glove which can give them cool clothes and sunglasses, with The Power look-a-like instruments, and a bunch of other stuff. Ex: Bowling equipment, fuzzy and regular dice, and an 80s Metal CD.
  • In "Silver Dude", it's first revealed that he used to have brown hair when he was younger. In this case, it was long and it covered his eyes.
    • This is most likely a reference to J.G. Quintel, who had similar hair for a short while.
  • In "A Skips in Time", it's revealed that in high school, he used to have braces.
  • In "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito", it is revealed that in high school, Mordecai was in art club, dodgeball team, and jazz band. It is also mentioned how he played the saxophone since he signed up late and the guitar spots were taken. However, it might be that he secretly enjoyed playing the saxophone.
  • "Lunch Break" suggests that a Mordecai dyed his hair brown sometimes when he was 12. It also suggests he styled his hair back to the way it is currently around the time he was in college
  • In "Real Date", it is revealed that Mordecai likes chocolate and waffles.
  • in "Video Game Wizards", it revealed that Mordecai likes mixed nuts.
  • In "Real Date", he almost got killed when Matchmaker McIntyre shot his bazooka gun that was supposed to hit CJ.
  • He is referred to as "Mordy" by his mother.
  • In "Maxin' and Relaxin'", his mother revealed that Mordecai used to eat prunes to "keep him regular", meaning he had stomach problems (or to keep him from gaining weight).
  • Also, like CJ, Mordecai had a one-sided riff with a family member that was eventually resolved.
  • In "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito" Rigby revealed that Mordecai was cool in high school suggesting that he was popular.
  • In "Brilliant Century Duck Crisis Special", when the owner of PlayCo offers Mordecai and Rigby a hundred dollars for signing over their likenesses to be used as action figures, Mordecai refers to it as "a month's pay." This means that Mordecai and Rigby earn just $1,200 a year, at an hourly rate of about 63 cents - well below the minimum wage of any U.S. state.
    • It could be that Mordecai and Rigby's gross salary is much higher than this, and $100 is a month's take-home pay after paying for damages that they have caused in the past.
  • In Lunch Break it revealed that in art college he accidentally sat on a brownie while wearing white jeans.
    • This incident may be the reason that Mordecai doesn't normally wear pants, or clothes in general, since in the next scene after this is revealed, Mordecai is seen in his college years wearing only a sweatshirt and no pants.
  • Also in Lunch Break every night before a test he would order a pizza because the grease would increase his studying skills.
  • In Just Friends it shows that if he married Margaret, he would reach his goals as an artist, and they would have lived in a houseboat and had three children together, with one being named Mallory, who would become pro video game designers.
  • In Maellard's Package it is revealed that Mordecai wants to be a pilot.
  • Just like Rigby, Mordecai seems to get away with almost everything when Benson plans to fire him and Rigby.
  • He and his wife work in the same artist job.
  • He, along with Rigby are the only main characters to appear in every episode of the series.
  • He, along with Rigby are the only main characters whose last names were not revealed.
  • Matt Price explained why Mordecai didn't end up with Margaret or CJ:
    • "We felt like the Margaret / CJ story was complete, and they were both on their own path already. We also felt like Mordecai had moved on in his life. He finally left the park to pursue art, and we thought it'd be cool if he met someone while doing that. But we love Margaret and C.J., and we're sure that they're happy without Mordecai! He was too wishy-washy with them!!"[29]
  • Mordecai's traits are similar to that of Butt-Head from Mike Judge's earlier series Beavis and Butt-Head as both are often portrayed as more intelligent and self-aware than both Beavis and Rigby, although Mordecai is still considerably more intelligent and mature than Butt-Head, at the same time there have been moments of Mordecai being airheaded and immature himself.
    • There also had been running gags of both of them beating up both Beavis and Rigby mostly whenever they do something stupid, they've also been guilty of poking fun and making jokes at both Beavis and Rigby's expense.
    • There are moments where Mordecai will do Butt-Head's trademark laugh ("Uh huh huh huh..").
    • Both are also often unsuccessful when it comes to dating although Mordecai been in a few relationships with a few girls such as Margaret and C.J. though it never seems to last and most of his attempts are usually awkward, Butt-Head on the other hand often fails miserably with his attempts being often crude and straight forward which results in him getting slapped in the face or immediately rejected.
  • Mordecai appears with Rigby in the Uncle Grandpa episode"Pizza Eve".
  • The inspiration behind Mordecai's name came from the 2001 Wes Anderson film, "The Royal Tenenbaums". [30]


"Whooooooooa!" - Mordecai

"Yay-yuh!" - Mordecai

"Ah, yeah!" - Mordecai

"Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm..." - Mordecai

"Aw, what?" - Mordecai

"HOLY CRAP!! IT'S REAL!!!" - Mordecai in "Ello Gov'nor"

"This sucks." - Mordecai

“Yeah, I/he/we did/do/does/is/am/was!“ - Mordecai

"Uuuuggggh!" - Mordecai

"Dude quit fooling around!" - Mordecai referring to Rigby

"Dude, shut up!" - Mordecai

"Hehehe.... hehehee..." - Mordecai/Rigby.

"I'LL KILL YOU!" - Mordecai (quote from the episode, "It's Time")



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Purple = Present

Red = Absent

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Overall 228

Voice Actors

  • J.G. Quintel (English)
  • Harun Can (Turkish)
  • Koji Ochiai (Japanese)
  • Paul Yu (Mandarin Chinese)
  • Kang Ho-cheol (Korean)
  • Trevor Reekers (Dutch)
  • Arturo Cataño (Latin American Spanish)
  • Karlo Hackenberger (German)
  • Sérgio Stern (Brazilian)
  • Simone Veltroni (Voice 2011) Marco Balzarotti (Voice 2019) (Italian)
  • Gabriele Lopez (Italian singing)
  • Emmanuel Dekoninck (French)
  • Zoltán Rajkai (Hungarian)
  • Piotr Bajtlik (Polish)
  • Gilan Shahaf (Hebrew)
  • Marius Drăguș (Romanian; first season - Married and Broke)
  • Cristian Neacșu (Romanian; I See Turtles onwards)
  • Hristo Dimitrov (Bulgarian)
  • Prokhorov Chekhovski (Russian)
  • Ivo Bastos (Portuguese)
  • Kristoffer Fabricius (Danish)
  • Thomas Stokke (Norwegian)


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