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Mitzi McCall
Mitzi McCall
Full name: Mitzi J. Steiner
Birth date: September 9, 1932
Birth place: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Occupation: Comedian
Voice actress
Spouse(s): Charlie Brill (m. since 1960)
Children: Jennifer A. Brill (b. 1968)

Mitzi J. Brill[1] (née Steiner)[1] (born September 9, 1932)[1] is a comedian, actress and a voice actress for Regular Show.[1][2]

Early life and career

Mitzi J. Steiner was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to a Jewish family.[1][3] She began her career in show business in 1948 when she was 16.[4] In 1964, she and Brill, who are a husband-and-wife comedy team, were booked to be on the Ed Sullivan Show, the same night The Beatles were on.[5] Ed Sullivan asked the duo to change their act to accompany the crowd of largely teenagers, and the result was a mostly silent crowd.[6] McCall recalls: "It [the show] was a nightmare. We [she and Brill] just about wanted to kill ourselves.”[6] However, many years later, McCall claimed it was an honor: “We [she and Brill] were there when the world changed.”[7]

McCall has acted on Laugh In and has more recently transitioned to a voiceover career, providing the voices of Mother Goose on Mother Goose and Grimm and Glypto in the film Ice Age.[1][2] On Regular Show, she provided the voice of the Warden of the Internet, named the Librarian in the credits.[2] Her voice acting agency is Cunningham, Escott, Slevin & Doherty (CESD).[8]

Voice credits

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Season 2

Personal life

She married Charlie Brill, a fellow actor and comedian, on January 25, 1960.[1] McCall would then give birth to a daughter, Jennifer A. Brill, who was born on McCall and Brill's eighth wedding anniversary; Jennifer later became a yoga instructor.[1] McCall resides in an undisclosed location with her husband.

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