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(The episode starts off at the Coffee Shop and Margaret, Mordecai and Rigby are laughing. Mordecai is telling a story about Skips defeating monsters... as usual)

Mordecai: And so Skips goes, "if you make me fight one of those things again, you better hope it kills me."

(All three laugh)

Margaret: Nice one.

(Then Eileen comes running in from another room)

Eileen: Guys, guys! You ready for tonight?

Mordecai: What's tonight?

Eileen: The meteor shower! I sent you guys like 5 texts about it.

Rigby: (Rigby reads the messages on his phone) Oh, yeah, once in a lifetime meteor shower. What's the big deal about this one again?

Eileen: The meteors fly much closer due to the tragic deterioration of our region's ozone layer.

Rigby: Nice, that sounds awesome.

Eileen: The peak of the meteors shower is at midnight tonight, I know a great place where we could watch: Lookout Mountain.

Margaret: Oh, you mean Make-out Mountain; I've totally been there.

Mordecai: Uhhh, uhhh, Make-out Mountain? Sounds like a great spot; count me in.

Rigby: Sure, me too.

Margaret: Haha, are you sure you won't be scared, Mordecai? Up on a mountain top in the dark.

Mordecai: No, what's there to be scared of, a bunch people sitting in their cars making out. Why would I be scared of that?

Eileen: Well, we gotta get back to work.

Margaret: Yeah, see you there, dudes.

Rigby: Friend zone.

Mordecai: What, no way.

Rigby: Dude, she called you dude, dude. That says it all.

Mordecai: We can't be in the friends zone. We already kissed, remember at the airport.

Rigby: Oh yeah, you kissed her, is that what happened?

(Mordecai then remembers when Margaret kissed him in "Picking Up Margaret")

Mordecai: Oh man, you're right. She kissed me. But it was still a kiss, same diff.

Rigby: No man, different diff, you were dropping her off at the airport, that was a goodbye kiss, and that was like two weeks ago. You've done anything about it since?

Mordecai: Uhhhh...

Rigby: No huh, probably cause you're not into her, cause that's what she's thinking.

Mordecai: Ugh! Why am I even talking to you about this?

Rigby: Come on, it's easy! Just go (Rigby starts imitating Mordecai and Margaret using his hands) "Margaret, sorry I've been a wus about kissing you", and she'll be all "That's okay, Mordecai, I'm way into losers", and then you'll be all (Rigby starts making kissing noises until Mordecai punches him) Ow!

Mordecai: Knock it off!

Rigby: Come on! I'm just trying to keep you out of the friend zone, man.

Mordecai: There is no friend zone, I'm gonna kiss Margaret tonight, and its gonna be awesome. (The setting changes to Mordecai, Margaret, Rigby, and Eileen in the car. Mordecai and Rigby are singing a rap about the meteor shower) (rapping) Look up, what's that way up high, shooting stars in the sky, sailing up high.

Rigby: (rapping) There's no denying.

Mordecai: Psh!

Rigby: (rapping) Let stars be shining.

Mordecai: Psh, psh!

Rigby: (rapping) As the heavens are aligning!

Mordecai and Rigby: Shine, shine, shine! Shine, shine, sh-shimmey shine!

(Mordecai, Rigby and Margaret laugh)

Eileen: (rapping) To clear off the confusion, the stars are made of gas. They shine from thermo-nuclear fusion.

(Short silence)

Rigby: Uhh, thanks for clearing that up, Eileen.

(As the scene goes along, they all head up to Look out Mountain then Margaret parks the car in the lot and now Mordecai and Rigby get out and see how the view is among the atmosphere.)

Mordecai and Rigby: Whoa!

Mordecai: This is awesome! (Mordecai sets down a blanket) Aw yeah! Best seat in the house! Haha.

Eileen: Alright! Perfect view! (sits down)

Rigby: Hey, don't hog the whole blanket. (sits down)

Margaret: So Eileen, when are the meteors supposed to show up?

Eileen: Not for another hour. In the meantime, I like to take down new stars in my star log. In my astronomy club, we pick uncharted stars and name them and I got to name that greenish one (points at it) "Romulus 5". Best 80 dollars I spent.

Rigby: I wanna name a star! I'm gonna name that moving one (points at it) "Stargoz the Destructor".

Eileen: Umm, that's a satellite Rigby. (Margaret and Eileen laugh) This is gonna be a historic meteor shower. Two celestial bodies will converge for the first time ever. (Unfortunately for Mordecai, her nerd-speak about stars turns into an almost a direct reference to Mordecai's situation. He has a depressed expression on his face) Which means if they don't get together now, they will never get together again. And then, they will burn down and die. Which of its-

Mordecai: (in his head) Man, I'm never gonna kiss Margaret while Eileen talking star-gibberish. (Mordecai thinks up a distraction just to talk to Rigby in private) Uhh, hey anybody want snacks? Snacks? Snacks? I know I want snacks. Rigby does too.

(Mordecai pulls Rigby as he screams while Mordecai takes him farther away to Margaret's car)

Rigby: What's your problem man?!

Mordecai: Dude, I can't kiss Margaret with you and Eileen here. I want you two to go somewhere else or something.

Rigby: What, no! I'm fine just where I am. I don't wanna walk all far just for you to not do anything! (Mordecai punches Rigby) Oww!

(Mordecai throws a bag of "choco-ducks" to Rigby)

Mordecai: Here! Take these "Choco-gooey-choco-ducks" and get out of here.

Rigby: Ugh, you're lucky I like "Choco-gooey-choco-ducks".  (Mordecai and Rigby leave and go to Margaret and Eileen) (stubbornly) Hey Eileen, lets go up there. (points at a higher hill) We'll get a better view.

Eileen: Oh good idea! Maybe we'll see Orion's belt!

Rigby: (to Mordecai) Friend zone!

(Rigby and Eileen go to the higher point of the mountain. Mordecai then sees Margaret looking at the stars. Seeing his chance, he sits down beside her)

Mordecai: It's really nice up here.

Margaret: Yeah.

(short silence)

Mordecai: You're kinda quiet. What are you thinking about?

Margaret: Oh, I don't know, the future.

Mordecai: Oh man, have you seen "Space Warrior 2"? That's a great futuristic film!

Margaret: I mean't my future.

Mordecai: Oh. Heh. Oh.

Margaret: I applied to 3 schools, but I haven't heard anything back yet.

Mordecai: Eh don't worry. I'm sure you'll hear something soon. You know what they say "envelopes thin, didn't get in, envelopes fat, school is where it's at!"

Margaret: (laughs) What? People don't say that.

Mordecai: Haha. But it's true though. You shouldn't worry. College is a lot of fun. I had lots of fun at Arts school before I left.

Margaret: You think you'll ever go back?

Mordecai: Oh, I don't know, maybe. Maybe I'll just stay working for the park for the rest of my life. (both of them laugh) Yeah.

(They both turn to see in a different direction)

Margaret: It's just weird of not knowing what's gonna happen. What if I don't get into any of them? I think I sounded really dumb in those interviews.

Mordecai: You never sound dumb Margaret. I'm sure you did fine. (Mordecai grabs two cans of soda from the cooler next to them) So uhh, how 'bout a toast?

(Mordecai gives a soda to Margaret)

Margaret: Whoa, fancy. (laughs)

Mordecai: Only the finest of beverages for the future journalism major.

Margaret: Stop it! (laughs)

Mordecai: So, uhh, what should we toast to?

Margaret: How ' us being good friends...forever!

(Mordecai is obviously depressed about this statement)

Mordecai: Yeah...friends.

Mordecai and Margaret: (toast) Cheers!

(They open their tip of the can but unfortunately, Margaret's soda squirts out.)

Mordecai: Aw man, I'm so sorry!

Margaret: Don't worry, it's fine. There's some paper towels in the-

Mordecai: Yeah, yeah.

(Mordecai gets up and goes to Margaret's car to grab the paper towels. Meanwhile, Eileen is working on her star log, and Rigby has a pair of binoculars to see what's going on with Mordecai and Margaret)

Eileen: I'm not sure this is any better than where we were sitting before, Rigby.

Rigby: Naw, it's fine, just keep looking. (Rigby sees that Margaret is sitting by herself and Mordecai is in her car upset, much to Rigby's disappointment) Aw what?!

Eileen: What's the matter?

Rigby: Uhh, we're out of snacks. Stay here, I'll be right back.

(Rigby gives Eileen the pair of binoculars as he runs down the hill leading to Margaret's car)

Eileen: Okay, but hurry! I think they're entering the Mesosphere!

(Rigby gets in Margaret's car)

Rigby: What's up man? Taken down by all the tongue-wrestling yet with Margaret?

Mordecai: Dude, knock it off! I haven't kissed her yet.

Rigby: Yeah, well what have you been doing?

Mordecai: Talking. We're having a serious conversation.

Rigby: Talking huh? Sounds like what people do in the friend zone.

Mordecai: Will you stop it with the friend zone! There's no such thing!

Rigby: Look man, stop wasting time! You have a great chance tonight! Don't blow it like you always do!

Mordecai: I'm working on it, lay off!

Rigby: Stop working on it and start making out! (Mordecai gets out of the car) Before the door closes! (Mordecai closes the car door) (grunts) Where are those chips?

(Mordecai goes to Margaret with the paper towels)

Mordecai: Hey, hey! Clean up on aisle Margaret! (laughs)

Margaret: Thanks! (Margaret gets a paper towel and wipes herself then she starts shivering) Man, it got cold huh?

Mordecai: Hehe. Yeah. (Mordecai is seeing the chance to set it up) (in his head) Put your arm around her. Put your arm around her! (Unfortunately, this doesn't go as planned) (to Margaret) Uhh, you could...wear a bunch of these paper towels! (Rips off pieces of paper towels) Like it makeshift quilt! Haha.

(He throws the paper towels to her and it flows down to her. Mordecai is obviously facedesking in his mind, as well as the audience)

Margaret: Hehe...yeah.

Mordecai: (in his head) Ugh! What is wrong with you? How long is it gonna take for you to finally kiss her?

(Scene goes to Rigby watching them with the binoculars)

Rigby: Dude, come on! Just kiss her already!

(Scene changes to Mordecai and Margaret)

Margaret: Mordecai, we're friends right?

Mordecai: Umm...yeah (Once again, he is depressed) yeah we're friends.

Margaret: I can tell you anything right?

Mordecai: Of course.

Margaret: There's one reason I don't wanna leave.

Mordecai: (in his head) This is it. She's setting you up. Just pull the trigger.

Margaret: I...I would really miss you Mordecai.

(Completely taken back by the moment, love music starts playing, he pulls the trigger, and holds her hand. The two are about to kiss when an asteroid comes out of nowhere. The two are surprised as it nearly kills them)

Mordecai and Margaret: Ahh!

Eileen: It's beautiful!

Rigby: I can't take this anymore! MORDECAI! FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE! (Rigby got everyone their attention) FRIEND ZONE! FRIEND ZONE!

Margaret: Why is he saying "friend zone"?

Mordecai: Dude, quit it!

Rigby: NO!! I can't stand this anymore! You're not gonna mess this up again, man! Just go for it!

(Everyone in their car plead to Mordecai to do it.)

Mordecai: I just need more time!

Rigby: There is no more time! Dude, I'm just trying to save you from the friend zone!

Mordecai: Dude! For the last time, there is no friend zone! (Suddenly, the meteor shower goes around Margaret and Mordecai and zaps them into 2 green quadrilateral moving surfaces. Mordecai bangs on the surface)  Margaret?! (Margaret can't hear him but is scared like Mordecai) Margaret!

Guardian of the Friend Zone: She can't hear you! You guys are just friends.

Mordecai: Huh?

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Welcome, Mordecai. I'm the Guardian of the Friend Zone.

Mordecai: What?? The friend zone's not a real place!

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Aw but it is, a place of friendly handshakes, back pats, side hugs, a pletonic relm where romance goes to die.

Mordecai: Let us out! I don't wanna be here!

Guardian of the Friend Zone: I'm sorry Mordecai. You waited too long.

Mordecai: NOO!! No! I wanted to kiss her so many times. But, I never got a good opening.

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Aw, but you did. (He zaps a few clips from "Camping Can Be Cool","Death Bear" & "Do or Diaper" where Mordecai had a chance to kiss her.) Each time, you hesitated. You let all those opportunities past. (He unzaps them away) You just didn't believe in yourself. You must be brave enough to show your true feelings. Only then, you will be freed out of the friend zone.

Mordecai: It's just...I liked Margaret for so long. What if she's not into me?

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Aw, see that? "What if"? It's time you stop wondering "what if" and you just went for it. Then you'll know how much she feels about you.

Mordecai: How do you know? You're just a floating talking asteroid thing.

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Believe it or not, I too was in this very situation. Many times, Angie, Christine, Lola. HOW DO YOU THINK I ENDED UP BECOMING THE GUARDIAN OF THE FRIEND ZONE?! LOOK, I'M JUST TRYING TO KEEP YOU, FROM MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE I DID!

Mordecai: THEN LET ME OUT!!

(Mordecai grunts and bangs on the surface in regret)

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Whoa, whoa, whoa, chill out! That friendship glass is expensive! Look, I'm gonna give you another chance alright. But you better not back out.

Mordecai: No, no. I swear I'll do it.

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Haha, okay, go get her champ.

(He zaps Margaret's glass so the two can hear and speak to each other)

Margaret: Huh? (Love Music starts to play) Mordecai, where are we?

(Mordecai walks over to Margaret and the 2 glasses are now formed as a hexagon.)

Mordecai: Right where I wanna be.

(Margaret is completely taken by the moment. She is speechless knowing what's going to happen. Mordecai gets love-struck and the two have a good, long kiss)

Guardian of the Friend Zone: Mordecai, Margaret, I now pronounce you, out of the friend zone.

(The hexagon breaks as they float down to the ground still kissing. They reach the ground, and finish their first REAL kiss. The two are shown still holding each other in love. Rigby is seen in the scene)

Rigby: Hmm, hmm.

Mordecai: Uh, it's getting late. We should probably take off.

Eileen: Did you see it? Did you see it? What you think? What you think?

Margaret: It was amazing.

(The two smile at each other)

Eileen: Man, wait until my astronomy club hears about this! I never seen celestial bodies come together like that.

(Rigby and Eileen start walking away talking about the meteor shower. Mordecai and Margaret stay behind, and help pack up the cooler. By walking back together, Mordecai and Margaret hold each others hands while another meteor flows above them.)

(End of "Meteor Moves")