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  • I live in auckland NZ
  • I was born on March 1
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  • May i join the mordaret thing?

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  • Hi I'am mordecai+margaret4eva and welcome to our club we are all mordaret fans and will be the wikis peace keepers here are some thing we need to know about us

    Our mods are Mordecai+margaret4eva (founder) Sean007 (co founder) Regularshowfan54 (Vice President for when me or Sean is inactive or can't be online) Naomi Kent (editor helps edit pages that need updating she also is our insider in forums outside of the clubs) Teleworm (newsbringer he gives us news about upcoming episodes and news regarding the storyline involving mordecai margaret and CJ)

    We are a group who all like mordaret you can join this club too if you like mordaret and need some peace away from the forums come chill with us It's all good man

    Another thing to know about us is that we all believe in fresh starts we are working hard to put everyone in the wiki at peace with the show and its current storyline update the front page all ready for th rest of season six and the start of season seven and to make mordaret canon without offending CJ fans

    We are looking for new members so come and join us it's free and fun and a cool place to hang

    Our current members are Rookie 38531 FURBYPUCCA Annemorderita4 Charismakid

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    • Regularguy221 wrote:

      Mordecai+margaret4eva wrote:
      It's okay didn't know if it would offend you or disappoint you were going to try come up with another idea I didn't know Cheating counted as offending CJ fans I just like CJ and Jeremy as a couple and I thought they would work nice together when mordecai goes back to Margaret

      Of course its offensive! Would you want to see Margaret cheating on Mordecai!? No! Am I right?

      And it's highly unlikely that she would because of how good of a man Mordo is

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    • Can someone close this please?

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  • You know it may be over in the forum, but what about outside of the forum? As I said, some people made some pretty valid points that'll lead to Mordo and CJ's demise. They weren't supposed to be together in the first place, there's an impending doom coming and we don't know what it is yet

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    • Now for you to tell the rest of the club

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  • Actually mordecai+margaret 4 eva, your so nice to CJ fans unlike those jerky fans

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    • I respect that.

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    • Regularguy221 wrote: I'm more of a MordecaiXCJ kind of guy, but I reliazed why you guys like Morderet still. They used to be in a relationship and are really tight, but lets be honest I was CRAZY about Morderet last time. But seeing Mordecai and CJ together and happy makes me even happier. I don't know why but I really liked them being together.

      That's fine I prefer Margaret but I accept mordecai and CJ

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  • I made a new wiki I'am looking for admins right now and I would wondering if anyone could help me improve it

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    • Can you provide a link? I think I could help you out! :D

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    • Thnks Its the regular romance wiki my computer here sucks so I can't add anything or edit anything thank you for voluntering you can just simply help me out with this storyline i'm making and like edit the theme and add new images 

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    • 1. Where would you like to discuss the storyline? Chat? Here? A blog?

      2. When you mean add new images, do you mean from this wiki, or do you want me to draw some images to fit the style of the show and/or scenes?

      3. I'll try to help out with the theme. :)

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    • Answers 

      1 we will talk here on a blog (storyline) I'll tell you what I have done so far

      2 It would be great if you posted some fanart on there images from this wiki are welcome too but only if they are related to certain points in the storyline

      3 thank you for helping me edit my theme we will talk about what I want it to look like

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  • Hey mordecai+margaret4eva! (Like your username btw)

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  • do yo wanna be my friend 

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