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"Men in Uniform" is the twenty-second episode in Season 6 (and one-hundred and seventy fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 26, 2015.


The guys want to keep the park open for business.


The episode begins with Huge Head hiding in the bushes at the park. He says that Pops stole his name and it won't be over until he gets his revenge.

The camera pans over to the Park Staff sitting down while Benson setting up a table with some sweets. Rigby asks Benson about the fancy spread, and Benson says that Mr. Maellard said he needed to give an announcement that morning. Benson then remarks that they all could learn a thing or two about boss appreciation. Suddenly, Mr. Maellard's limo crashes through the table and Mr. Maellard steps out of the car. Benson greets him and Mr. Maellard tells him to take a seat. Mr. Maellard says that park attendance has been declining for years, and with no visitors, he is basically just paying them to babysit Pops at this point.

He then says that he has decided to shut down the park, which causes everyone to start complaining. Mordecai suggests that Huge Head could be a visitor, but Mr. Maellard says that one ugly guy plotting revenge on his son for the last four years isn't enough to keep the park open. Mr. Maellard then tells them that they are all fired and walks away. Benson holds onto the car door and begs Mr. Maellard for one more shot, saying that it's all he's got. Mr. Maellard agrees to give them one more week to get attendance up, but he wants real park visitors, not just a bunch of weirdos hiding out in the bushes. The car window starts to close, and Mr. Maellard warns Benson that he has one week. As the limo quickly drives away, Benson loses his balance and falls on his back, weakly thanking Mr. Maellard.

Inside the house, in Benson's office with a turnstile, Benson explains that Mr. Maellard sent them this turnstile to keep tabs on their attendance. He then asks the others if they have any ideas for bringing in more visitors. No one responds until Mordecai mumbles to himself and puts his hand over his shoulder, suggesting paddle boats. Benson asks Mordecai to share his idea, and Mordecai suggests transforming paddle boats into battle boats by adding small tires on the sides and giving people lances for jousting. Skips expresses doubt about the idea, but Benson encourages everyone to come up with ideas, even if they seem stupid, because they only have one week to save the Park.

Everyone is trying various ideas to attract visitors like attractions and concerts but their efforts were in vain as not a single person stayed long enough to enjoy the park. Even the turnstile that records the number of visitors arriving turned negative.

In the meeting room, everyone is feeling down about the possibility of losing their jobs. HFG suggests updating their resumes, but Skips thinks it's a bad idea after seeing his profile. Benson offers to buy wings for everyone to lift their spirits, and they all enjoy their meal in a gazebo, reminiscing about the good times they had at the park. However, they soon realize that they are actually in East Pines instead of their own park, and are asked to leave by Gene. Muscle Man, who is a bit drunk from the wings, causes a commotion, and they are escorted out. Benson notices that the East Pines employees have uniforms, which they don't have, and gets an idea.

At the park mansion, the guys are in the computer room, discussing their plans. Benson interrupts their chatter and reminds them that they have only 12 hours left to save the Park. He then suggests staying up all night to design uniforms. Excitedly, the guys start brainstorming and selecting different designs for their uniforms on the computer. As the scene fades to the next day, the guys are seen outside the house. Benson informs them that it's their last day and assigns tasks. Meanwhile, Huge Head is lurking behind the bushes, breathing heavily, when a Zip Delivery truck arrives and drops 7 separate boxes. The guys rush to the boxes, thrilled that their uniforms have arrived. Benson is relieved that it won't be their last day after all. Skips finds it strange that the uniforms are in separate boxes, and HFG notices a warning label on one of the boxes. The label warns that the contents exceed an "ugly index" and should not be combined with other items of similar rating. Rigby brushes it off, prioritizing saving the Park over reading warnings. The guys try on their uniforms, only to realize that they are incredibly ugly and tacky due to everyone having their own ideas.

Pops comments on the poor outcome, and Rigby is surprised as the designs looked cool on the computer. Muscle Man takes a picture of Rigby in his ugly uniform and sends it to his friend Scottie, who then shares the picture. Muscle Man shows the viral picture to Rigby, who angrily tells him to stop. Mordecai then notices that they have visitors as a family arrives in their RV and starts taking pictures of the guys in their ugly uniforms. Benson realizes that the uniforms are already working when a line of vehicles arrives at the Park, and people come out to take pictures of the guys in their ugly uniforms. Rigby thinks it's crazy, but two men start making fun of them. One of them asks if they're being paid to wear those ugly uniforms, and the other says that they're even more heinous than Muscle Man's internet picture. Mordecai realizes that these people are only here to make fun of their uniforms because of Muscle Man's dumb picture. Muscle Man doesn't care, believing that any publicity is good publicity.

Another man wants a picture with Muscle Man, but when Muscle Man shoves the man towards the crowd, the people start laughing and taking pictures of them. Benson tries to calm the situation by saying they're glad the mob is visiting the Park, but then somebody throws a dodgeball at him. People continue to take pictures of them and make fun of them. Skips thinks it's time to leave, and Mordecai agrees. The guys start to run away, and the mob starts chasing them. Muscle Man realizes that the houndstooth codpiece was a bad idea because it's making it hard for them to run from the angry mob. Mordecai suggests ditching the uniforms, and Muscle Man says "Bingo!" Benson agrees but says it's a colossal waste of money. They start to take off their ugly uniforms and throw them on the ground, and suddenly, the clothing starts to glow.

Mordecai is confused about the situation as Skips explains that the clashing colors and styles of their uniforms are highly unstable. They take cover behind a tree as a mob approaches the uniforms. The clashing colors transform into a black hole of ugliness, pulling people in. Skips recognizes it as a black hole that only sucks in ugly things, but assures the group that they are safe because they are not ugly. However, Muscle Man is caught by the black hole's pull, while sarcastically claiming that they have nothing to worry about. Rigby suggests finding a way to plug up the black hole, and Benson agrees, telling Muscle Man to try to make himself more attractive.

As the black hole continues to suck in people, Huge Head sneaks up on Pops. The group seeks refuge in a shed, where they encounter an opossum and its babies. The black hole sucks in the opossum and its babies as the group screams. The guys attempt to use shovels to plug up the black hole, but fail. Two hipsters and a male model mock them before getting sucked into the black hole, with Skips speculating that they were ugly on the inside. Muscle Man considers himself the right size and shape to plug up the black hole and expresses his feelings of inadequacy. The group disagrees, but the tree starts to break, and Muscle Man decides to let go. As Muscle Man heads towards the black hole, Huge Head grabs Pops, who demands to know who Huge Head is. Huge Head reveals that Pops took his life away from him and now he was going to return the favor. However, as Huge Head and Pops get pulled into the black hole, Muscle Man accidentally bumps into Pops, causing Huge Head to let go of Pops and be sucked into the black hole.

The next day the park is revealed to be back in business with Maellard telling the Staff that he will keep it open for many years to come. Mr. Maellard was curious about how everyone came up with the idea. Benson explained that they simply asked themselves, "What do we have that other parks don't?" Then there is a scene where Huge Head's head gets stuck in a black hole and people notice him. Huge Head is happy to finally receive the attention he deserves.


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  • Skips' resume reveals that he's been working in the park since 1800.
  • When the crowds start swarming the park, it is possible to spot Audrey and a human with CJ's tank top.
  • This episode confirms that wings do not only affect Benson, who is usually the only one seen drunk from them.
  • The warning label on the park uniform boxes reads "Contents of this package exceed ugly index and should not be combined with other items of similar rating. Avert eyes!", which would easily explain why the uniforms were placed in separate boxes.
  • In the last scene with Huge Head, a man takes a blue doll out of a box.[1]

Episode Connections[]

  • This episode takes place four years after the events of the Season Two episode "Really Real Wrestling", which is probably because "Really Real Wrestling" premiered on May 2011, and "Men in Uniform" premiered in March 2015, which was four years after May 2011.
  • This marks Huge Head's second-last appearance since his debut in "Really Real Wrestling."
    • Huge Head reveals that he has been hiding in the park's bushes for four years, plotting his revenge against Pops, and the others have noticed him and stopped caring about it since he’s been there for so long.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The name is a reference to the movie franchise 'Men in Black'.
  • The logo and name of Younique is a reference to the video-sharing website, YouTube.
  • The man pushed away by Muscle Man is dressed similarly to Luigi from Super Mario Bros. This includes the overalls, mustache, and green hat.
  • One object shown to be sucked in by the black hole of ugliness is a Three Wolf Moon shirt. This shirt is a famous internet meme.


  • When the uniforms become the black hole of ugliness and everyone runs, Skips runs instead of skipping.
  • Johnathan Kimble can be seen in the crowd of people chasing after the guys, despite dying prior to the events of the series.
  • Although Mordecai, Rigby, and Benson do not wear clothes (especially pants), when they take off their uniforms, they remain in their underwear.
  • The popcorn guy is listed in the credits, despite having no speaking role in the episode.