"Men in Uniform"
Season 6, Episode 22
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Production code: 624
Premiere date: March 26, 2015 (US)

November 26, 2015 (UK)

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storyboarded by:
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"Men in Uniform" is the twenty-second episode in Season 6 (and one-hundred and seventy fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 26, 2015.


The guys want to keep the park open for business.


The episode starts off with Huge Head in the bushes of the park, plotting his revenge while spying on the Park Staff where Benson is setting up a table for Mr Maellard explaining that Maellard will be arriving to the park with an announcement. Maellard's limo then arrives crashing into the table. He exits quickly telling Benson to sit with the others as he explains that he is closing the park due to lack of visitors and points at Huge Head saying that the creep plotting against his son for four years doesn't count. He returns to his limo and is about to leave until Benson begs Maellard to give him a chance. Mr Maellard agrees saying he has one week to improve attendance at the park.

Inside the house of the park the gang is collaborating on ideas to get people to the park. Mordecai and Rigby suggest battle boats (bumper cars with boats) but Benson states that any idea is good no matter how silly it may seem that is except battle boats.

Everyone is trying various ideas to attract visitors like attractions and concerts but their efforts were in vain as not a single person stayed long enough to enjoy the park. Even the turnstile that records the number of visitors arriving turned negative.

Back in the meeting room everyone is depressed at the prospect of being unemployed. HFG suggests updating their resumes to which Skips agrees but reconsiders it as a bad idea after looking at his profile and Benson says that they should end it with a bang and offers wings to everyone on him. The guys are enjoying their wings and soda in a Gazebo while everyone reminisces about the good times at the park, until everyone notices this is not their park, but East Pines. Gene already noticed them and asks them to leave but Muscle Man in his wings induced intoxication causes a ruckus so they are escorted out. As Benson is dragged out he notices that East Pine employs have uniforms, something they don't have so Benson gets an idea.

Now with 12 hours until the deadline everyone sits in the computer room of the park mansion and starts creating custom uniforms while still eating their chicken wings. The next day multiple boxes arrive (each uniform is in a separate box) and HFG notices a warning but Rigby brushes it off: everyone puts on their uniforms but since everyone put their ideas in the uniforms, they were incredibly ugly and tacky. Muscle Man can't help but takes a picture of Rigby because he looks funny and sends it to his friend Scottie, whom then shares it on the internet. Now all of a sudden, hundreds of people are coming to the park to laugh at their outfits. Then things start to get out of hand so they fled the mob and ditch the outfits in one pile but then the ugly clothing starts to glow.

Skips states that the clash of the colors and styles are causing a problem and all of a sudden it creates a black hole of ugliness that pulls in anything tacky, even people that are ugly in the inside. As it sucks in the ugliness in the park the gang are trying to stop the black hole because Muscle Man is caught by its pull and is holding on to a tree for dear life. They attempt to fill it with dirt but nothing works. Muscle man yells at the gang stating he could plug the hole with his body but everyone tells him not to do it as they try to stop him. This was Huge Head's chance, he leaps from the bushes and grabs Pops. Muscle Man then lets go while everyone is frantic. Luckily Muscle Man bumps into Huge Head sending him into the hole of ugly.

The next day the park is revealed to be back in business with Maellard telling the Staff that he will keep it open and for many years to come. Benson thanks Maellard stating that the park has something unique that all the others don't (that being Huge Head's head floating in midair but he can't move as he is supposedly stuck in the portal). Huge Head is happy with all the attention he's getting.


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  • This is Mr. Maellard's first real appearance in season six.
  • The name is a reference from Men in Black.
  • This episode takes place four years after the events of "Really Real Wrestling", which is probably because "Really Real Wrestling" was premiered on May 2011, and "Men in Uniform" premiered in March 2015, which was four years after 2011.
  • According to Skips' resume, he's been working in the park since 1800.
  • When the crowds start swarming the park, it is possible to spot Audrey and a human with CJ's tank top.
  • The logo from Younique is a reference to the ever famous video-sharing website, YouTube.
  • This episode confirms that wings do not only affect Benson, who is usually the only one seen drunk from them.
  • In the last scene with Huge Head, a man takes out a blue doll out of a box.[1]
  • The warning label on the park uniform boxes reads "Contents of this package exceed ugly index and should not be combined with other items of similar rating. Avert eyes!", which would easily explain why the uniforms were placed in separate boxes.


  • When the uniforms become the black hole of ugliness and everyone runs, Skips runs instead of skipping.



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