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This page is the transcript for "Meet the Seer".

(The episode begins with the Park Dome zooming through space, Pops is in a painful struggle after the events of the previous episode. He has flashbacks)

Pops: Bad show...

(The gang watch over him)

Eileen: He's so weak.

Rigby: What did Anti-Pops do to him?

Mordecai: It was the same thing he did to Earl! Like he almost erased him from existence or something!

Benson: Let's just do what Earl said, and get Pops to the Seer!

(The computer AI can be heard)

Computer: Now approaching Planet Nielsen.

(Everyone looks out towards Planet Nielsen)

Rigby: That's a planet?

Eileen: It looks like some weird appliance.

(They notice some floating technology being erased from existence)

Skips: I've got a bad feeling about this.

(The crew lands on Planet Nielsen. They run forwards, and are greeted by stream boxes)

Stream Box 1: Welcome to Planet Streaming. Would you like to upgrade for an ad-free experience? Only $3.99 a month!

Benson: Planet Streaming? I thought this was Planet Nielsen!

Stream Box 2: Planet Nielsen is obsolete. Everything is streaming now. We are currently showing 6.8 billion forms of online content. Would you like to start your free trial? We just need your credit card num-

(The Stream Box zooms in on the Park crew)

Stream Box 2: -ber...

(The Stream Box's screen starts flashing up with "Disc Masters")

Stream Box 2: It's them! Take them to holding!

(The Stream Boxes dash towards the Park crew)

Benson: Ugh! Does everything have to try to kill us?

(Lasers are suddenly shot down towards the Stream Boxes. It's revealed that these are coming from Reel-to-Reel and a new ally, Black & White. They land)

Mordecai: Reel-to-Reel?

Reel-to-Reel: Discmasters, it truly is a small universe to see you here. This is Black & White, sworn brother of the Format Wars.

Black & White: We need to get you out of here.

Benson: But we need to get Pops to the Seer!

Reel-to-Reel: The Seer? (laughs) No-one sees the all-knowing Seer, but the Seer always see you.

Mordecai: So, can you take us to her, or...?

Reel-to-Reel: Yeah. We can take you.

(He sees Pops)

Reel-to-Reel: But first, he needs medical attention. Follow us.

(They all run to the medical centre)

Black & White: Hurry! Before Streaming sends reinforcements! Brace yourselves!

(Black & White presses a button which turns the floor into an elevator. They land underground, and run to Microwave's door. Reel-to-Reel knocks on it. Microwave pulls a blinder, waiting for the password)

Reel-to-Reel: Be kind, rewind.

(Microwave opens the door)

Microwave: Reel-to-Reel! What's the -

(He pings as he notices Pops)

Microwave: Frozen burritos! Get that guy in here, stat!

(They lay Pops on a table, as Microwave opens the door on his body, revealing some food. He feeds it to Pops)

Microwave: Come on, now, come on! Chew it!

(He helps Pops chew)

Microwave: Yes, chew it up. Come on! There you go! He's stable. After 50cc's of Salisbury Steak and a little rest, he'll be good as new!

Rigby: You're a doctor?

Microwave: I was a doctor, in the resistance.

(He reveals a Pops tattoo on the palm of his hand)

Microwave: Before the Format Wars. Before Streaming took over!

Mordecai: Took over?

Reel-to-Reel: I've got it all right here.

(He reveals a reel-to-reel tape, and projects it onto a screen. There is a shot of Planet Nielsen)

Narrator: Planet Nielsen! A place where all universes can be seen under one roof. Here, we have highly trained analysts, watching and tracking views of the various universes throughout the galaxy.

(A Nielsen worker is seen working)

Nielsen Worker: "Hangin' with the Plartians", 13 million viewers, ages 12-35!

Narrator: Business was booming for Planet Nielsen! Advertisers would pay top dollar to know how many people were watching each universe, until Streaming came along and took over!

(Streaming is seen killing a worker and an advertiser on the screen, and laughs)

Narrator: Streaming didn't care what people were watching, because it already knew! Thus rendering the Nielsen system obsolete! Hopeless and jobless, Streaming banished the workers to the bowels of the city forever, where they tried to preserve the ways of the old formats. Because - what happens if you want to watch your favorite universe when the internet is down? Or if you want to see the glorious quality of a DVD, instead of the poorly compressed video of streaming? The world may never know.

(The tape ends)

Reel-to-Reel: Now that you know the history, you understand why the old formats must put an end to this torrenting tyrant!

Rigby: Why couldn't Streaming be stopped by this all-knowing Seer?

Black & White: She just relays information about what she sees. Whether or not she has actual powers is kind of a gray area.

Reel-to-Reel: Everything's a gray area to you, Black & White.

Muscle Man: Ouch. Reel-to-Reel getting a little too real.

Black & White: Indeed. Shots fired.

(The whole room shakes and Microwave enters the room)

Microwave: They know the chosen one is here!

Reel-to-Reel: We've got to get to the Seer now!

Eileen: What about Pops?

Pops: I'm alright!

(Pops sits up)

Pops: Take me to the Seer.

(Everyone runs out of Microwave's office)

Microwave: Go! Run! I'll hold them off! I hope they're hungry...

(Microwave puts a pizza pocket in his body door)

Microwave: Always follow proper heating instructions.

(He runs towards the Stream Boxes)

Microwave: For the Formats!

(He explodes, along with the Stream Boxes. The explosion catches up to the Park crew, who fall to the ground)

Black & White: Come on! This way!

(They run into the original Nielsen office. They can hear the workers talking to themselves. Mordecai and Rigby look into an office cubicle, where the same worker from the tape is seen)

Rigby: (gasps) They've got free coffee!

(Mordecai and Rigby run to the coffee machine)

Mordecai & Rigby: Work perks!

(Rigby goes to take the coffee but is stopped by HD DVD and Blu-ray, who are hidden under a hood)

HD DVD: Stop! Nielsen employees only, what are you doing down here?

Reel-to-Reel: It's okay, HD. They're with us.

(HD DVD and Blu-ray gasp)

HD DVD: The chosen one.

Blu-ray: And it's the five Discmasters as well!

(They take off their hoods to reveal themselves)

Benson: DVD? You're here too?

HD DVD: No. DVD is dead.

Benson: What?

HD DVD: Yeah. I'm HD DVD now! I got upgraded. New voice chip and everything. High definition, baby! Now I'm the most superior physical format to date. Take that, dad!

Blu-ray: Forgive my brother. His picture quality isn't as clear as mine, so he forgets things. I'm Blu-ray and I'm obviously the most superior physical format to date.

HD DVD: Whatever, I still have better sound definition than you!

Blu-ray: Tell that to my ten gigs of extra storage.

HD DVD: I would, but I think someone's surface coding is a little too thick to understand!

Blu-ray: Well at least I'm not the one with the ability to roam any region, and still went crying home to daddy!

HD DVD: You leave father out of this!

Reel-to-Reel: Whoa, whoa, kids! Don't scratch a disc! We need to get Pops to the Seer.

HD DVD: Right, sorry. Follow us.

(They arrive outside the Seer's location. They are blocked off by a wall)

Blu-ray: Allow me, my bitrate is faster.

HD DVD: Your face is a bitrate.

(Blu-ray plugs a USB stick into a slot on the wall, opening the door to the Seer's home. Blu-ray enters, and is followed by Pops and the gang. The Seer can be seen with her back turned, watching multiple universes on her many screens)

Reel-to-Reel: Seer! We have brought the chosen one.

Seer: Ah yes, Pops. I've been expecting you.

(She turns her chair around to face Pops)

Pops: You know who I am?

Seer: Of course I do. I know each and every one of you.

Muscle Man: You don't know me!

Seer: Oh, Muscle Man. Always so brash. You know who else is always so brash?

Muscle Man: Uhh, who?

Seer: Come know.

Muscle Man: I don't know what you're talking about, lady!


Muscle Man: Whoa, bro.

Seer: That's right! I've been watching you guys since the very beginning. I know everything about you.

Mordecai: Everything?

Seer: Sure. You all work at the Park, you and Rigby are the slacker duo, Benson's the grouchy manager, Skips is immortal. Funny stuff!

Rigby: Psht! Anyone could have known that!

Seer: Oh yeah?

(The Seer clicks a button on her remote. The main opening sound plays as we hear Mordecai and Rigby onscreen shouting "OOHHH!" On the screens, clips from the episodes "The Power", "Caffeinated Concert Tickets" and "Mordecai and the Rigbys" are seen)

Seer: You started off really strong.

(Clips from "Steak Me Amadeus" and "Merry Christmas Mordecai" are seen)

Seer: But when Mordecai started dating Margaret, things levelled off a little.

(Clips from "Yes Dude Yes" and "Play Date" are seen)

Seer: I was always more of a CJ fan myself.

(Clips from "In the House", "Creepy Doll", and "Jacked Up Jack-o-Lantern" are seen)

Seer: Every Halloween was a spiking interest, but lately that's been a little weak as well.

(Clips from "Rigby's Graduation Day Special", "The End of Muscle Man", "Dumped at the Altar", "Welcome to Space", and this episode are seen)

Seer: Rigby going to high school helped! As did Muscle Man getting married. Everybody sure loves weddings. And the whole going to space thing? Whoo! I was not expecting that. I'm curious to see where things go now. But then again -

(The Seer switches off her screens)

Seer: Everything must end eventually.

Benson: End? What will end?

Seer: Your universe, of course! Many universes have come and gone, it's the natural order of things. Yours lasted longer than most, but now the universe, your lives, the Park...everything. It's going to end.

(Everyone gasps)

Pops: It can't end!

Seer: Ah, but this is what this has all been leading up to, Pops.

(The Seer presses her remote again, and a silhouetted image of Anti-Pops surrounded by flames is seen)

Seer: The final battle with your evil twin.

(Pops gasps, followed by the room shaking. HD DVD and Blu-ray run in)

HD DVD: We can't hold Streaming much longer!

Blu-ray: We gotta get Pops out of here!

(The gang run through a tunnel, Stream Boxes are seen moving towards the gang as they fire lasers at HD DVD and Blu-ray, who then jump in the air to begin their transformations)

HD DVD: Not today, you dumb data boxes!

(HD DVD puts a disc in his chest, as "HD" is seen on the screen)

Blu-ray: You cash hungry content coffins!

(Blu-ray puts a disc in her chest. The two jump into the air and fire laser beams at the Stream Boxes. Eileen notices that the Seer is calm)

Eileen: How are you so calm? The universe is ending!

Seer: It's not my universe that's ending, it's yours. It's a shame that I won't be able to watch it anymore. I've really grown quite fond of you all. Personally, I wish you had a bigger role, dear.

HD DVD: Ugh, it's like an oversaturation of the marketplace.

Blu-ray: Time to cancel our subscription!

(HD DVD and Blu-ray fire a disc laser at an army of stream boxes, who explode. The guys approach the Park Dome)

Benson: We're almost there!

(Suddenly, Streaming, an upgraded version of Internet, is formed)

Streaming: Hahahahaha!

Blu-ray: Streaming?!

Streaming: Hello HD DVD and Blu-ray! And you've brought all your remaining formats to me. Finally, I can add you all to my queue OF DESTRUCTION!

(Streaming fires a ray at HD DVD and Blu-ray, but Reel-to-Reel quickly jumps in the way)

Reel-to-Reel: NO!

(Reel-to-Reel gets blown up, causing his reel-disc to fall to the ground)

Black & White: Reel-to-Reel! He was the original! Agh!

(Black & White runs towards Streaming)

Blu-ray: Black & White, no! You can't stop him!

(Black & White fires lasers at Streaming)

Streaming: Fool, there's no escape. Streaming is the future!

(Black & White gets blasted by another ray, as Streaming gets hit by a Laser, causing an error and Streaming to buffer. HD DVD and Blu-ray run to Black & White)

Blu-ray: You can make it, Black & White. There's still a market for you!

Black & White: In space - *coughs* - No-one can hear

(Black & White's screen switches off, indicating his death)

HD DVD: Quick, while he's still buffering!

(The gang run past Streaming and into the Park Dome)

Blu-ray: Go, go!

(Pops turns to look at HD DVD, Blu-ray, and the Seer)

Seer: Now you must go to where it all began, Pops. To your home planet, Lolliland, that's where the final battle will take place.

Pops: Do I really have to fight my brother?

Seer: You've fought him before, and you will fight him again, and your universe will reset itself. That's how it's always been and how it will always be.

Pops: There must be another way!

Seer: Hmm, sometimes doing something different makes all the difference! But then again, everybody loves re-runs!

(Streaming rises behind the final three)

Streaming: Oh, no!

Seer: Go now, Pops. Make it a jolly good show.

(Pops runs into the Dome as it flies off. HD DVD and Blu-ray fight off Streaming. Everybody is in the control room)

Benson: Eileen, enter the coordinates!

Eileen: You got it!

(Eileen searches for Lolliland, and a picture shows up, and it's the exact same planet that Pops felt a connection with in the episode "Pops' Favorite Planet")

Pops: My...favorite planet.

(Cut to black. End of "Meet the Seer")