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The Glove Creature is the name of a glove-like monster seen in Video Game Wizards. Once Mordecai and Rigby learn the truth about gaming, that it is about playing with friends and not about winning, they are teleported into the creature's world and he tells them that they are the first gamers to realize the true meaning of gaming, and then gives them ultimate powers which makes them morph into one body and have enough power to beat the other players and win The Maximum Glove.


He is a colossal version of The Maximum Glove, except that he has a blue eye with a green aura on the palm-area, which can blink. It's also transparent and a blue type color.


  • He may be a reference to Billy's magic glove seen in the two-part Adventure Time season two finale.
  • The appearance of the Glove Creature is similar to hands in the 1976 film Logan's Run: the eye in the middle of the glove is similar to the Lifeclock gem used to count the time left alive of one within the society. Further, the voice of the glove is similar to actor Michael York, who starred in the film.
  • When he says "MAXIMIZE" its a reference to the FOX kids TV show "Beast Wars"
  • The Maximum Glove and the commercial it appears in is a reference to the 1989 film The Wizard. The episode's plot is similar to the plot of the film, and the Maximum Glove commercial is a reference to the Power Glove scene in The Wizard.