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Matt Price is a writer and occasional voice actor for Regular Show.

Early life

He grew up in Evanston, Illinois.[1] His mother is a puppeteer, and names her an inspiration to becoming a writer.[2] He graduated from the University of Michigan, earning a bachelor's degree in English Literature.[3] When asked what his influences were in working in animation, Price replied: "I’ve been writing on different comedy shows for a little while, but my biggest comedy influence was listening to Steve Martin records and Saturday Night Live was probably my biggest influence as a kid. That made me want to write, and my mother’s also a puppeteer, so that made me want to write real stories. So the Steve Martin / Mom combo. A very rare combo. I would read Cruel Shoes a lot."[2]


Describing the development of the characters, Price states: "A lot of it comes from J.G. [Quintel] and Mike Roth, who are really great at making sure the characters are grounded and real, but also that they stay within the world. They do evolve. Like “Gut Model.” I love Muscle Man, because I find him to be the most complex character. He’s offered to be a gut model, which is ridiculous, but he wants to do it because he feels like he’s unwanted at the park. That to me was very touching. That’s a classic example of how J.G. [Quintel] and Mike [Roth] want the characters to have heart, but not so much that it’s like 'oh, now Margaret’s having a baby.' They evolve in very real ways. Also, when I watch the show, I love that they [the actors] bring that other layer to it. They take that and add onto it. It’s equal."[2] When asked what his favorite episode was, Price gave three: "Can I give three? I love “Mordecai and the Rigbys” because I love music, and to me that was a lot of things about the show that I like. It had a heartfelt story. “Eggcellent,” I love. We [the staff] worked on that for a long time and I love how it came out, and again, it embodied many of the things that I love. And “Gut Model,” was so stupid. That’[s] such a dumb idea, and I love it. I love Muscle Man."[2] Price also states the key to Regular Show is the sadness underneath it: "That’[s] the key to our comedy show: There’s a lot of sadness underneath. The key to a good cartoon, [is] you infuse a little sadness."[2] For his work on Regular Show, he won an Emmy Award in 2012.[4] In addition to Cartoon Network, he has written for other channels such as MTV, Fox, NBC, Comedy Central and Spike TV.[3]

As an actor, he has acted in such shows as The Office, Arrested Development, Reno 911 and The League. He is well known for being Lawrence for two seasons in the critically acclaimed Men of a Certain Age.[4] In addition to writing for Regular Show, he provided the voice of Skips' cousin Quips in the episode of the same name. In addition to writing and acting, he also managed a Freshman A baseball team.[5] He also has an affinity for burgers.[1]

Voice credits

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Season 4

Season 5

Personal life

He resides in Los Angeles, California, where he hosts a podcast entitled Whale Cave, which is about people telling music-related stories.[4] He is married to a woman and has a daughter.[6]

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