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This article is about the employee seen in Ello Gov'nor. For the one seen in Brain Eraser, see here. For the one in Grave Sights, see here.

The Movie Shack Hut Employee is a character who appeared in the episode "Ello Gov'nor". He made his debut at the beginning of the episode, sporting a building costume that Rigby ended up teasing him about. He later appeared as the British Taxi, trying to tell Mordecai and Rigby that the movie they rented was overdue. Pops told him that he had some money, but it was actually a lollipop (although he thought it was a one hundred dollar bill). The Movie Shack Hut Employee also informed Rigby that he was responsible for the weird things happening and that he was the one who convinced Rigby that the British Taxi was trying to get him.


He has long hair and a mustache. He also has a scar on his right cheek. He wears a red uniform that says "Movie Shack-Hut".


  • The way he dresses up as a car switching from as a car to standing up is a parody of the Hasbro franchise Transformers.
  • He was most likely fired for not getting paid back for the video that Rigby had broken, which is further evident to the fact a new employee appears in "Brain Eraser" and an even newer one in "Grave Sights". However, there is still the possibility that he could have not been working on the days these episodes took place. Therefore, he has only appeared in "Ello Gov'nor".
  • His name could be possibly Matt, since the credits of "Ello Gov'nor" list him as that name.
  • The Movie Shack Hut Employee admitted that he does not like his job at the Movie Shack Hut.
  • If you look closely in "See You There", the movie shack hut employee is seen dressed as a rocket at Muscle Man's Costume Party.