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Matchmaker McIntyre is a one-time antagonistic character in Regular Show. He makes his debut in the Season Five Finale, "Real Date". He is the former CEO and manager of the online dating service "Couple Corral". When all of the subscribers were happily together, all of his subscribers deleted their profiles and cancelled their memberships, causing him to go bankrupt. In an effort to make money again, he attempted to force Mordecai to break up with CJ and rejoin his site.


Matchmaker McIntyre is an overweight middle-aged man, with pumpkin-orange hair, tied in a small ponytail and goatee. He wears an arctic white cowboy hat with a dark pink heart in the center. He also obtains a pink shirt, a white vest with hearts on it, and a bowie tie with a golden heart tied up. He wears white pants along with red cowboy boots along with a red belt with a gold heart in the middle. He also seems to have a bundle of rings.


He only appears in the episode Real Date as the main antagonist. He is first seen at Bistro en le Parc, waiting at the front desk. When a waitress says that Mordecai has a call waiting at the front desk, Mordecai walks over to the desk. There, he meets Matchmaker McIntyre. Matchmaker tries to encourage Mordecai to break up with CJ so that he could rejoin Couple Corral. After Mordecai rejects this offer, Matchmaker is still determined. A short time later, CJ receives a call from L'wafflerie, prompting her to run to the restroom to answer the call. When CJ leaves the scene, Matchmaker drives up to the restaurant in a SUV. Mordecai looks out the window, and sees Matchmaker trying to encourage Mordecai to meet other women who don't "go to the bathroom." Angered, Mordecai walks away, trying to brush it off.

Later, Mordecai and CJ go over to the Town Square. As Mordecai tosses a coin into the fountain, he and CJ see a blimp above them, and there's a screen showing Matchmaker. On the blimp, Matchmaker demandingly says "Dump Cloudy J!" This prompts a slightly angered Mordecai to usher CJ away. When Mordecai and CJ try to call their buddies, both Rigby and Eileen tell them to come to the pier at the waterfront.

At the waterfront, before Mordecai and CJ could kiss, a loud thud is heard, and the pier shakes violently. As Mordecai and CJ begin to investigate, a submarine emerges, and Matchmaker emerges from the hatch. Matchmaker tells Mordecai that this is his last chance to break up with CJ. Mordecai, finally fed up with Matchmaker's antics, demands to know why he wants him break up with CJ. Matchmaker then tells Mordecai that because lonely people are now finding their respective relationship, they're cancelling their proflies on Couple Corral, which causes him to go bankrupt after spending it all on merchandise, like the submarine and the blimp. CJ insists that he sell his stuff, but Matchmaker refuses, saying that his lawyer thinks that the only way to make people rejoin Couple Corral again is to force couples to break up.

After Mordecai rejects the offer yet again, Matchmaker decides to do it by force. He pulls out a bazooka called the "Breakupulator." He aims at CJ in an attempt to kill her, but Mordecai pushes her out of the way to save her. The force of the explosion sends Mordecai flying onto the nearby shore, knocking him out.

Matchmaker, acting like the plan worked, encourages CJ to rejoin Couple Corral. CJ, furious with Matchmaker for "killing" Mordecai turns into a massive storm cloud. She bellows "LEAVE US ALONE!!!" and she sends a shock of lightning to hit the dock. The SUV, which is on the dock, falls on a gas tank, which explodes on impact. The horn shaped hood ornament flies upwards and pierces the blimp, which begins plummeting towards the ocean. Matchmaker yells out "Hubris!" before the plummeting blimp crashes into the submarine, exploding and killing him once and for all.

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