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"Marvolo the Wizard" is the thirtieth episode of Season 7 of Regular Show (and two hundred and eleventh overall) It first aired on May 26, 2016.


Pops thinks that he's a wizard trapped in medieval times, and he wants to go back home.


Upon waking up, Pops walks outside his house and sees medieval props and people acting as if they were from that time. The Park is being prepared for a Ren fair - but Pops doesn't know this, and panics into everyone he runs into. 30 minutes later, all the other workers are getting assigned their alternate personas by Benson. Mordecai and Rigby (Mordicus and Rignatius) don't seem to mind their costumes and neither does Skips (Barnaby the Ripped), but Muscle Man and High Five Ghost (Palom and Porom) do not like theirs at all. Benson obviously favors his costume (King Edmund), and then holds wizard robes, asking where Marvolo aka Pops is, to which Skips answers no one has seen him all morning. Benson grows frustrated and notes that he is the star of their closing performance, Marvolo vs. The Dragon, and if he doesn't show everyone will demand a refund. He then orders everyone to find him and not to break character or they will be fired (or as he says, "smited with unemployment"). Mordecai, Rigby and Skips wear their clothes but Muscle Man and Fives still refuse to wear theirs. Rigby comments that he hopes the power will not go to Benson's head.

Meanwhile, Pops is sitting on a rock (with a sword in it) asking for help to get back to his own time. But everyone who passes by either ignores him, laughs at him, or calls him a freak. Pops keeps getting worried and then spots Mordicus and Rignatius up ahead. Rignatius complains that his butt is itching and Mordicus tell him they have to stay in character, so he tries again, but in a medieval way. Pops approaches them and says he thought he would never see them again. Rignatius says, "Oh, dude, Pops!" but Mordicus nudges him as to remind him of staying in character, so he calls him Marvolo instead. Pops is taken aback, saying that he is Pops and not Marvolo, but Mordicus insists on it with a wink, which Pops misinterprets by asking what is wrong with Mordecaus's eye. Rignatius them comes up to him and tells him what he is required to do: slay the dragon or everyone will want a refund. Pops responds by saying he won't fight it and calls them Mordecai and Rigby, to which Mordecai says that unless he wants to be sacked, he should call them Mordicus and Rignatius. Rignatius then adds that the Mordecai and Rigby he knows "haven't been born yet", with more winking. Pops gets even more worried, leading to Mordicus punching Rignatius, telling Pops to come with them so they can explain everything or they will anger King Edmund, which causes Pops to run away and Mordicus to point out that the king will not like this.

Sure enough, the King is angry, wondering what they meant by they lost Pops (saying it medievally, of course) while being fed grapes by Starla. Mordicus tells him that Pops got frightened and ran away, and that he seems a little confused. Kind Edmond dons this unacceptable, to which Rignatius responds, "What the heck, man?! Pops is the one flipping out!" quite loudly, and two of the commoners overhear. The woman says her ears hurt from hearing that, and the boy with he says that perhaps a refund is in order. The King starts to panic and then calls down to them, telling them to pay no attention, and rains down coins on the two commoners and they chant, "Huzzah!" After that, he turns on the duo and demands to know what he said about breaking character. They beg forgiveness, and the King shrugs it off, saying he much fetch Marvolo himself.

Meanwhile, Muscle Man and Fives have been sent to the stocks, probably for refusing to participate, and they are clearly speaking out of character, to the annoyance of the commoners, who have thrown tomatoes at them. When they leave, they finally decide they will wear the costumes, and then Pops comes running up. He asks if they are stuck in this time like he is, and Muscle Man answers by saying that they go by their medieval names, then Fives adds that he has to put an end to the King's reign of terror. Pops is annoyed and states that he is not Marvolo asks why everyone calls him that, and also points out he just wants to go home. Muscle Man and Five tell Pops to end this, and suddenly the commoners come out of nowhere and try to capture Pops. Pops manages to avoid them until he hits a dead end at a Marvolo vs. The Dragon sign, and the King comes up behind him with two knights on horseback. King Edmund explains that the dragon has descended upon them and only he can stop it, and if he doesn't, the commoners will demand a refund. Pops snaps for the last time, that he is not Marvolo and tries to run, but crashes right into the sign and gets knocked out.

Upon coming to, Pops sees Barnaby in front of him but refers to him as Skips, asking him is he is home yet. Barnaby responds saying that he knows not of this Skips, and that the King sent him to prepare for battle against the dragon, which means dressing him up in character. Barnaby hands him his wand, telling him it is for the closing ceremony, and to defeat the dragon he must point the wand at it and press the button, ending all of the Ren fair. Pops approaches the mirror, wondering if he is Marvolo after all. When he asks who is he is, his reflection responds that he is Marvolo, much to Pops' shock. Pops tries to deny this, but his reflection insists on this, and then he finally believes it.

The commoners introduce King Edmund, who is in his box seat. Around him are Rignatius, carrying nachos, Mordicus, holding the remote for the dragon, and Barnaby. The King starts talking about how he hopes times in the kingdom were pleasant, and then they should rejoice in the fact that nothing bad happened. He repeats it because the cue to open the cage was missed, and Palom tells him that he heard him already in an annoyed tone, opening the cage. Mordecaus moves the dragon forward, which impresses the commoners. When King Edmund asks for fire they are more amused. Then he goes on dramatically saying it's a huge calamity and only one person could be there to stop it, and then introduces Marvolo, who walks out casually but looking worried. He gulps, and then waves his wand so hard to the point that he throws himself to the floor, much to the commoners' anger; they begin to demand refunds. The King becomes enraged and Marvolo tries again, only to have the dragon swat the wand away right under the King's box seat. Rignatius tries to snatch the remote away from Mordicus to no avail, and they toss it into a discarded box of nachos on the ground, making it short out. The dragon starts moving on its own and the commoners cheer, but then they proceed to flee when it fires a larger ball of fire than before right at the stands. King Edmund panics and jumps right onto Barnaby, asking that he save him, while Marvolo stares on. Barnaby reminds him that he has to get his wand and push he button. Spotting a ladder to break open for in case of dragon, he runs for it, gets it out and reaches for his wand. He fires it off and the smoke annoys the dragon, which knocks Marvolo off and he is now hanging on to it. Mordicus and Rignatius both call out, "Pops!", and the dragon flings Pops to the tower where the two knights were, who call out, "Best Ren fair ever!" A chain of towers fall as everyone flees the scene, and the last one that falls collapses right on the dragon. Marvolo emerges from the rubble, happy he defeated the dragon and that he could go home, but is knocked unconscious by the dragon's lover mouth piece.

Upon opening his eyes, everyone is back to normal and Rigby notes that he is waking up. Pops is still a little confused and calls them all by their medieval names, to which Benson notes that they are normal now. But Pops keeps telling them he was in medieval times, and that they were all there, but suddenly becomes shocked by Marvolo in his mirror, who shushes him and then runs out of view and drives away in an off-screen vehicle of some sort, ending the episode.


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Pop Culture References[]

  • This episode's title is a reference to Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series, as it is part of his full birth name "Tom Marvolo Riddle".
  • The medieval names given to Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost is a reference to twin mages from Final Fantasy IV.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode was released early on iTunes before it aired on television.