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"Maellard's Package" is the twenty sixth episode of Season Seven of Regular Show (and two hundred and seventh overall) It first aired on April 23, 2016.


Mordecai and Rigby have to wait at Maellard's mansion and get a very important delivery.


The episode starts with Mordecai on his own plane talking to the passengers. A crew member comes up to him asking for approval on a logo design, and then a flight attendant thanks Mordecai through a microphone for being responsible and "making the skies that much safer". The passengers chant his name and he smiles.

It turns out that Mordecai is daydreaming during the morning meeting at the park, and Benson asks him what he just assigned Mordecai with, which was to clean the gutters. Benson gets a call from Mr. Maellard, which is apparently a "big responsibility", much to Mordecai's delight. Benson then says that someone has to be assigned to pick up an important package for Maellard. Mordecai and Rigby volunteer and eventually Benson gives them the key to Mr. Maellard's mansion and the security code for the front gate.

They drive into the mansion and are very impressed by how fancy it is. There are many miscellaneous items in the mansion and they goof off at first but Rigby unintentionally reminds Mordecai to stay focused and he says that they should wait for the package outside. Bored, they notice a food truck outside the gate. The truck is selling bánh mì sandwiches and the two buy two of them. While they're waiting for the sandwiches, the delivery truck comes through the gate and the two miss it, much to Benson's fury.

Benson tells them to reschedule the delivery, and Mordecai calls up the delivery place and reschedules the delivery to two hours later. However, if they miss the next one, they won't be able to reschedule and Benson will fire them. Rigby convinces Mordecai to tour the mansion with him until two o' clock.

They travel around the many features of the mansion, which include a holographic juggler and a live tiger. After the montage of them touring the house, Mordecai and Rigby are drinking sodas in suits of armor on the roof. Mordecai asks Rigby what their doing with their lives, goofing off instead of handling bigger responsibilities. After they finish talking, Rigby notices the delivery truck coming.

They rush to the truck, which is difficult in the suits of armor, and break into the attic to get downstairs. An alarm goes off and the two are chased by two guard dogs released by the security system. They take a ride in a moon rover to get to the door quicker, while Rigby is getting licked by the dogs. They manage to drive off the balcony in hopes of releasing a parachute but fail. After crashing to the ground, they rush through the door to meet the delivery guy, who was just about to send the package back.

Mr. Maellard comes back and receives the package, which is actually just a bánh mì imported from Vietnam. Mordecai and Rigby are complimented by Maellard and he tells the two to go home.


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  • When Mordecai and Rigby wait for Mr. Maellard's package, they smell something amazing and they follow it through Mr. Maellard's gate and see a Buddy Banh Mi foodtruck. Bánh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich.
    • However, in some shots, the truck misspells it as "bohn mi".
  • This episode reveals Mordecai dreams of having his own airline.
    • As a result, this episode may take place before the movie, as Mordecai is beginning to consider leaving the park.

Episode Connections[]

  • On Mr. Maellard's computer there is a window that says Spark, which might refer to the Spark Initiative that launched the Park into space in the Season Seven finale (TV: Rigby's Graduation Special).
    • Rigby also says "It's not like the parks going anywhere", which may be a reference to the same event.

Pop Cultural References[]

  • When Rigby kicks the player piano in Maellard's Mansion it plays "The Entertainer", a well-known composition by Ragtime composer Scott Joplin.


  • When Mordecai is flying the plane, his headset has a microphone attached to it. Though after approving his logo designs, it disappears. It returns again when the crowd is chanting Mordecai's name.