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Queripel taking a sip from her mug

Madeline Louise "Maddie"[1] Quéripel[2][3] (pronounced Kerry-pel)[4] (born December 7, 1987)[2] is a storyboard artist on Regular Show. She was born in St. Paul, Minnesota[5] and grew up in Boulder, Colorado.[6] As a child, she loved drawing, and had her own comic in elementary school.[5] She would eventually attend and graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, majoring in Comic Art.[7]

After graduating, she began seeking work on cartoons, and served as storyboard revisionist on the Adventure Time episode "Ghost Princess" before being hired to work as a storyboard artist on Regular Show, starting with the episode "Diary".

In addition to her work on Regular Show, she has also served as storyboard director[8] on the Nickelodeon show Sanjay and Craig,[5] and also works as a cartoonist, having her own online comic strip entitled Ham Shears on[9]

Her other works includes comics for Good Minnesotan, Ghost Comics and Big Funny.[7]

She resides in Los Angeles, California, dating[10] and living with fellow Regular Show storyboard artist Toby Jones,[6] with their dog Willoughby.[11]

Madeline and Toby Jones together

Boarded Episodes

Season 3

  1. "Diary" (with Andres Salaff)
  2. "Fuzzy Dice" (with Andres Salaff)

Season 4

  1. "Exit 9B" (with Calvin Wong, Toby Jones and Andres Salaff)
  2. "Bald Spot" (with Andres Salaff)
  3. "Firework Run" (with Andres Salaff)
  4. "Sandwich of Death" (with Andres Salaff)
  5. "That's My Television" (with Andres Salaff)
  6. "Skips' Stress" (with Andres Salaff)
  7. "Country Club" (with Andres Salaff)
  8. "Blind Trust" (with Andres Salaff)

Season 5

  1. "Laundry Woes" (with Hilary Florido)
  2. "Tants" (with Hilary Florido)
  3. "New Year's Kiss" (with Hilary Florido)
  4. "The Postcard" (with Hilary Florido)
  5. "Rigby in the Sky With Burrito" (with Hilary Florido)
  6. "Play Date" (with Hilary Florido)
  7. "Take the Cake" (with Hilary Florido)
  8. "Tent Trouble" (with Hilary Florido)

Season 6

  1. "New Bro on Campus" (with Benton Connor)
  2. "The White Elephant Gift Exchange" (with Benton Connor)
  3. "Merry Christmas Mordecai" (with Benton Connor)
  4. "I See Turtles" (with Benton Connor)
  5. "Party Horse" (with Benton Connor)
  6. "Garage Door" (with Benton Connor)

Season 7

  1. "The Parkie Awards" (with Alex Cline)
  2. "Local News Legend" (with Alex Cline)
  3. "Sleep Cycle" (with Alex Cline)
  4. "Crazy Fake Plan" (with Alex Cline)
  5. "Guys Night 2" (with Alex Cline)
  6. "Maellard's Package" (with Alex Cline)
  7. "Pops' Favorite Planet" (with Alex Cline)
  8. "VIP Members Only" (with Alex Cline)

Season 8

  1. "Welcome to Space" (with Alex Cline)
  2. "The Dream Warrior" (with Alex Cline)
  3. "Can You Ear Me Now?" (with Alex Cline)
  4. "New Beds" (with Alex Cline)
  5. "The Ice Tape" (with Alex Cline)
  6. "A Regular Epic Final Battle" (with Minty Lewis, Ryan Pequin, Andres Salaff, Benton Connor, Owen Dennis, and Sam Spina)