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This is the transcript for the episode Lunch Break.

[The episode starts with Skips, Muscle Man, HFG, Mordecai, and Rigby repairing the basketball court. Benson approaches on crutches.]

Benson: (almost falls) Woah!

HFG: Careful there, Benson. You don't want to break your other foot too.

Benson: (monotone) No, Fives, I certainly don't.

Muscle Man: Don't worry bro. Once we re-pave this basketball court, there won't be a crack in sight.

Benson: Thanks a lot guys. Since you're all working so hard out here, I wanted to treat you to sandwiches from Sandwicci's.

[All murmur excitedly]

Muscle Man: Perfect!

[They each grab a menu and read it]

Muscle Man: I'll get the number 12.

HFG: Yeah! For me too.

Skips: I'll get the 33.

Benson: Mordecai? Rigby?

Rigby: So we can get any sandwich?

Benson: Of course.

Mordecai: Whatever we want?

Benson: This menu is your playground.

[Mordecai snickers]

Rigby: We'll have the 46.

Benson: Okay, two number 46's.

Mordecai: Just one. We can share.

[Rigby snickers]

Benson: Oh. Okay. One number 46.

[Next scene. Everybody continues to work on the basketball court and Benson pulls up in his car and honks.]

Benson: Lunch is served!

Muscle Man: Oh. Awesome.

HFG: I'm starving.

[Mordecai laughs]

Mordecai: Hey, I don't see our sandwich.

Rigby: Yeah where's number 46?

Benson: Let me get it.

[Mordecai and Rigby chuckle. Benson opens his trunk and throws his crutches and hops to pull out their 20 foot sub. Mordecai and Rigby laugh. Benson calmly laughs then laughs angrily. Mordecai and Rigby laugh quieter and more nervously.]

Benson: This sandwich cost me $85.00!

Rigby: But you said we could order any sandwich we wanted.

Benson: I did...I said that. Now listen to me as I say this. If you two don't eat this entire sandwich by the end of the day, YOU'RE FIRED!!!

[Benson throws the sandwich on the ground. Cut to the next scene, where Muscle Man, HFG, Mordecai and Rigby are eating their sandwiches while Skips keeps working.]

Mordecai: Pssh. We got this.

Rigby: Yeah, we've been eating to extreme's since before we can talk.

Mordecai: Or, at least since we were twelve. Remember that time with the cereal?

[Cut to next scene where young Mordecai and Rigby are watching RGB2. It then cuts to Mordecai, who has brown hair and pimples on his cheeks, and then to Rigby, who has dark brown hair and tiny mustache hairs on his upper lip, which we see him stroke]

Villian (in the TV): sobbing

Rigby: Here it comes!

RGB2 (in the TV): I hope you've saved room for desert!

Mordecai and Rigby: OOOOOOOOH! Start Laughing

Mordecai: So good.

Rigby: Yeah.

Commercial Announcer: Don't go to sleep yet kids! (Mordecai and Rigby gasp) There's a new sugary cereal on the shelf to finish your day off right! With all the vitamins of a complete breakfast, RGB2io's are the best midnight snack.

Rigby: We need these!

Commercial Announcer: And if you buy now, 1 in 5 boxes have RGB2 toys, saying his catchphrase.

RGB2: I hope you saved room for desert!

Mordecai: We need that.

[Young Mordecai and Rigby are at the store shaking the boxes of RGB2io's.]

Mordecai: I just hear cereal.

Rigby: I think this one might just be a touch....not or exactly the same.

Mordecai: The commercial said 1 in 5's a winner, if we get 5 boxes there's gotta be a prize in one of them.

[Back to Rigby's basement, Mordecai put's his hand in one of the boxes to find the toy.]

Mordecai: Nothing!

Sherm: (from upstairs) Rigby! You boys better not be awake down there!

Rigby: Were not!

(Rigby hides the cereal boxes under a blanket. Sherm walks in the room)

Sherm: Rigby what is this?

Rigby: What? Nothing.

[Sherm removes the blanket and sees the cereal boxes.]

Sherm: Nothing!? This is nothing? You've been digging for boxes again haven't you!? You know the rules son, don't you dare open a new box of cereal, until you finish this one. (To Mordecai) And since you're a guest in our home Mordecai, that rule goes for you too.

[Both groan and sit at the the table and eat a bow of cereal]

Both: Done!

(Rigby opens a new box.)

Rigby: This is it, this is gonna be it!

(Rigby dumps out the cereal and sees no toy.)

Rigby: Man!

(Rigby throws the box to the trash but misses. They turn and look at Sherm.)

Sherm: Don't look at me, look at your cereal.

(Mordecai and Rigby put the cereal in their bowls and sigh and take a bite. After they finish, Rigby opens another box. There isn't a toy, and they eat the next box)

Mordecai and Rigby: Done. (Rigby opens another box with no toy inside. Mordecai and Rigby collapse on the table. Scene cuts to the hospital, where they are laying in beds. Someone puts a bowl of RGB2io's to Mordecai's nose. He smells it and wakes up, repulsed and gagging from it)

Mordecai: Ugh! (He pushes it away)

Agent 1: Works every time.

Rigby: (wakes up) Huh? What's going on? Why does my skin feel like sausage casing?

Agent 2: Oh that's just what happens when you overdose on RGB2io's. A Lot of people don't realize this, but our cereal is borderline poison.

Mordecai: I thought that commercial said 1 in 5 boxes has a toy.

Agent 1: Yes. You just picked the wrong 5 boxes. Now, sign this waiver so we don't get in trouble (Mordecai pulls out a pen. Rigby does as well, and Agent 2 brings him a waiver)

Agent 2: Oh, and you can just have one of these (Pulls out an RGB2 toy) They're basically garbage.

RGB2 Toy: I hoped you saved room for..des..sert (Dies) (Mordecai and Rigby gag, and the flashback ends, going back to them eating the sub)

Mordecai: Yeah, that was a win.

Rigby: Score 1 for us! (snickers) Dude, remember that time with the huge ice cream sundae? (They laugh)

Mordecai: Or how about that bathtub full of mayonnaise?

Rigby: The mega burrito filled with a full buffet?

Benson: Less giggling, more gobbling!

Mordecai: Whatever. Dude,  we're like halfway done!

Rigby: Nice! Hey, remember that time in college? I think that was around the same time you sat on a brownie in your white jeans.


Mordecai: Make way for the cram master!

Rigby: (snores) Ow! hey!

Mordecai: Dude, I'm gonna order a pizza!

Rigby: Aww yeah! Pizza! What's the occasion?

Mordecai: Tradition, dude! I've got an Art History exam tomorrow. The night before a big test, I always order a Peparelli's pizza.