This page is the transcript for "Lost and Found".

(Episode begins at Space Tree Station. Mordecai, Rigby, Toothpick Sally, Chance Sureshot and Recap Robot are having lunch at the Food Court. Sureshot sips his coffee and sighs.)

Chance Sureshot: That's darn fine coffee.

Mordecai: It better be. You had like 12 cups.

Chance Sureshot: Only thing that keeps me steady.

(He lifts his hand in a straight pose. Mordecai and Rigby are weirded out.)

Toothpick Sally: You don't wanna see him without it.

Chance Sureshot: Great lunch, guys. This one's on me. You've been training hard out there. You earned it. Oh waiter!

Robot: Food courts do not have waiters.

Chance Sureshot: (chuckles) Yes. Of course. Go ahead and put all this on the company tab.

Robot: Payment is due in full immediately.

Chance Sureshot: Uh... (chuckles) Ow! Okay. Sure. I'll just get the company to reimburse me later. Oh, no... I-I don't have my wallet.

Robot: No wallet.

(The robot puts Sureshot in a force field. Sureshot screams.)

Chance Sureshot: Hey. Come on! Uh, can anyone else cover lunch today so I can get out of this force field?

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