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(Local News Channel 6 is seen)

(Within this Offices)

Margarita: Here's your coffee sir.

Producer of Local News: Ah thanks Margarita.

Jackie: Margarita bring me coffee while you're there? Please and thank you.

Margarita: Yes , of course.

(Sale to brew coffee)

Local News producer: Well, I think you know that each and every one of you are an important part of this team.

Producer of Local News: So this announcement is for all present, Channel 6 is looking for a fresh news segment, which has the "Wow" factor, something that we yell "Weekly".

(Shown to Margarita listening while preparing coffee)

Producer of Local News: As I said the hearing is open to all, only deliver their videos in the next three days and the person you choose, will have its own weekly segment.

(All rise and leave, except for Frank, Jackie and Margarita)

(Margarita comes to where Frank and Jackie were)

Margarita: Here's your Late.

Jackie: O-oy! You saved my life.

Jackie: Well Frank, the helicopter was fun, but it's time that Jackie shine, I will go after the weekly news segment, because it is clear that I deserve, assuming that I never missed a day of work, not to mention the prize " traffic "to win.

Frank: Well, I think Margaret could get if he tried.

Margarita: What? No, I have not even been here so long, although it would be amazing ... but I think that even I'm not ready ...

Frank: Do you think he was ready the first time I got to the helicopter in June? Not even have pilot 's license, or my contact lenses, but flew anyway, You should never stop pursuing your dreams, love! (Says pointing)

Margaret: Well, actually that segment I like what is the risk to try?

Frank: That's my girl! (Laughs Margarita happy at the same time)

Margaret: But you have your license? true?

Frank: Let 's go home.

Jackie: They could be many risks to try! , Frank! Frank! (He said while they were going)

(Eileen House)

Margarita: Okay ... they are looking for something that has the "wow" factor (Margarita turns and writes the word "Wow" on a canvas)

Margarita: Guys! ¿¡Have any ideas that are "Wow" !?

Eileen: Maybe something cerebral, like a piece of thought, maybe something like Ahh ... (thinks for a few seconds) You know ...

Margarita: Okay ... (turns again and type the word "Think", ie "Think" in English) What else, makes them see the news?

Rigby: The persecutions!

Mordecai: Yes ... and when the police do "out of the car, garbage" Chiu Chiu, fipichiu (imitating the sound of bullets).

Margarita : Yes! Trash! That's! I will go on deck to catch the garbage from the city.

(Channel 6)

(Office Channel 6)

Frank: ¿Reporter on deck?

Margarita: As costumes and hidden cameras, I want my segment helps people you know ...? , The call "Margaret always ... Margatrapa to bad"

Frank: I do not love the name, but I love seeing the fire in you angel.

(Jackie comes walking to where Margaret and Frank are)

Jackie: Hey Frank, I heard that death rates for reporters covered is very high, you sure you want to send your "little angel" to that danger?

Frank: It may be a little dangerous, but relied heavily on Margarita. You know the station has an anonymous tip line, I'm sure they will help you with your stories.

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Del: Yes, that direct line gave me good information. On those steroids in the field of curling. It has the seal of approval of the.

From: Oh, Del, you did it again.


(At night)

(Margarita was lying on the desk)

Daisy: Come on ...! It sounds! ( He takes out his phone, has a message for Mordecai, who says "Any tips yet?" To which Margarita reads "Any information?" And then responds with a smiley, ":(" to which Mordecai responds with another, "/", to which Margarita responds again with another, "-_-", to which Mordecai replies with a drawing made with the characters) Wow (said aloud to see the drawing)!

(The desk phone starts ringing)

Margarita: ?! Ho-wave !?

???: I have a clue for you, see you in the parking lot of the corner of Elvi Hiland.

Margarita: I'll be there ...

(Later, in the parking lot)

(Margarita turns, and sees a snarling cat, to which Margarita a little scared walking back some hissing, until it rests on the wall)

(Suddenly the mysterious subject appears)

Margaret: Oh, you ...

???: Have you heard of "cheeses" (Cheezer's)

Margaret: Oh yeah ...

???: This is a corporate e above. (Dice showing it ), you ever heard of vegetarian sandwich that had beef?

Margarita: What?

???: Cheese has been compromised ... (Goes down the alley)

(Margarita observes mail)

Narrator: "quesitos uses meat"

(Margarita nods).


Employee: Who 's next in line?

Margarita (disguised as an old woman) : Oh ... Hey boy, I hope to give discounts to the elderly here, as you see, I am one.

Employee: That's mistress.

Margarita (disguised as an old woman) : I can not wait to eat a vegetarian sandwich, Hey have not begun to put meat on those do you?

Employee: Ah, no ma'am.

Margarita: It 's funny because it says otherwise. Margarita Marga ... always catches the bad.

Employee: Do you want to add jalapenos to be a full meal?

Margarita: What ...? Do not! This is the news ... ... Gotcha! Catch you...!

Employee: Hey let me see that. Ah lady should check your sources, this is a very old, Go campaign ... ( holds up a poster ad, which reads "meatless products using high - quality cheeses"), can not believe I fell into that ... Hahaha.

Other employees: Ha ha ha ha.

Employee: Next.

(Office, at night)

Margarita: Aay, that was so humiliating, have to go to quesitos this across town now ...

(The phone rings on the desktop)

Margarita: Hello?

???: It's me.

Daisy: You, better be good, your last call was a hoax, quesitos is clean.

???: That's what they want to believe. Anyway forget quesitos, I have something better, tomorrow at 10, you know where to find me .

(Parking lot)

Margarita: Hello! Where are you..!?

Narrator: Garbage. (Reading the word "Trash Only")

???: Over here.

Margarita: In this dump?

???: No, the other dump. (Exit from the dump)

???: Oh, have you heard of ... gambling?

Margarita: Yes.

???: As they say in the streets the manager of the local park, using tax money to make bets within the park.

Margarita: Okay, this definitely wrong, I know them , and there is no way they are making bets, and not trust you.

???: Maybe you trust this (He shows a photo of Skips on a betting table) (Margarita observes)

???: Keep money ...

(The mysterious man closes the lid of the dump)


Narrator: Park ...

Benson: Yes, it is the best punter in the city.

(Margarita watches while wearing a costume with a suit and a fake mustache)

Skips: Well, how much money you cost?

Benson: A couple hundred but I got something good, sees this and cries (pulls out a wad of bills)

Skips: O jo jo jo, and can count cards?

Benson: A Fu, beats a ladder?

Skips / Benson: Ha ha ha ha.

Margarita: Do not move cheaters! (Fake mustache and hat is removed)

Skips / Benson: Eh ...

Margarita: Margarita Margatrapa always the bad guy.

Benson: Daisy?

Skips: Is that some kind of bad slogan I do not know?

Margarita: I did not want to believe this, but you are doing illegal gambling with tax money.

Benson: This money is a refund to buy the Gambler our new mower.

Margaret: But you were talking about cards.

Benson: Card! , ID cards! (Pass the letter pruner)

Pruner: One ...

Benson: Without keys!

Margaret: Well ... not be able to clear this up (takes a picture Skips betting) Explain this photo!

Skips: Ah, that's Night casino community, why we stop doing that?

Margaret: Well ... are not gamblers, I'm wrong again ...


Mordecai: We could have said that the park does not run bets.

Margarita: I know, I just wanted both the segment that convinced me to believe this information What do I do now?

Eileen: Maybe you can make a simple as a cooking show segment, you prepare a big cake.

Daisy: He said he wanted the "Wow" factor is not the factor "Mm" you know? (pulls out his phone to this sonar) This is weird never had written me before.

Narrator: (reading ".. Got another tip for you THE BIGGEST ONE YET URGENT !!!") I have another report, the bigger this now. Urgent...

(Parking lot)

???: I'm glad you came, this time I have a very good coffee have you heard?

Margarita: Oh, yes, I heard the coffee.

???: Well maybe you've heard of this cafe are not serving real coffee, just fly lies.

Margarita: Wow! Is that your information?

???: Wait, if you walk in and order a Late I'm sure you'll find ...

Margarita: A Late? Work there before and no orders that ... What's your game?

???: Hey, if you do not want my information, okay, I have other people to inform, I'm just a common and anonymous informant (drops the device that distorts the audio)

Margarita: Wait! Say that again!

Jackie: Oh, No, I can not, Goodbye. (Margarita removes his hat, and reveals that the subject "anonymous" is Jackie)

Margaret: Ah, Jackie Carmichael!

Jackie: You think I'll let you come and take this weekly segment right under my nose? Win a prize once! I'm not going to lose to the young daughter of Frank!

Margarita: I knew there was something very strange to you, so record everything with a hidden camera (his handkerchief and the sample is removed)

Jackie: Ahh!

Margaret: When you upload these images to the hard drive of the season was over all for you. ( He whistles to call the truck channel 6, which comes quickly)

Margarita: Accelerate! (He says while climbing on the back of the truck)

Jackie: You'd teach who takes Lates!

Van driver Channel 6: This is bad, Jackie did not let us get to the station alive.

Daisy: We have to bring these images to the station. (Take a SD card and insert it in a laptop)

Narrator: Loading (reading the word "Uploading ...")

Margarita: They're already up!

(Jackie's pickup truck hit the channel 6)

Jackie: I do not know who you're getting into, I win that segment!

Margarita: Keep the truck stable, goeth live.

(Transmission room where the producer was the local news)

Margarita: Lord Samielson! Please do not cut me.

Local news producer: But what ...?

Margarita: I know this is weird ... but I believed I have a story.

Employee who I was on the computer: The Short transmission?

Local news producer: No, let 's look to the best with this.

TV (Margarita): We interrupt transmission with urgent news, reporter of Channel 6, Jackie Carmichael is in a chase ... with me. (The camera focuses on Jackie)

TV (Jackie): What !?

TV (Margarita): I'm being chased by Miss Carmichael, for I am in a position to evidence, which certainly would ruin his career, always dreamed of LOSE MY reporter for the news report to the public, help people, the job of a reporter is bring the truth and not know it for personal gain, why risk everything, to show the truth to the public.

Frank: Resists love ... (runs off)

Narrator: Loading ... 65 percent.

TV (Margarita): What you are about to see are real pictures of Jackie Carmichael giving false evidence and twisting the truth, all for getting the weekly news segment.

(Jackie jumps into the truck Channel 6)

Employee: Oh! This ceiling! Ahh!

TV (Margarita): Ah ... ah ... ah ... ah ... ah I'm being thrown from side to side! What has to tell the driver?

Conductor: I'm fine, I think the launch. Oh, Ahhh! (Jackie takes him by the neck and throws him out)

TV (Margarita): Oy god! Oy god!

(Appears Frank in Helicopter 6)

Frank: Hey Jackie, Report This! (press a button and launches a missile)

(This goes through his chest but this is regenerated)

Frank / Margarita: Ohh!

Producer of local news: If it survives, will have its own weekly segment.

(Jackie enters the truck)

Margaret: Ah ... is that you?

Jackie: A winning reporter for a prize and a robot from the future, Yes! If I am, I was sent to infiltrate and destroy local news, in my time, is the great defect of our utopian society.

Margarita: A defect? News give an important service to the residents of each city.

Jackie: Oh, do not you think that nonsense? or if? newscasts are people reading things internet air, is delaying humanity, if you give me those images would be as if nothing had happened, help me to complete my mission Margarita! Let 's destroy local news and enter into an era of prosperity!

Narrator: Full charge. (reading "Upload Complete") (close your laptop)

Daisy: Hey, take it . (gives it to Jackie) (go down a ladder)

Jackie: You did the right thing ... Margarita Margarita ...? (Margarita is on the ladder)

Margaret: You know Jackie, Margaret always ... Margatrapa the bad.

Jackie: Even I do not love the name. Ahh !! (the van hits the lateral side of a bridge) AHHH !! (The truck explodes)

(Room Mordecai and Rigby)

Mordecai / Rigby: Rubbish! Trash! Trash! Trash!


Eileen: Well Margarita! Uuh! (spill some coffee)

(Sala transmission)

Producer of Local News: If this is done, we have a segment!

From: We used to go. (you telling who was on your left)

(Room CJ)

(CJ change channels)

(Helicopter 6)

Margarita: I did not know that the helicopter had missiles.

Frank: Well, I ... yeah, we had just one in case something like this to happen, I'm proud of you darling, did you know that Jackie also was a robot?

Margarita: I did not know, really not.

Frank: Well , you did well, of course cameraman died and millions of dollars in damage to roads, but ... you proved that local news is incredible.

(In the rubble of the truck Channel 6, a piece of liquid than it was Jackie is moving and goes)

> End of episode

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