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This is a list of characters who are worth mentioning, but not not significant enough to warrant their own page.

Main TV Series

Season 2

  • Matt: He worked at the Movie Shack Hut as an advertiser by wearing costumes. He dressed up as a British Taxi from the movie Ello Gov'nor but Rigby thought he was the real thing and tried to beat him up.
  • Hooligan: In Rigby's dream in Ello Gov'nor, he tries to kill Rigby, but Rigby is about to beat him up, but the British Taxi comes along.
  • Dizzy Zombies: A bunch of monsters who are the same as Iacedrom and Ygbir.
  • Jimmy (Taco'Clock Worker): A worker at Taco'Clock, he thinks Mordecai & Rigby are losers.
  • Bobby: A friend of Muscle Man, who loves his jokes. He works at the Nursery and appears in My Mom, See You There, TGI Tuesday and Dumped at the Altar.
  • Jack Farley: A business man who thinks Mordecai and Rigby are awesome.
  • Young Gamers: A couple of young children who knocked Mordecai and Rigby over with their skateboards.
  • Centaurs: A few centaurs who went to Mordecai and Rigby's party.
  • Guest on Fire: A guy who seems to know Mordecai and Rigby. And their toilet.
  • VG: The old Movie Hut Shack worker who got sucked into a movie called Planet Chasers: Starlight Excellent, he was most likely fired.
  • Leon: The old park manager who quit his job and became a slacker. His friends call him Upe, short for Utopia.
  • Jinx Demons: What you turn into if you get scratched by Negative Rigby.
  • Howard Fightington: A zombie who was seen in Grave Sights.
  • Museum Guards: Guards of the future Night Owl museum.
  • Teacher: A maths teacher at a local college, who kicked Rigby out of school in More Smarter and passed Eileen in Video 101.
  • Rochambeau Monster: A monster who tried to destroy the park after suck up everything after Mordecai and Rigby tie 100 times in Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Wedgie Ninja: A ninja who gives people wedgies.
  • Road Hog: A driving pig who crashes a car.
  • Old Man Horseshoes: An old man who has horseshoes for hands and gets struck by lightning.
  • Carl: A bouncer who tries to get rid of Mordecai and Rigby.

Season 3

  • Dave: Benson's old apprentice for Stick Hockey. He got his head chopped off.
  • Park Ranger: A character who doesn't like people using restricted areas.
  • Das Coolest Employee: An employee at a clothes store who thinks Mordecai and Rigby are cool for giving him a load of money.
  • Margaret's Boss: The boss of the coffee shop.
  • Big Trouble: A rival rapper of CrewCrew.
  • Chad Ironchest: A man who pretended to be Margaret's boyfriend so Mordecai would get jealous.
  • Tuck Packard: A man who pretended to be Eileen's boyfriend so Rigby would get jealous.