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"Limousine Lunchtime" is the twenty-first episode in Season 4 (and one-hundredth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on April 8, 2013.


Mordecai and Rigby stain Mr. Maellard's expensive White Stallion limousine while eating meatball subs for lunch, and they go to drastic measures to get a new limo when they find the dirty limo uncleanable.


Mordecai and Rigby are entrusted by Benson to clean Mr. Maellard's expensive White Stallion limousine. They decide to eat meatball subs for lunch in his limo. When Rigby goes to eat, his sub tilts and a meatball falls onto the seat. Moments later, Mordecai and Rigby have spilled the rest of their meatballs. After Rigby makes more of a mess and the two's cleaning techniques be it with bleach or soda mixed with soap, fail to rub off the sauce, Mordecai and Rigby asks Skips. Skips says he can't clean the limo, but he knows a guy who could help who works at an auto body shop. They steal the keys from Benson (while he is watching a video about how to be a better boss) to drive to that shop.

They head to the body shop where they meet Mr. Maellard's former limo chauffeur, Roger, who tells them he can take a look at it. Unfortunately, when they pull the limo in, they scratch the sides and make it worse when they pull it out. They ask him if he can fix this as well, but tells them he can't. At first, the two admit to defeat and decide to tell Mr. Maellard, the mechanic tells them they can win a new limo that looks just like the old one in the limo demolition derby for the extremely wealthy. They head there and Roger honks a certain code to open a secret door to enter the stadium. The crowd is full of millionaires. Roger warns then not to look at them as their greed can serve as a distraction. He tells them that those who have their limos wrecked are eliminated and the remaining competitor wins the prize limo: a new white stallion. He also gives them important advice. First, they should deal with the stretch limo as it is too long to fit in the stadium, which puts it at a disadvantage. Secondly, should they encounter a jeep limo, they should destroy its back wheels. Finally, he advises them to force gold limos into mud puddles so that they will sink due to the fact that they are heavy. The competition then starts and all the competitors attack the stretch limo; true to Roger's words, it cannot fit in the stadium due to its long size. This angers the driver. When the duo are forced into a wall by a jeep limo, Roger, calling from the audience, informs them about built-in weapons in the glove box (Rigby is annoyed that he forgot to tell them this) and that the red button fires the missile; since they only have one, he warns them not to use it unless it is an emergency. Rigby presses a button that deploys a small laser dome on their limo's roof which destroys the jeep limo's back wheel, resulting in its elimination. Now having the upper hand, the duo eventually destroy all the limos with the weapons, but the challenge isn't over yet. Roger informs that there is one more obstacle to face to win the derby: they must defeat the Limosaurus, a fire-breathing T-rex made of limos. Despite being overwhelmed, they win using the missile to explode its head and they get the new limo, but Mr. Maellard ruins it by eating a coleslaw and pastrami sandwich and staining it, when a caller on his cell phone interrupted his meal. He then says he can just buy a new one, since he's rich.




  • Park
  • Auto-body shop
  • Limo Demolition Derby


  • This episode marks the 100th episode of Regular Show.
  • Mr. Maellard used to have a chauffeur named Roger who now works as an auto mechanic.
  • Skips reveals that Mr. Maellard almost loves his limo more than he loves Pops.
  • This episode reveals that Barbera (Rigby's mom) had a method of cleaning that didn't work.
    • This possibly is what led to Rigby being such a slob.
  • Mordecai and Rigby use the same scream 4 times.

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  • When the meatball from Rigby's meatball sub is falling out, there are four meatballs, even though there should be three.
  • When the stretch limo enters the stadium, it and the other limos are shown to be very big. The stretch limo also disappears after that and all the limos are shown to be back to their normal sizes.