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"Lift With Your Back" is the sixth episode in Season 6 (and the one-hundred and fifty-ninth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on November 6, 2014.


Rigby is angered by a lack of appreciation at work, and decides to get a new job, so he can rub the paycheck in his coworker's faces.


After covering for Mordecai several times, Rigby feels that his work is not appreciated. Even Mordecai has to admit that Rigby "usually makes things worse." Feeling betrayed, Rigby quits his job, claiming that he can earn a paycheck anywhere. Since Rigby does not have the proper credentials, there is only one job available to him: the "Lift with Your Back" moving company, whose whole business revolves around lifting heavy packages exclusively with your back muscles.

At night Rigby comes to his room and show Mordecai the bumps on his back proving he's been working hard. However, Mordecai asks him to cover for him since it's gonna be CJ's half birthday. Rigby angrily says no because Mordecai got everything Rigby doesn't have: a bed, a high school diploma, and a girlfriend and points out that Mordecai has been taking advantage of him lately and Rigby always helped him but never got any thanks from him. This makes Mordecai wonder if he have been thanking Rigby, but then Benson and Skips come telling Rigby he has to leave due to not working at the park anymore. Rigby doesn't care and brags that he would stay in a four-star hotel with a pool. However, the next scene shows him sleeping in the company van - parked outside a four-star hotel. 

After 5 days of living in the back of the company van and performing back-breaking work, pay-day finally rolls around, and Rigby learns of one of the other company traditions. Before receiving their paycheck, the new employees have to empty the entire truck by themselves in order to reach their payment, sadistically launched to the very back of the truck by Manny, using his back muscles. Before he can do that Eileen brings Mordecai, and he says he wants to help Rigby. Rigby refuses because he still feels betrayed, pointing out the things he always does help Mordecai, such as helping him get a girlfriend, borrowing a time machine, and returning a sweater to Margaret. Mordecai explains that he never really asks Rigby to do those things but Rigby said he just did because he's Mordecai's friend, and begins to lift the boxes. Rigby starts to feel pain, but thanks to Eileen's supporting, Rigby grows a six pack on his back and finally carries the two heavy boxes. After succeeding, Rigby quits his new job in favor of returning to the park, leaving Manny to solemnly proclaim "He'll be back." Mordecai and Eileen congratulate Rigby, and Mordecai realizes he was taking Rigby for granted all along. He apologizes to Rigby and thanks him for helping. Rigby accepts it and weakly attempts to rub his paycheck in Mordecai's face, prompting Mordecai to ask if he needs help.


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Episode Connections[]

Pop Culture References[]

  • The names of the employees "Joe" and "Murray" are likely a reference to animator Joe Murray, best known as the creator of Rocko's Modern Life and Camp Lazlo on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, respectively.
    • Another employee is named "Rorschach", which is a reference to the fictional antihero from DC Comics' Watchmen.


  • In this episode, Rigby has damage to the right butt cheek. However, in "Death Punchies", Rigby has damage to the left butt cheek.