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Lex Lang
Full name: Walter Alexis Lang
Birth date: November 12, 1965
Birth place: Hollywood, California
Occupation: Voice actor
Voice director
Former model
Education: Scottsdale Community College
Arizona State University
The Musicians Institute
Spouse(s): Sandy Fox (m. since 2004)
Website: Website

Walter Alexis Lang,[1] better known as Lex Lang,[2] (born November 12, 1965)[3] is an Emmy award-winning American voice actor, director, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, musician, producer, voice director, environmentalist and former model for Regular Show.[2][3][4]

Early life

Walter Alexis Lang was born in Hollywood, California before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona at 5 years old.[2] He started performing at talent shows at 7 and hosted his own radio show two years later.[2] During school he acted in theater, playing leading roles in productions of Of Mice and Men and Cinderella.[2] He then became the master of ceremonies at a national comedy competition at 11.[2] He also served as a clothing model for a catalog and acted for the Royal London Shakespeare Theatre Company and won awards for his theater acting.[4]

He attended college at Scottsdale Community College, majoring in Theatre. He further continued his education at the Arizona State University, once again majoring in Theatre. He then attended The Musicians Institute, majoring in Guitar playing. While in college he performed stand-up comedy, doing impressions at various venues, performing alongside actors Jim Carrey and David Spade.[5][2] He later moved back to his hometown, Hollywood in 1989 to study music at The Musician's Institute and begin an acting career.[2][4]



He got his start in voice acting providing the voices of background characters on Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers.[6] He has provided the voices for such characters as Hundley in Curious George, WarGreymon in Digimon, Jagged Stone in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, Han Solo in the Star Wars video game series and Dr. Neo Cortex in the video game series Crash Bandicoot.[3] His voice acting aliases include Brandon Jones and Alex Lang.[7][8][1] His voice acting agency is AVO Talent.[1] He also served as voice director on the anime The Twelve Kingdoms.[9] He is a two-time Emmy Award winner, earned the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in the category "Excellence in Voice Acting" and received the Outstanding Voice Actor award from the American College Theatre Festival.[2]

Music and activism

In addition to acting he has also released his own CD, LeXLang, in 2001.[10] Lang also owns two companies, serving as a producer and director at Lex Lang Unlimited since 1994, serves as President for H20m Water with Intention since 2005 and is a co-founder for Love Planet Records.[5][4] Lang's hobbies include playing guitar, the bass, piano and poker.[2] His favorite color is blue.[2] He also knows how to speak French.[5] Lang is also an advocate for the environment, promoting green living, positive thinking, children's education and planet preservation.[4]

Voice credits

Season 5

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Personal life

He has been married to fellow voice actress Sandy Fox since 2004 and together they live in Los Angeles, California with their five pets, being four dogs and one cat.[10][11][2][12]

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