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The Lemon Chef is a minor character who first appeared in "Just Set Up the Chairs".


In "Just Set Up the Chairs", Lemon chef was created by Skips, Mordecai, and Rigby in order to defeat the Destroyer of Worlds after it was released from the arcade cabinet of the same name. He was made by combining the power of the games “Hats 4 Sale”, “Lemonade Stand”, “Ball of Yarn”, “Candle Maker” and “Deli Dude” together. By moving Lemon Chef’s arms and legs in unison, the three of them piloted Lemon Chef around the park while Pops drove the cart with the arcade machines attached. While Rigby’s button mashing initially slowed the team down, it was ultimately the reason they were able to win. By launching a constant stream of hamburgers from his hands Lemon Chef was able to damage and defeat the Destroyer of Worlds.

In "Exit 9B", Lemon Chef appeared again and fought alongside the Baby Ducks against Susan and the Destroyer of Worlds. This battle was much shorter than the first one, as it ended when the two both collided into each other.


Lemon Chef is a giant video game sprite whose appearance is made up of an amalgamation of elements from some of the games he was created from. His head consists of a giant lemon (Lemonade Stand) with small blue eyes and a moustache (Staring Contest). On top of his head he has a bowler hat, a top hat, and a fedora (Hats 4 Sale). His torso is made up of two giant hamburgers (Deli Dude), and his legs are two long lit candle sticks which double as shoes (Candle Maker). Finally he has two long arms seemingly knitted from yarn (Ball of Yarn).

Episode Appearances


  • In "Exit 9B", both Lemon Chef and the Destroyer of Worlds died.
  • He is made from 3 hats (Hats 4 Sale), a Lemon for a head (Lemonade Stand), Arms made of Yarn (Ball of Yarn), candlestick legs (Candle Maker), a body made from burgers (Deli Dude), and a pair of eyes (Staring Contest).
  • When he beats Destroyer of Worlds, the fruit he eats is a reference to the first fruit of Pac-Man.


"Just Set Up the Chairs"

"Exit 9B"