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Laura Dawn Willingham[1][2] (née Bailey)[1] (born May 28, 1981)[2] (also known as Elle Deets)[3] is a line producer, ADR director and a voice actress for Regular Show.[4]

On Regular Show, she provided the voice of Sheena Albright, a contestant on the fictional dating show It's a Date, where she has to decide between three bachelors in "Skips in the Saddle." Skips, who was bachelor #3, saved her life by preventing a pillar from falling on her. Due to saving her life she chose Skips and they went on a vacation to Costa Rica. Skips decided she was too high-maintenance but will continue to date. Bailey also provided the voice of a girl at the club.

Early life

She was born in Mississippi,[2] where her hometown is Biloxi.[1] In high school, Bailey was shy, and so she started studying theatre after becoming interested in an acting career.[5] She therefore began taking dance, theater and voice classes, which helped her land roles in plays and musicals.[6] She attended college at Collin County Community College in Texas.[3] She started voice acting after being told about it by Kent Williams, who she met in a play they were acting in.[2] After working on Dragon Ball Z, Bailey decided to drop out of college to work full-time for FUNimation Entertainment.[4] Her first role was voicing Dende in Dragon Ball Z, however her voice was later dubbed over by the original voice actress, Ceyli Delgadillo. Bailey's work as Dende was later recovered and used in the remastered release.[2] She also auditioned to be Android 18 in Dragon Ball, but her friend Meredith McCoy won the role instead.[2]


She has acted in a variety of genres, such as animation, video games and live action. For animation, she has provided the voices for such characters as the title character of Shin Chan, Shin, the younger versions of Trunks and Dende in Dragon Ball Z, Emily in the Netflix original series Glitter Force, and voiced Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy in Lego Batman: The Movie.[7] In video games, she has provided the voices for Jaina Proudmoore in World of Warcraft, Blaze the Cat in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Chun-Li in the Street Fighter series starting from Street Fighter IV and Kira Carsen and Thana Vesh in Star Wars: The Old Republic.[7] Finally, she has guest starred on such live action shows as Walker, Texas Ranger and One Tree Hill.[7] Bailey's favorite roles she's played are Shin Nohara of Shin Chan and Tohru Honda of Fruits Basket.[2] She is also a gamer, playing video games in her free time.[3]

In addition to voice acting she has served as a line producer on a couple series, one of which being Shin Chan, serving in that capacity during its first season, and as a voice director on the series Gunslinger Girl, Kodocha and Case Closed.[5][8]

Voice credits

Season 5

Season 6

Personal life

She is married to fellow voice actor Travis Willingham, who has also voice acted on Regular Show, including voicing a character in the episode his wife acted in.[2] They became engaged on November 14, 2010 and married on September 25, 2011 at the Maravilla Gardens.[1][9] They reside in Los Angeles, California.[10]

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