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"Laundry Woes" is the first episode in Season 5 (and the one-hundred-seventeenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on September 2, 2013.


Mordecai and Rigby go on a road trip to return Margaret's sweater.


Continuing from "Steak Me Amadeus", Mordecai is still reeling from the news that Margaret got admitted to her dream University and couldn't be Mordecai's girlfriend since she'd be leaving town. Heartbroken and depressed, Mordecai waddles with his grief for days as his friends watched his pitiful self. At first, Mordecai's attempts to forget about Margaret ends up reminding him of her too much and remains depressed, but after his friends forced him to go bowling with them to make him feel better, Mordecai slowly began to recover. A few days of playing videogames, cleaning the park, and lifting weights with Skips was all Mordecai needed to get over Margaret and clean himself up. His friends succeeded in getting him back to normal.

One day, at the laundry shop, Mordecai and Rigby were doing the laundry (Mordecai doing the work) when a pink sweater was noticed by them. Holding the sweater, Mordecai brought the sweater towards his face, while Rigby was warning him that he will regret it. Quickly, he took a big sniff of the sweater and instantly remembered the best days he had with Margaret. Rigby snatched the sweater away and told him why he did that. Dazed from the memories, he replied that it was Margaret's sweater and believes that she left it behind for him to find and should bring it back to her. Rigby told him that he doesn't have to since it's a fact women like to collect clothes, but Mordecai asks if it was her favorite sweater which Rigby rebukes that if it was her favorite she wouldn't have left it. Not giving up, Mordecai said that he will mail it to her instead of actually going to see her, which Rigby agrees to.

Back at the Park house, Rigby is playing video games while Mordecai tries to write a letter to Margaret without making it sound awkward. Giving up, he thinks it will best if he just gives it to her, but Rigby told him that if he sees her again after getting over her, he'll be "depressed Mordecai" again. Mordecai assures Rigby that he'll be fine and walks off to get ready. Unconvinced, Rigby puts the sweater into the box and scribbles the address before Mordecai returns, and when he did, and asks what Rigby is doing. Caught in the act, Rigby ran with the box and puts it in the mailbox  before Mordecai stops him. Mordecai gets upset and told Rigby that he could have mailed it himself, But Rigby didn't believe him. Then the mailwoman shows up with the box and told them if she can't read it she can't send it and shows Rigby's terrible handwriting. Rigby in his defence, says it perfectly clear, but she remains unconvinced and gives the box back to them. Given this chance, Mordecai told Rigby that he will drive to the post office and post the box himself, with Rigby right behind him. The duo reached Muscle Man who was eating and sunbathing and Mordecai asked him if he could borrow his car. Muscle Man allows him but reminds him to next time remove his laundry when he brings it back. Rigby, not trusting his friend's willpower decides to tag along with Mordecai in case he decides to go to Margaret.

When they went past the post office, Rigby asks why Mordecai why he did that and he replied that he's looking for parking. Rigby then deadpaningly said that they're going to Margaret's college and Mordecai admitted to. Rigby accuses Mordecai of making excuses just so he could drive for 20 hours just to see Margaret, but Mordecai denies it and Rigby said "then it wouldn't matter if I do this". This being throwing the sweater out the car window. Shocked, Mordecai angrily told Rigby what's his problem. Rigby, told him that the sweater was messing with his head and since its gone it will never come back. He was proven wrong when the sweater was returned to them by a highway officer. Mordecai is now convinced that its a sign that he must return the sweater and proceeds to their 20 hour journey much to the annoyance of Rigby. Near the end of their road trip, Mordecai fell asleep causing the car to drift near the shrubs causing Rigby to wake up and yell at Mordecai to get the car back on the road. Rigby asked his friend if he's alright since he looked awful but Mordecai assures him that he's fine and they're almost to Milten University. Not believing him, Rigby begins to rap about him not being fine and being obsessive about the sweater just to see Margaret, then Rigby calls him a "sad sack chump". Enraged at Rigby calling him a "sad sack chump", Mordecai proceeds to kick him out of the car and continues to drive.

A few moments later, Mordecai's lack of sleep drives him to start hallucinating, and he imagines a ghostly Margaret made out of all the laundry in the car. The ghost tells him that returning Margaret's sweater is all that matters. However, Mordecai begins to disagree when the ghost states that if he gives her her sweater back, then she will quit college and be with him. The ghost pulls down on the break, and forces Mordecai to drive. Mordecai then crashes into a statue at the college, nearly running over a new student. After coming back to his senses, he realizes that the laundry was a figment of his imagination. Then he pursues Margaret to give her back her sweater. But after realizing how he needs to get over her, he throws the sweater in the trash. Soon after, Rigby catches up and exhaustedly tells Mordecai not to give Margaret the sweater. Mordecai tells him that it's fine because he didn't give her the sweater. They look back at Muscle Man's totaled car and wonder if he will notice the damage, right as the top part of the statue falls over onto the car.






Episode Connections[]

  • This episode continues after the events of the Season Four finale (TV: Steak Me Amadeus).
  • During the bowling alley scene, Rigby is holding the soul ball he won from Death but without the souls (TV: Skips Strikes).
  • The music heard when Rigby is playing video games, and Mordecai is writing the letter, is from a Season Two episode (TV: Rage Against The TV).
  • This is the second time Mordecai sees a girl with the same hairstyle as Margaret (TV: Access Denied).

Production Notes[]

  • This episode aired alongside "Silver Dude" as a half-hour special, making it the second Regular Show airing to include two new episodes in one day, with the first being "Blind Trust" and "World's Best Boss."


  • When Mordecai and Rigby are playing video games again, there are two cans of soda on the table and the portrait of Pops on the right has a dark green background and Pops is wearing his black vest. When Mordecai wins and does his signature "OOOHH!", the soda cans are missing and the portrait of Pops changes to a lighter green background and Pops is wearing a black long sleeve shirt. When Mordecai punches Rigby, the portrait goes back to normal.