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"Last Meal" is the thirty-fourth episode in Season 4 (and one hundred-thirteenth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on July 22, 2013.


Before going on a diet, Muscle Man wants to binge on his favorite foods.


The episode begins with Muscle Man driving his car and eating chips on his way to Starla's. He almost passes by Starla's apartment building but backs up. He gets out of his car and rings the doorbell and Starla answers greeting him with a kiss. Muscle Man tells Starla she looks nice. She is about to say the same thing to him when she realizes he's wearing two different shoes. She asks him why he's wearing two different shoes to which he replies he's been taking power lunches and hasn't been watching his feet lately. Starla tells Muscle Man he'll always be her power lunch but maybe the two of them should try eating healthier. She suggests they go on a diet to Muscle Man's surprise. Starla says she'll do it with muscle Man and that it'd be fun. Muscle Man agrees to Starla's happiness. Starla said their diet will start that night and that they could go to a new restaurant called Salad Corral.

Back at the house Mordecai, Rigby and HFG are watching a horror movie and making fun of it at the same time. In the middle of this Muscle Man runs in saying he needs their help and tells them about the diet thing with Starla. Rigby says Starla's doing Muscle Man a favor. HFG jokes about Muscle Man's stomach saying "If it gets any bigger we're gonna have to add it to the park payroll." Mordecai, Rigby, and HFG all laugh at the comment. Muscle Man says he wants to get healthy for Starla but he wants to eat all his favorite foods one last time.

In the next scene, the four of them are in Muscle Man's trailer and Muscle Man has a map of all his favorite restaurants. Muscle Man says that if Starla calls somebody else should answer it and that he didn't care if they lied to her about him being on his diet he just didn't want to lie to Starla himself. Mordecai says he doesn't see how them lying to Starla would be any different just as Muscle Man's phone rings. Muscle Man hands the phone to Mordecai who answers it. Starla asks Mordecai if she could talk to Muscle Man and Mordecai lies to Starla saying Muscle Man was outside doing leg lifts when really Muscle Man was chugging down a can of whipped cream. Starla is impressed at the thought of Muscle Man doing leg lifts and asks Mordecai if he could tell Muscle Man she couldn't wait to get a hold of Muscle Man's ripped glutes. Mordecai is uncomfortable hearing that and he hangs up the phone.

The next scene shows the guys going to all Muscle Man's favorite restaurants like Candy's doughnut shop, Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs, Wing Kingdom, and finally, Hot Buns Doggery. Muscle Man asks the vendor, Marty, for a hot dog but the Marty says there's nothing he can do. Muscle Man's only way of getting a hot dog is by entering a hot dog eating contest being held at Hot Buns Doggery. Muscle Man signs up for the contest and says that it is his last delicious meal before getting healthy for Starla. All of a sudden Death comes out riding on a motorcycle and says "More like your delicious last meal." Mordecai asks Death what he's doing there and Death says "Boy, you guys really are fools, don't you remember?" It then shows a flashback from the end of Dead at Eight of Death tell Muscle Man, Mordecai, and Rigby that he get Muscle Man's soul when he enters a hotdog-eating contest. Back to the present, Muscle Man says he's not a real entrant in the contest. Death holds up the paper which says "Sign up for real entrants". Muscle Man then regrets signing up. Mordecai says that Muscle Man just shouldn't participate. Death says Muscle Man has to participate and if Muscle Man doesn't then Death would just take Muscle Man's soul right then and there. Rigby defends Muscle Man, saying that Death only wants his soul because he's jealous of Muscle Man living a better life than he is. Death protests, saying he lives all kinds of life. Rigby criticizes Death, saying that he's probably never had the guts to enter a hotdog-eating competition. Death signs up for the contest saying if he wins he gets Muscle Man's soul. Mordecai says that if Muscle Man wins he doesn't die.

The next scene is Muscle Man facing off against Death in the contest. Muscle Man is having a hard time trying to eat all the hot dogs on his plate while Death is using his magic powers to eat his own hot dogs. Mordecai, Rigby, and HFG are watching Muscle Man face off against Death when Muscle Man's phone rings. Mordecai answers it and Starla asks Mordecai if he could tell Muscle Man she's making her and Muscle Man a healthy dinner. Muscle Man asks Mordecai if it's Starla and then tells Mordecai to give him his phone. Mordecai says "But you told me to cover for you!" Muscle Man says "This is it. I'm not gonna go out on a lie. NOW GIVE ME THE PHONE!" Mordecai hands Muscle Man the phone and Muscle Man starts talking to Starla. He says "I've got something to tell you and you're not gonna like it." Starla says "Okay." Muscle Man says "I know I'm supposed to be on a diet, but I'm in a hot dog eating contest with Death and I'm about to lose." Starla yells angrily "WHAT!?!" Muscle Man says he just wants Starla to know he loves her. Starla tells Muscle Man not to give up. She then tells her mom to stop the car.

Starla arrives at the hot dog eating contest and runs up to Muscle Man who is feeling very weak. He tells Starla "I'm sorry I lied to you and hurt you like this." Starla says to him "You can't die!" Muscle Man says "I'm sorry, babe. I'd eat that wheat germ if it meant one more day with you. Well I guess in that case the rest of my life would only be one more day, but you know what I'm saying." Starla says "Of course I know what you're saying, I always know what you're saying! That's why I love you with all my heart." Muscle Man asks her "You really love me that much?" Starla says "Wholy and truly. And because of that I won't let you go without one last taste of your most... favorite... food." She then starts making out with Muscle Man intensely and passionately. Seeing Muscle Man and Starla making out causes Death to puke and lose the contest. 

After the contest gets over Death is leaving and Marty says "Here's your complimentary t-shirt you loser!" Death is furious at this and tells Marty "You better enjoy the next few days 'cause your deadline just got moved up, bigtime!" before leaving. Muscle Man tells Starla he'll eat the wheatgerm if it'll make Starla happy. She tells him she got them Wing Kingdom brand wheatgerm. Muscle Man says nobody gets him the way Starla does and makes out with her some more. The episode ends with Rigby asking Mordecai "Should we tell Muscle Man there's a hot dog sticking out of his pocket?" and Mordecai tells Rigby "Nah, he'll figure it out for himself."






  • According to Muscle Man's map of the City, Cheezer's and Wing Kingdom are within the same area.
  • During the Death Kwon Do Pizza and Subs scene in the montage, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are both in the Death Kwon Do attire. Whether or not if they did learn Death Kwon Do at any point in the show is unknown.

Episode Connections[]

  • This episode was foreshadowed by Death in "Dead at Eight."
    • A flashback of the episode was even shown.
  • Starla's mother Rose make an appearance since her debut in "Fancy Restaurant."
  • Death-Kwon-Do Pizza and Subs is one of Muscle Man's favorite restaurants since "Sandwich of Death."

Pop Culture References[]

  • The music that plays during the hot dog eating contest appears to be heavily influenced by the song "Don't Fear The Reaper".