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This page is the transcript for "Lame Lockdown".

(Episode begins with a person playing an electric guitar)

Announcer: Gene Hazard. (The scene then slides to another person playing an electric guitar) Vince Vandercliff, Ricky Nova and Dalph. Together, they are Mercury Heat. Known for their outrageous costumes, death-defying performances and their reputation for avoiding the press. (We see Mercury Heat avoid the news in one short scene). Until now. Channel 6 leading anchor Dal Anchor inerviews the band for the first time with the hardest (Dal winks at the studio whilst holding a clipboard)... hitting (scene cuts to Dal eating a burger and winking)... questions (scene then cuts again to Dal walking whilst holding a microphone). All their secrets finally revealed. Tonight at Eight.

(The scene then cuts to the Coffee Shop, where we see Mordecai and Rigby at a table drinking coffee)

Mordecai and Rigby: Mercury Heat!

Mordecai: I can't believe Margret gave us special press-passes. Compliments of Channel 6.

Dr. Langer: (flies into the coffee shop) Mordecai and Rigby. You took a DTV from the Dormitory.

Mordecai: D-T- what?

Dr. Langer: DTV. You know, that very expensive piece of machinery out there.

Rigby: We were only gonna use it for a couple of minutes.

Dr. Langer: Is that so? Well, I have surveillance photos that say otherwise!

(Dr Langer gets out a photo of the duo walking to the DTV. Another photo shows M and R driving the vehicle. A few more images show the duo driving (one with them flying in the air and the final one with Mordecai and Rigby driving in mud splatting the Dome Scientists with mud. The scene then cuts to Pop's House, where Benson is viewing the pictures. The duo laugh)

Benson: (turns around and Mordecai and Rigby) Can it! (turns back at Dr Langer). I am so sorry, Dr Langer.

Dr. Langer: The DTV's are meant for scientific research. They could have ruined weeks of data. There was a line there and you two guys crossed it. That's why I'm enacting a 24-hour lockdown.

Mordecai: What?

Rigby: No way!

Dr. Langer: And Benson is going to make sure you don't leave the house, because if you do, he's fired!

Benson: Hey, you can't do that!

Dr Langer: Oh, yeah? Who's gonna stop me. (Benson stammers) That's what I thought. Keep them in line or we'll keep them in line for you! (flies away in a jetpack)

Benson: (gets angry and turns around at Mordecai and Rigby) I can't believe this!

Mordecai: Benson, you know these dome rules are ridiculous!

Rigby: Yeah! You're just afraid to do anything about it.

Benson: I don't wanna hear it. Lockdown, 24-hours. Starting now!

(The duo walk up the stairs to the house)

Rigby: Ah, dude!

Mordecai: There's no way we're missing Mercury Heat.