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Ladonna is a minor character in Regular Show. She makes her debut in the Season 3 episode "Access Denied."


In "Access Denied," she first appears walking into The Box with a fancy outfit. She quickly notices Mordecai from his outfit, and begins to flirt with him. Shortly after, she becomes angry at Mordecai for insulting her club while defending his best friend, and she lets out a vicious energy from her body. After unsuccessfully attempting to kick them out of the club, she then demands her guards to, and is seen going back into the crowd.


She wears a black gown with a neon yellow streak. She also has blonde-styled hair, golden rings like bracelets, and black high heels.

Episode Appearances


  • She is most likely a parody of both "Madonna" and "Lady Gaga" as her name implies, having a strong resemblance to both artists.
  • Her name means "the woman" in Italian.
  • She has mysterious light-based powers which she used to unsuccessfully kick Mordecai and Rigby out of her club.
  • Her powers are the same color as the streak on her dress: neon yellow.
  • She may have thought Mordecai was really rich because of his outfit.


  • "Well, I am the owner of this "stuck-up club", and I want you two gone."
  • "Australia! Wunderbar! We must go there tonight! I have a jet! Can you imagine the fun we'll have!"


"Access Denied"

"The Thanksgiving Special"

"Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys"