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Klorgbane the Bunny - Regular Show - Cartoon Network

Klorgbane the Destroyer was first seen in Season Three, Episode 24 "Fists of Justice" serving as the main antagonist. He is related to the Guardians of Eternal Youth as their "evil brother", and has to fight Skips every 157 years. His main goal is to defeat Skips and reign over The Guardians of Eternal Youth's Realm as part of the council.

Klorgbane is voiced by Troy Baker.


He looks similar to the Guardians of Eternal Youth, except his clothes are black (opposed to theirs being gold) and his body is more muscular in appearance. He wears a black helmet, a black and red cape, a black diaper, black socks, and two silver/black bracelets.

Early life[]

Klorgbane was a student at Bennett's Academy and was very similar to his present self in terms of appearance and personality. When Skips, Gareth, and the "Immortal Student Government & Glee Club" meet, Klorgbane starts bullying Skips (who was still known as Walks at the time). Gareth and the council schedule a fight with Klorgbane at 8:00 PM, which is the same time as the prom that Skips is going to. As Skips and Mona are about to get their picture taken together, Klorgbane crashes through the wall to begin the fight. Mona jumps in the way when Klorgbane is about to use his new weapon on Skips. This causes the ceiling to collapse and kill Mona. Skips, enraged over the death of his girlfriend, uses the Fists of Justice to launch Klorgbane into space.


  • Like The Hammer, The Destroyer of Worlds, the Guardian of Secrets, and Anti-Pops, he is one of the most powerful characters and/or enemies in the series.
  • The Fists of Justice are the only weapon that can defeat him. However, powerful beings like Pops or Anti-Pops can kill him easily.
  • He killed one of the Guardians of Eternal Youth, Archibald.
  • Klorgbane is similar to the Green Lantern character, Krona, who was once a Guardian of the Universe (beings who the Guardians of Eternal Youth are possibly a parody of) until he betrayed his brothers and became evil.
    • He could also be a reference to Aron the Rogue Watcher from Marvel Comics, serving a similar role.
  • The Guardians of Eternal Youth say that Klorgbane's orbital path that Skips originally launched him into will cause him to return every 157 years.
  • He is one of the villains not featured in Exit 9B.
  • For some reason he is a foil to Skips and serves as a possible reminder had it not teach the audience about these morals
    • Dishonesty after being exposed from harassing Skips as revealed by Headmaster Bennett
    • Being impulsive on decisions without regarding consequences of actions
    • Bitterness and Revenge
    • Impatience and cruelty


"Fists of Justice"

"Skips' Story"