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S5E23.36 Band Practice 09
Keepin' It Cool is a song featured in the episode "Return of Mordecai and the Rigbys". It's also the second song performed by the band Mordecai and the Rigbys, the first being Party Tonight.


Mordecai came up with the riff from his gutiar and the lyrics came out from the top of his head.



Sometimes I dream about that AC, AC

Cold waves blowin' over, over me

Feelin' hot, maybe it's a state of mind

Think cold to pass the, pass the time

Snowmen and snowstorms


Sometimes I dream about Ice Planet X

A distant planet way colder, colder than the rest

That's where Lord Blizzord resides

Think about this kingdom to pass the time

Ice-liths and ice henge, there's not much to it

Gettin blasted by ice rays, by blizzard wizards, ice druids


K-K-K-Keepin it cool

K-K-K-Keepin it cool


K-K-K-Keepin it cool

K-K-K-Keepin it cool

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