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Kat Morris was a storyboard artist for Regular Show. Her hometown is Manhattan, New York.[1] She graduated high school at Fiorello H. LaGuardia HS.[1] She later graduated college at the School of Visual Arts,[2] earning a bachelor's degree in Animation.[3] After graduating, she would be a freelance animator in New York before working as an animator and intern on the Adult Swim show Superjail![4] and also worked part-time at a hospital.[4] Eventually, Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel discovered her blog[5] and asked her to take a storyboard test for Regular Show,[4] and was hired.[2]

When asked what the hardest part of storyboarding is, Morris replied: "I feel like every aspect of storyboarding poses some difficulty for me. Fleshing out the story and getting the dialog just right is hard, but I guess the thing that trips me up the most is drawing. My characters tend to come across as stiff and unnatural, and I have trouble figuring the best setup for each shot."[6] She is of Hispanic descent, and knows how to speak Japanese.[7]

She would later leave the show after season 4[8] to work on Steven Universe.[9]

She resides in Los Angeles, California,[4] where she enjoys playing roller derby in her free time.[4]

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