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(Episode starts with the park guys having a meeting)

Benson: Alright listen up, we've gotten some complaints about the huge sinkhole in the park.

Mordecai: Sinkhole? You mean the Crash Pit?

Muscle Man: You're talking smack about the Crash Pit, bro?

Benson: Yes. It's a potential liability and we're not properly insured for it. It has to be filled immediately.

Mordecai and Muscle Man: Aw, what?

Rigby: Aw, no way!

Muscle Man: Come on Benson, you can't fill up the Crash Pit.

Rigby: Can't we just put up more warning signs or something?

Benson: No! A thing called a "Crash Pit" shouldn't even be at the park in the first place.

Rigby: What if we call it a "small hole"?


(scene cuts to the guys holding two shovels and looking down at the Crash Pit sadly)

Mordecai: Man, I'm sure gonna miss this old Crash Pit.

Muscle Man: Yeah, bro, we had a lot of good times here.

(A montage of the two cars got hit and explode, Mordecai driving a bus with Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost, the guys bailed out of the bus, the bus goes down to the Crash Pit and explodes and people cheering, and The guys shaking all of the sodas and put them into an old car, the car goes down the Crash Pit, exploding, soda drops started to come out and the guys are tasting the soda drops. )

Mordecai: Hmm, good times.

Muscle Man: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Rigby: One last crash?

Mordecai: One last crash in the Crash Pit!

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Muscle Man presents a busted-up car to his friends. He also shows expired fireworks. And Muscle Man has a camera with a protective case in hand.)

Muscle Man: Ahh. Old Toluca. This baby got me around all through high school. I've been saving her for a moment like this. You got the camera, Fives?

Hi-Five Ghost: Yeah. I rented it from the park A/V with this protective cage, too.

Muscle Man: Nice. Gotta play it safe. Now to throw these expired fireworks into the trunk.

(He puts the fireworks in Old Toluca's trunk)

Muscle Man: Gotta send this puppy off with a bang!

(The four guys get in Old Toluca with the camera, and Muscle Man starts the stunt making road dounts)

Muscle Man: Savage! Savage! Savage! Whoo Whoo Whoo!

(Now they're driving straight to the Crash Pit.)

Mordecai: Dude, roll the camera! Roll the camera!

(Rigby powers on the camera)

Rigby: It's rolling! It's rolling!

(Mordecai takes the camera and points it to himself)

Mordecai: Ok, let me see, let me see. This is Mordo coming to you live for one last crash in the Crash Pit.

(He points the camera to Fives and Muscle Man)

Mordecai: Any final thoughts, Muscle Man?

Muscle Man: Savage! Savage! Savage!

(Mordecai points the camera to Rigby)

Rigby: Uh, I think we're getting too close, guys.

(Mordecai points it to the Crash Pit)

Mordecai: Don't bail on us now, dude. This is history in the making.

Rigby: No, seriously! I think we should get out now!

Mordecai: Dude, don't bail! Don't bail!


(Rigby rolls out first. Muscle Man, Fives, and Mordecai laugh)

Mordecai: All right, let's go let's go!!

(Fives flies out of the car, Muscle Man and Mordecai roll out. The car heads straight to the Crash Pit. The car explodes with smoke and firework sparks coming out of the hole.)

Mordecai, Rigby Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost: Whoo-hoo!!!!!

Muscle Man: Best last Crash Pit ever! (high fives Hi Five Ghost)

Mordecai: And we got it on tape!

Mordecai and Rigby: Yea-yea-yea-yea!

Mordecai: Wait, where's the camera?

(One firework spark comes out of the hole)

Muscle Man: Oh, no bro!

Mordecai: Oh man, we've just destroyed the park camera!

Rigby: Benson's gonna kill us!

Hi-Five Ghost: Whoa, whoa, it's OK, guys, that protective cage probably kept the camera safe.

Rigby: Well, I'm not going down into some pit to get a cruddy rental camera back that's crazy!

Mordecai: Dude, chill we can probably just replace it. How much can an old camera cost anyway?

(Cut to Thomas working at a device storage)

Thomas: Let's see it's 5000 dollars.

Mordecai, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost: Aw, man.

Rigby: What?!

Mordecai: How can it be so much?

Thomas: It's the Vidmax Ultra-Res 30500, you can't get that clarity on VHS anymore, it's a collector's item.

Rigby: We can't afford that!

Thomas: Why, did something happen to it?

Muscle Man: No.

Thomas: 'Cause Benson reserved it to film his parents' wedding vow renewal tomorrow. If you guys lost that camera, he'll probably fire you.

Muscle Man: Nothing happen to it, stop prying into our affairs, Thomas! Huddle. (everyone huddles) We have to get that camera back.

Hi-Five Ghost: But how? The Crash Pit goes down forever.

Mordecai: We have no choice, it's either go into the pit or lose our jobs?

Muscle Man: Yo Thomas, where can we rent some climbing gear?

Thomas: You're in luck. I know a guy in the Rock Climbing Department. (the guys go to the Rock Climbing Department and Thomas puts on a hat) How can I help you guys?

Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, and Hi-Five Ghost: Ugh...

(The gang begins their mission. Fives ties one end of a rope to a tree, and the others put their belts on.)

Muscle Man: Fives, cinch me!

(Fives does as told, Muscle Man grunts. Rigby throws the other end of the rope into the Crash Pit, and Muscle Man, Rigby, and Mordecai put the rope onto the belt hangers. The team climbs down to the bottom of the giant hole.)

Mordecai: Bottomless pit not so bottomless.

Rigby: YEAH! Take this, Crash Pit!

(Rigby tries to grip on the exit of the hole with two fingers.)

Rigby (imitating): Oh no, stop crushing me!

Muscle Man: Bros, check it out.

Mordecai and Rigby: Whoaaaaa!

(The guys marvel at a junk yard made up of cars they threw in over the years.)

Mordecai: It's like a crash museum.

Hi-Five Ghost: It's glorious!

Rigby: Hey Muscle Man, there's your old summer home!

(A white camper is shown, followed by a green car)

Muscle Man: Casa del Sorenstein. Oh, and my old buddy the War Admiral!

(He sits on the War Admiral's front seat and butt grooves on it)

Muscle Man: Still got it. Hey, I wonder...?

(He opens the compartment to find a bag of beef jerky)

Muscle Man: Bonus!

(Fives found Old Toluca)

Hi-Five Ghost: Hey, guys, I found the car!

(The others go over to the car, and Muscle Man pulls out the cage used to protect the camera now busted up)

Muscle Man: Protective cage my butt.

Rigby: Where's the camera?

Muscle Man: I don't know. It wasn't in the car.

(A devilish laughter is echoed from a tunnel opening.)

Rigby: What was THAT?!

(More laughter is heard. And the guys notice footprints that go into the tunnel.)

Mordecai: Someone's in there.

Rigby: Aw, no way, man! This is freaking me out!

Mordecai: Dude, our camera could be in there.

Rigby: I'm not crawling into some dark hole!

Muscle Man: YOU'RE a dark hole!!!

Mordecai: Look, when Benson sees we haven't filled up this pit, he's gonna do it himself. And I don't wanna be down here when that happens. So let's just go get the camera and get out of here.

(Mordecai turns on a flashlight and walks into a tunnel with Muscle Man and Fives along. Rigby reluctantly follows.)

Rigby: UGH! Fine.

(Pops and Benson approach the hole)

Benson: RAAAAARGH! Why do I even bother?! I can't trust those guys to do the simplest task!

Pops: Well, this hole is rather big, Benson.

Benson: Oh, how hard can it be?

(Benson walks up to a shovel on a dirt pile and throws some dirt into the Crash Pit. Realizing how deep it is, he takes out his walkie-talkie)

Benson: Skips, Plan B.

(The guys approach the end of the tunnel)

Mordecai: Aw, man. Dead end.

Rigby: Well, we tried. Let's go back.

Mordecai: No, Rigby. We can't leave without the camera.

Rigby: Dude, forget this. The camera's gone and we're running out of time. Benson's probably gonna fill up the hole before we even get back, then we'll be trapped!

Muscle Man: Easy, bro! The dark is messing with your head. Now just calm down.

Rigby: Don't touch me! I can't breathe! Dark spaces! Need air!


Muscle Man: (laughing) That sound never gets old.

Rigby: That wasn't me.


Mordecai: Wait. It IS you, but... on the camera

(Mordecai approaches the wall and hears Rigby's girlish, hilarious scream. Some voices cackle to the scream)

Muscle Man: Whoa! Gnarly, bro!

Mordecai: The camera's gotta be on the other side

(Mordecai finds a shift gear installed to the wall)

Mordecai: It looks like a stick shift.

(Mordecai pulls it down to D and the rocks that form the wall come off to reveal a garage gate. It opens and the guys go in as Rigby's scream gets closer and the cackling gets louder.)

Mordecai: This way.

(The gang hides behind some barrels and notice a group of talking creatures holding onto the camera laughing to Rigby's scream.)

(The gang gasps)


(The creatures called the Carlocks laughed)

Carlock 1: I've never seen such cowardice.

Carlock 2: His scream is that of a tiny baby.

Rigby: Hey, I'm no baby!

Mordecai: Rigby!

(The Carlocks realized that the gang are behind the barrels)

Carlock King: Intruders!

(Two Carlocks grabbed and shoved Mordecai and Muscle Man)

Rigby: Who are you guys?

Carlock King: We are the Carlocks, the first and the last of our mighty underground race. Why have you disturbed our realm?

Mordecai: We don't want any trouble, we just want our camera back.

Carlock King: "Cam-er-a?" You mean this moving-picture machine? Nonsense. It was a gift from the Sky People.

Muscle Man: Sky People?

Carlock King: The great ones above who stow upon us the meaning of our very survival: our homes, our clothes, the occasional bag of beef jerky. For decades we lived with this as our only form of entertainment.

(Carlock 2 holds a toilet plunger with a rope on it)

Carlock 2: It was a ball and cup, but we ate the ball.

Carlock King: With this camera, we have been given the greatest gift of all: Laughter.

Rigby: Dude, there are no Sky People. That was just us messing around. You're living in a bunch of cruddy old cars we've crashed.

Mordecai: Look, we need that camera back or else we'll get fired. Just give it to us and then we'll get out of here.

Carlock 2: Perhaps we should listen to them my lord. Clearly that one is the screaming man-baby on the device.

Carlock King: Enough! The device stays with us. Now be gone, the best part's coming up.


(Carlocks laughed which made Rigby get mad)

Rigby: It's not funny!

(Rigby charges for the king, he drops the camera, and Rigby grabs it as the king gets an accidental punch)

Rigby: Run!

(the guys bolt it as the Carlocks chase them growling)

Mordecai: Quick, into the car!

(two of the Carlocks are trying to stop them)

Rigby: Start the car! Start the car!

Muscle Man: I'm starting it!

(A Carlock smashes the window)

Rigby: DAAAAH!!!

(Rigby uses the flashlight on the Carlocks to hold them back). Muscle Man finally starts the car and the guys drive off)

Carlock King: After them!!

(The 6 Carlocks split into pairs, and they chase the guys with three cars)

Mordecai: Hold on...!

(Mordecai crashes through the hideout entrance and the Carlocks keep pursuing them. Carlock #2 jumps from Carlock #1's car onto the guys' car)

Guys: AAAAH!!

(Mordecai pushes him of the car and back onto Carlock #1's car. Carlock #1 loses his sight and he, Carlcock #2, and their car drive off the road and into a void, assumingly dying in the fall)

Rigby: We got 'em!

Mordecai:: Hm hm. Carlocks? More like "Drive-Off-The-Road locks"!

Mordecai and Rigby: WHOAAAA- AAH!!!

(Two other Carlocks repeatedly bumped into the guys' car)


(Benson and Pops are standing and Thomas is using an excavator)

Benson: Alright, let's hurry it up. The sooner this hole gets filled, the less likely we'll get hit with the lawsuit. (He takes out his walkie-talkie) Skips, you got the truck?

Skips: (riding a truck full of dirt) Yep.

Benson: Good, 'Cause I don't think Thomas is licensed to use an excavator.

Thomas: Uhhh... Ohh... (Thomas drops the dirt into the Pit)

(The Carlocks are still chasing after the guys)

Rigby: Uh, dude, how do we get out?

Mordecai: I don't know.

(The dirt lands on the bottom of the Pit. The guys gasps)

Mordecai: Hold on. (He floors the pump to speed up)

Rigby Dude?

(The guys are driving on the right side of the Pit)


(Thomas drops down more dirt which the dirt landed on two Carlocks' car and exploded them. The last two Carlocks are driving after them.)

Mordecai: Almost there!

(The Carlock King jumps to the car to the open window)

Carlock King: Give us back the funny! (He and Rigby are struggling for the camera)

Rigby: It's not funny!

Benson: Dump it!

(Skips drops down a lot of dirt which made the Carlock and the car fall down and got crushed by tons of dirt. Now rocks are falling down. Muscle Man punched the Carlock King's face.)

Mordecai: We're almost out!

(They're almost out of the Crash Pit)

Mordecai: Hang on tight!

(Mordecai drives faster which made it knock off the king. The guys drive out of the Pit)

Skips: Huh?

(The guys are falling down)


(The car lands on the ground twice and the last amount of dirt stars to fall)

Carlock King: NOOOO- (The king got hit by tons of dirt)

(The guys moan as they got out of the totaled car and the guys are hurt. Benson, Skips, and Thomas walks up to the guys)

Mordecai: We did it...

(Rigby gives the camera to Benson)

Benson: Did you guys just risk your lives to go get this camera?

Mordecai: Well, yeah it was park property and we couldn't replace it.

Rigby: We know you needed it for your parents' wedding thing tomorrow.

Benson: Oh, well thank you. Maybe now, my dad will stop yelling at me.

(The Crash Pit is now filled)

Muscle Man: (sadly) Goodbye, sweet Crash Pit...

Mordecai: Don't worry, Muscle Man. (picks up a video tape) I know what will make you feel better.

(Cut to the guys watching the video footage)


(The guys laughed except Rigby)

Muscle Man: That did the trick, totally worth it.

Rigby: Good thing we never have to go down there again.

Thomas: Uhh, hey where's the climbing gear you guys checked out? (The guys are shocked)

(End of Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit)