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"Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit" is the nineteenth episode in Season 5 (and one hundredth-thirty fifth episode overall) of Regular Show. It first aired on March 3, 2014.


The guys must venture into the bottom of the crash pit in order to find their video camera.


Benson calls a meeting, saying that the park has to get rid of the Crash Pit. Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi-Five Ghost are shocked, and want to know why. Benson says that the park could be fined if they don't get rid of it. Then the guys try to defend themselves by saying why the Crash Pit is important. Benson says they have to bury it, or they're fired.

At the Crash Pit, the guys stare down at the Pit and remember all the good crashes they use to do. Then the guys decide to do one last crash. Later, Muscle Man gets his old high school car, and Hi-Five Ghost gets a camera. Muscle Man then decides to fill the car with lots of expired fireworks. They start the engine, and they zoom towards the Crash Pit. Rigby then notices that they're getting too close, and makes a high-pitched scream, and bails. Then the others jump out. Then they see the car fall into the pit, exploding upon impact on the bottom.

Everybody gets excited, but it's cut short when they realize that the don't have the camera with them. They realize that the camera is still down there. Everybody starts to panic, but Mordecai tries to figure out how much a replacement is. They ask Thomas, who's at an equipment rental shack how much a rental camera costs. Thomas says it's $5,000, because it's a rare camera that has very high VHS quality. The guys get even more nervous when Thomas tell them that Benson is going to use it for an anniversary project for his parents the next day. Then they ask Thomas if they have any climbing equipment, he says there's a guy they could ask. Then Thomas walks to the other side of the shack, and dons a cap, which makes the gang groan in frustration.

They get prepared, and they start to climb down. They realize that the Crash Pit isn't so deep enough. There, they notice a bunch of old cars that they use to crash back then. Then the gang notices the car they crashed earlier, and realize that the camera is missing. Then they notice footprints leading into a tunnel. Rigby is scared, but decides to go in when the others enter.

Back at the top, Benson is with Pops and they're both staring down the pit. Benson is clearly frustrated that the guys can't do a simple task. Pops then remarks that the pit is pretty big. Benson disagrees, saying how hard can it be. He takes a shovel-load of dirt, and throws it into the pit. The dirt takes a few seconds for it to hit the ground. Benson finally realizes this, and calls Skips on a walkie-talkie to call for "Plan B."

The guys then come to a dead end. Rigby insists that they turn around before his claustrophobia kicks in. Then suddenly, they hear Rigby scream. Muscle Man finds it funny, but Rigby says that he didn't make it. Mordecai notices that the sound is coming from the other side of the dead end. Mordecai pats the wall, revealing a lever. He pulls on it, revealing a garage. There, they notice a light coming from the other side of the room. There, they notice blue skinned creatures watching the footage from the camera. They say that the best part was when Rigby screams. Rigby then begins to yell at them, saying it's not funny.

The blue skinned creatures tell the gang that they're the Carlocks, creatures that live in the remains of old, destroyed cars. They say that they're going to keep the camera because it's the only thing to keep themselves entertained. The leader says that they use to have a ball-in-a-cup, until they decided to eat the ball. The guys demand the camera back, but they refuse, saying the best part (Rigby's scream) is coming.

Rigby gets mad, and jumps onto the leader. This causes him to drop the camera. Rigby obtains the camera, and the guys jump into an old car. Muscle Man manages to start the car, until the Carlocks jump into other cars and start to chase them.

Back at the top, Thomas is in a power shovel, and Skips is in a dump truck. Back at the bottom, The guys are still being chased, but they manage to knock some Carlocks off. Then they start driving through the tunnel. Before the guys get to the end, they notice that dirt is falling, meaning that the burying is starting. Mordecai hits the gas, and they start going into a vertical climb. One of the cars a few Carlocks are using begins into the vertical climb too. Thankfully, the falling dirt causes the Carlocks' car to lose focus and fall. Then the leader, who's riding in another car, jumps onto the guys car and starts to attack them. Then Benson orders Skips to dump the load. This knocks the leader off, and yells "NOOOOO!," before getting crushed by tons of dirt.

The guys fly out of the pit, do multiple flips, before landing upside down. The guys are apparently exhausted after what they've gone through, but are happy that they retrieved the camera. Benson asks them that they went to the bottom to get the camera back, then Rigby weakly says that he needs it for his wedding project. Then Benson predicts that this video project will make his father to stop yelling at him. Muscle Man says goodbye to the Crash Pit, until Mordecai says he's got something that'll cheer him up.

At the house, the guys are watching the video footage. Everybody's happy, except Rigby, who sees that the others find his scream funny. Muscle Man says that it worked. Thomas, who's standing behind them asks if they still have the climbing equipment from earlier. Then everybody gets shocked, realizing that it's now buried in the Crash Pit.





  • Muscle Man had an old summerhome trailer called "Casa Del Sorrenstine".
  • Muscle Man has actually kept a bag of Beef Jerkey in his car "Buddy the War Admiral".
  • The Carlocks' only from of entertainment was a "ball-and-cup". It has no ball as it was eaten.

Episode Connections[]

  • In "The Real Thomas" it's shown that during this episode when Thomas/Nikolai was moving to the other side of the Rental Shack, the cap he donned came from an agent he knocked out.

Pop Culture References[]

  • The title of the episode is a parody on the book Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Production Notes[]

  • This episode received 1.479 million views, making the episode have the lowest amount of views in this season.
  • The original storyboard for "Journey to the Bottom of the Crash Pit" can be found here.