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Johnathan Kimble was a former groundskeeper at The Park who only appeared in a flashback in the Season Three episode "Eggscellent".


Johnathan was an obese Caucasian man with black hair and big lips. He wore a red flannel shirt, blue pants, and a black belt. His appearance looked like a trucker, a supporting reason for why he wanted the hat. He became fat apparently due to him excessively eating the Eggscellent Challenge three times every day for a long time.


Kimble was determined to win the Eggscellent Challenge, but he always failed. However, he learned from his mistakes every time he failed and kept a notebook journal to deduce the universal path to victory. Excited to have figured out how to win, he announced to the crowd that he had figured it out and then disappeared the same day. After his death, Benson and Skips retrieved his journal.

Mordecai won the challenge by following Kimble's journal. Later, he discovered that Kimble had actually won the challenge, but had died because he picked the wrong hat. Kimble had failed so many times that he forgot what the winning hat looked like. All that remained of him was his skeleton and torn clothes.


  • It is unknown how long ago he worked at the park before, although it was probably shortly before Mordecai and Rigby became park workers due to Benson and Skips remembering him fondly. However, a commercial that aired earlier in the episode stated that the Eggscellent Challenge comes every 100 years, so he could have possibly worked at the park over 100 years ago. Whatever the circumstance, Benson still knew him.
  • Despite his death, he makes a cameo appearance in "Men in Uniform" chasing after the park workers to make fun of them. This could means that this episode takes place before Eggscellent or maybe this was an oversight or goof from the producers.
  • Jonathan Kimble are the first and middle name initials for actor J.K. Simmons.



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