John Wolfhard
John Wolfhard
Biographical Information
Species: Werewolf
Gender: Male
Hair color: Grey
Show Information
Voiced by: Steve Blum
Appears in: "Terror Tales of the Park V"

John Wolfhard is a werewolf from Regular Show. He appeared in the story "WerePops" from "Terror Tales of the Park V".


He is on trial for eating a man. The people on jury were the park staff. He does a terrible job trying to defend himself as the the evidences that were presented to him clearly proved that he ate someone. Before the park crew could vote him guilty, Pops decided to use the restroom first which gave him the idea to ask the judge if he can use the restroom, too, which the judge allowed him to do unsupervised. When inside the restroom, he first asked Pops for some toilet paper and then attacked him and then bit Pops to turn him into a werewolf so he can take his place. He tells Pops he's going to a place where his kind will be respected, London. After he left, Pops becomes a werewolf and everyone thinks he's Wolfhard.

After Pops escapes to the airport as a werewolf and boards a plane to London, he runs into Wolfhard again. He apologizes to Pops for mauling and Pops is willing to let it go. He later invites Pops to have tea at the Royal Palace with him and his friends and later try to eat the Queen which Pops happily accepts.


He has grey fur, wears a red plaid shirt that has been previously ripped through the sleeves, and black short pants that were also ripped. 



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